Veterans For Trump Endorsement of Rep Alex Mooney for West Virginia Senate 2024

 Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First has endorsed Rep. Alex Mooney for West Virginia Senate to challenge Joe Manchin.

“Alex Mooney is a supporter of our veterans and law enforcement he has an outstanding conservative voting record which demonstrates he is the best candidate for the seat,” said Stan Fitzgerald President Veterans for Trump.

“Representative Alex Mooney has done an outstanding job as Congressman in West Virginia. In fact, he recently opposed the horrendous Biden Administration’s ‘non-Infrastructure’ plan, and he opposed the January 6th Committee. Alex has been strong on crime, borders, our great military, and a champion of our veterans. He will always protect our Second Amendment, and of particular importance is the fact that Alex fights for energy and beautiful clean coal–and he will never stop.” Said President Donald J. Trump Quote Source

Veterans For Trump aka VFAF
Stan Fitzgerald



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