FTX Trading Bankruptcy: Protecting Your Company’s Interests

Zuber Lawler is representing entities who received investments from Alameda Research and FTX Ventures. Alameda Research and several other FTX-related entities have filed bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware. These multiple filings are all being administered under one matter, In re FTX Trading, USBC Case No. 22-11068.
Most first and second day motions have been heard and either have been granted or are currently pending. Things are moving forward.

On January 18, 2023, FTX debtors moved for an order authorizing and approving procedures for a sale or transfer of what they have termed as “de minimis assets.”

FTX debtors define “de minimis assets” as investments and/or interests held by FTX debtors, including Alameda Research, in privately held companies, which (according to FTX debtors) can be easily separated from the debtors’ core operations, will not disrupt the core operations, and will generate less value to the estate than other assets. FTX debtors state that the de minimis category includes approximately 185 investments made for $1 million and below, approximately 75 investments made between $1 million and $5 million each and approximately 40 investments made between $5 million and $25 million each.

Notably, FTX debtors state that they are in the process of a “strategic review” of the de minimis assets, including the potential for repurchasing of debtor interests by investees or other investors in these investments.

Although they have not identified these assets specifically, FTX debtors wish to have the court approve an established and expedited procedure for the sale/transfer of these types or category of assets, without the need of moving the court or getting court approval for each sale, but with the oversight of the Official Committee. Put in other words, they wish to get authorization to proceed with these individual sales “off line,” and without the need of going through the motion procedure for each specific asset or asset group.

If Alameda Research or any other FTX entity invested in your company, that investment will likely be categorized as a “de minimis asset,” subject to this motion, and will now be up for sale through the bankruptcy process. Through that process, you may be asked (compelled) to make public otherwise confidential information in order to facilitate the public auction or sale of those securities or assets. You may also be at risk of a competitor (or other unsuitable purchaser) buying an interest in your company, and in doing so, potentially obtaining other information and management rights. Even without such a sale of assets, you may now have questions around who you may need to provide information and notices to on an on-going basis, as well has who you may need to obtain consent from in order to take actions subject to restrictive covenants in your investment documents. The situation is even more complicated for issuers of SAFTs or other digital assets that may be subject to inconsistent regulation as a security (or not) across various jurisdictions (since the location of the purchaser may impact whether the SAFT/token issuer is subject to US securities law).

Zuber Lawler is in a unique position to provide the described representation. We have represented a large number of clients with operations across the entire scope of distributed ledger technology. Our clients include token issuers (fungible and non-fungible), digital asset platforms and providers of related services, as well as traditional companies (and government entities) who look to understand and enter the digital asset space. A large number of our clients are not domiciled in the United States and we are extremely familiar with the concerns these clients face. In fact several of our existing clients will be part of the ad hoc group. While we cannot make any promise of any particular result, we expect that we will be better positioned to provide the representation described above than any other firm in the United States.

If your company sold investment assets to Alameda Research or FTX Ventures, please reach out to Josh Lawler at Jlawler@zuberlawler.com to set a time for a short video conference to discuss specifics relating to your situation at no charge.

*Attorney Advertisement – Prior Results Do Not Guarantee a Similar Outcome.

For more information, visit https://ZuberLawler.com.

DOEX Launches DEX Trading Terminal

Do.Exchange (DOEX), are immensely proud to unveil a short preview of their AMM-based DEX trading terminal. As the race to become the favorite Cardano DEX heats up, they thought they’d spice things up by throwing their hat into the ring. The preview (exclusive to early project backers) is the first attempt to showcase DOEX’s delivery on promises and showing solutions that benefit all stakeholders within the Cardano ecosystem.

Due to popular demand, DOEX have adopted a professional look for their user interface, featuring a variety of useful tools for crypto traders and enthusiasts presented in their favorite teal and black color palette. The dashboard features a number of unique panels which present useful information, enable various platform-specific functionalities, or display query-specific analytics. 

The charts on the left-hand side help to visually illustrate the current market situation at a glance, as well as the performance of users crypto portfolios, reflected through accurate, up-to-date market prices. Meanwhile, the dashboard panel on the right-hand side enables all crypto traders and enthusiasts to make swift transactions, exploiting gaps in the market in real-time. Naturally, Nami wallet integration is part of the design and provides all market participants with a smooth and hassle-free transaction experience.

As this is only a sneak peek, the preview ends here. That being said, this is only the beginning – future previews will also include explorations of Staking and Analytics UX/UI, as well as a few other functionalities DOEX have been keeping hush about. Stay tuned for more updates!

Public sale on ExMarkets Launchpad

The DOEX public sale on ExMarkets Launchpad will kick off on December 13, 12:00 pm (GMT+2) and run until December 27, 12:00 pm (GMT+2). Be sure to participate early so as to not miss out!

Token sale fundamentals:

  • Ticker: DOEX
  • Price: $0.15 USD
  • KYC: No
  • IEO Start date: 2021-12-13 12:00 (GMT+2)
  • IEO End date: 2021-12-27 12:00 (GMT+2)
  • Total token supply: 140,000,000
  • Available for sale: 16,800,000
  • Hard cap: $2,520,000 USD
  • Payment options: USDT ERC20, ADA, ETH, BTC, USDC

Mark the date! Also, remember to open your account on ExMarkets before the IEO goes live. For more information about the product, visit Do.Exchange. Any questions? Feel free to message DOEX on the ExMarkets Telegram Group!

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About DOEX

DOEX is an AMM-based DEX for Cardano-native assets, facilitating non-custodial, efficient and completely trustless financial transactions between market participants. DOEX has ambitious long-term expansion plans and is on a mission to ensure interoperability across chains by enabling seamless swap of tokens between the Cardano blockchain and Ethereum via a fool-proof bridge or converter. DOEX is a uniquely community-driven protocol, solving many of the issues plaguing other DEXes within the ecosystem while ensuring ample liquidity within the Cardano ecosystem and maximizing value for its users.

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For a limited time, Do.Exchange welcomes inquiries from institutional investors who wish to take part in the initial private deals. For a chance to participate in the private deals, please contact [email protected]

6 Key Reasons to Start Trading in the Forex Market – Guerrilla Trading

London, UK, 11 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Foreign exchange trading, or forex trading, is gradually growing to become a prevalent method of trading. While the stock market caps at around £200 billion, the daily trade value in forex is about £4-6 trillion. It is a significant difference.

The process of understanding, learning the market, and how trading works is relatively seamless. These qualities, with high volatility, which can be a big plus, make Forex trading a lucrative option.

Let’s shed some light on the reasons one should consider currency trading like forex as an investor.

1.Start With Minimum Amount – Beginner Friendly

You don’t need a large sum of capital to start forex trading, and there is a minimum limit of 0.01 lots per trade. Most brokers will require a minimum deposit, this usually is from as little as $50, or you can start trading on a free demo account, but of course, you won’t earn real money with this.

Apart from the low monetary requirements, Forex trading is also beginner-friendly.

However, it is easier to understand the market if you receive the proper education, ideally from a proven professional trader. With Forex Trading, there is no need for you to keep yourself up to date with things like fortune 500 companies or quarterly reports etc, unlike stocks.

Moreover, the Forex markets are made up of 28 currency pairs, making it more convenient to analyse and trade. Therefore, if you’re a self-sufficient person, this may be a lucrative option for you.

With a service that provides training for forex trading, new traders can start their journey to become consistently profitable traders. Learning forex trading from scratch is an essential step when it comes to entering the forex profession. Most people who go into the forex market without any training will lose their money, which is where the 90/90/90 rule comes in. This is where 90% of traders lose 90% of their money in the first 90 days.

With this information, it is clear how important it is for new traders to go through the appropriate learning process before trading forex.

2.Easily Accessible for Single Person Activity

Forex trading is widely available online. Unlike other forms of investment that require you to have different accounts or details, forex can be traded directly from a new account that is easy to set up.

More importantly, it is a one-person trade on your end and only needs to involve one other person at the other end. This means that making the actual trade is simple and won’t require multiple personnel.

You can create an account and start trading immediately. That’s what makes it so convenient and such an enticing option. It is also legal and available globally for you to access anywhere, 24 hours a day, five days a week.

3. Leverage for Highest Investments

This is perhaps one of the best reasons to start forex trading. Of course, there are brokerage firms, and you would have to choose one of these for trading; that’s a given. However, you get a higher ratio for leverage than any other investment. Leverage allows you to take more money from the market and invest it wherever you like. It is essentially the money you don’t have but can borrow.

Forex trading has a massive leverage ratio of anywhere, such as 1:1 to 500:1, or even more. Of course, it would depend on the country and the regulation of the government. However, it also means that you can get more money from approved or affiliated companies for Forex Trading.

In simple words, if you have the proper knowledge or qualification for FX trading but lack financial backing for larger trades, you can get support from these companies.

4. Available Round The Clock

This is much like a double-edged sword, but we will consider it as another benefit.

Forex trading is open five days a week for 24 hours each day. It’s because the exchange centres are located worldwide, and when one closes, another opens. Thus, you can trade anytime you like and make any decision. While there are daily trading limits for each currency pair, it is pretty flexible because Central Banks determine the limits.

Correlatively, you can work in currency trading according to your comfort. As there are online platforms to trade, you can conveniently do it at the comfort of your home or any part of the world.

5.High Volatility And Risk Mitigation

Both of these points might sound condescending, but it’s true. Forex trading markets can be highly volatile, and a currency’s value can grow or drop exponentially, depending on various factors like a country’s economy, political powers, and other factors. However, you can easily exchange which currency you want to buy or sell because Forex trading requires you to trade currency in pairs.

You can decide to go long (buy) or short (sell) anytime you like. However, many new traders believe that they can make a profit by buying or selling various currencies quickly. On the contrary, the best way to understand the market is by learning through a professional course. This will enable you to understand what matters in the market.

6.A Substantially Growing Market

Forex trading is becoming a very enticing option for people worldwide as it has a higher monetary investment than any other trading platform. Moreover, people recognise the risk factors and the affluent prospects forex trading is bringing into the market.

It is easier to understand once you get the proper education from a reputable source. Then, traders can open a demo account at any time. The demo account will help traders practice trading strategies without having to worry about dealing with real money. Once the trader has received enough data on their strategy and can see consistent successful trades, they can transition to a live account.  


By trading forex, you will be open to a world of opportunities, such as achieving financial freedom, breaking free from your 9-5, working smaller hours so you can spend more quality time with loved ones, and much more.

If you are new to forex and want to start learning the market, there’s no better place than Guerrilla Trading. We have an excellent Trust Pilot profile with over 197+ reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Our specialised forex training course is specifically designed to help and guide you through the forex market. Learn our forex training course online without sticking to a certain schedule or attending in-person classes. You can learn wherever you want as long as you have a device with a stable internet connection. 

BlueHelix Group (BHEX) releases HDEX, world’s first decentralized trading platform to support cross-chain deposit/withdrawal and trading any asset

BlueHelix Group (BHEX) has released HDEX, the world’s first decentralized trading platform that supports decentralized cross-chain deposit/withdrawal and trading of any asset, on July 8. HDEX is the perfect landing for BlueHelix’ decentralized financial strategic layout and will continue to empower the BHEX centralized trading platform, BHEX Cloud Saas & Whitelabel solutions, and BHEX Chain in the ecological sectors of BlueHelix Group.
HDEX decentralized exchange is based on BHEX Chain technology, the patented Bluehelix decentralized private key generation technology. It overturns CEX and the traditional DEX model, supporting arbitrary linkage and trading among heterogeneous chains and homogeneous chains which are fully compatible with various cross-chain technologies and standards, providing a technical foundation for HDEX to change the business logic of digital asset trading platforms.

Therefore, through HDEX, users can realize “decentralized cross-chain asset safe deposit and withdrawal, the swap and circulation of any trading pair on-chain, and the rapid transfer of assets between any public chains, truly realizing a complete cross-chain DEX model.”

The innovation and integration of DEX+CEX

As we all know, in the process of digital currency trading in a centralized exchange, the exchange is responsible for the entire transaction process such as custody of funds, providing liquidity, matching transactions, and delivery and clearing. The platform has the absolute right and controls the user’s asset security, users are in a weak position. With the development of DeFi, DEX has risen rapidly, solving many problems of centralized exchanges:

– Asset ownership risk: Users do not need to hold assets in CEX, and assets will be under their own control.
– Regulatory risk: unable to be truly supervised by the government and not affected by policies.
– Trading risk: Users do not need to worry about counterparty and transaction fraud and other issues.

DEX makes up for the deficiency of CEX and meets the actual needs of users. Currently, the market capitalization of some DEX platforms has surpassed CEX, along with the continuously growing trading volume and daily active users.

However, DEX in the market is built on a single public chain and deployed via smart contracts, such as Uniswap on Etherum, MDEX on HECO and Pancake on BSC. Or the Layer2 mode on Etherum, such as Loopring and Zkswap, while with the main problems as follows:

– Not support the swap between the Native tokens of mainstream assets like BTC;
– Most are based on the AMM model but not OrderBook model
– Low Asset trading efficiency and higher gas fees;
– Unable to realize the liquidity combination between the cross-chain assets;
– Unable to achieve the liquidity sharing between DEXs

HDEX has been committed to changing the existing problems of DEX and CEX since the establishment of the project, and perfectly integrating the advantages of the two. Through HDEX, users can fully share the liquidity and trading depth of any trading pair on any chain, and enjoy the trading experience no less than that of a centralized exchange but also with better user privacy and asset security experiences.

Leading the exchange business revolution

So, how will HDEX decentralized exchanges change the pattern of CEX and DEX and innovate the business logic of digital asset exchanges?

First. HDEX solves the cross-chain trading barrier on DEX.

HDEX fully supports the swap of Native tokens. Users can directly swap them into real mainstream public chain tokens such as BTC through HDEX, and withdraw them into their wallets at any time. There is no need to swap the assets issued by centralized organizations on HECO or Binance BSC, which greatly lowers the trust risks of the third parties.

HDEX also simplifies the complicated withdrawal procedure for the swapped assets on CEX.

Second, HDEX support the AMM+Orderbook trading mode, with the same liquidity pool;

Traditional DEX adopts the Orderbook mechanism, which is similar to the centralized exchange. However, many orders couldn’t be matched due to the slow trading speed on-chain and small user scale. The occurrence of AMM market-making allows anyone to participate in liquidity providing, with a 3% transition commission bonus, has effectively solved the insufficient liquidity issue in the order book mechanism, which contributes to the growth spurt for the AMM DEXs represented by UniSwap.

However, without the Orderbook model, users of the AMM DEX can only place the orders on market price but not limit orders on CEX. Meanwhile, there will be a large slippage due to the lack of order book function, and orders cannot be filled at a satisfactory price, along with higher gas fees due to the congestion of the Ethereum network.

HDEX decentralized exchange supports both AMM and Orderbook modes. Users can initiate market order transactions or limit order transactions, set buying and selling orders according to the target price, and realize automatic execution, instead of relying solely on AMM prices. Decided. At the same time, it is also convenient for users to gather assets near the transaction price, which greatly improves the utilization rate of funds. In addition, HDEX is also very convenient and compatible with CEX user habits and user experience, which can improve and help CEX users seamlessly switch to DEX.

Third, HDEX guarantees 2000TPS+ validation efficiency and performance.

Currently, DEX assets are under decentralized custody, all transactions are on the chain, all operations are performed by smart contracts, and transactions occur directly between buyers and sellers (point-to-point). Every transaction order and status change are recorded in the blockchain network, which greatly reduces the transaction speed. HDEX has more than 2000 TPS and second-level consensus confirmation efficiency, which solves the problems faced by DEX.

HDEX Offers Lower Gas fees. It accounts for only less than 2.5% of Ethereum Gas fees. Most users meet high gas fees, lower efficiency, and transaction failure when using Uniswap, and they may need to set a higher slippage and pay expensive gas fees, while with HDEX, these issues will be no longer issues.

Fourth, HDEX to support all cross-chain assets supported by CEX.

Take USDT as an example, different users may have different USDT on different chains which may be difficult to be swapped with. Users can deposit USDT on different chains on HDEX, which can be mapped to the same USDT as on CEX, and used to trade with other tokens. Similarly, HDEX supports a cross-chain liquidity combination of any currency, which greatly facilitates the asset management and swapping needs of users.

Fifth. HDEX supports the OpenDEX protocol which allows everyone to develop their DEXs.

Currently, different DEXs have their own liquidity pools based on different smart contracts, but often with insufficient liquidity or market depth. Based on the OpenDEX protocol, HDEX allows any individual/community to develop their own DEX through OpenDEX protocol, while sharing the liquid and the co-construction among all DEXs on chain based on this protocol. At the same time, HDEX also supports customized DEX Settings.

In other words, any individual/community can create a Liquidity pool on HDEX and issue tokens, or remove them at any time. This function will greatly improve the activeness of existing users, greatly enriches the liquidity of the exchanges and increases the volumes, and will contribute to the user growth of the DEX market.

Currently, HDEX has launched the Global Ambassador Recruitment Program, and we welcome all global partners to join. Within the BHEX ecosystem, HDEX is expecting a great future with the recourse, technology, and management support from Bluehelix Group.

Media Contact
Elsa, hdex@bluehelix.com
Official Website: https://hdex.bhexchain.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/hdexofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HdexOfficial

Topic: Press release summary

Adax will become a prominent trading venue inside the Cardano Ecosystem with the recent Partnerships

NICOSIA, CYPRUS, 16 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, ADAX was created to provide the Cardano community with a state of the art decentralized exchange protocol. Our launch has been overpowered by the overflowing help and support from the Cardano Community interested in our project. The past 14days have shown tremendous success for us: we distributed our tokens to our contributors, built a supporting and engaging community, and were recognized by the Cardano Foundation themselves for our endeavours in advancing Cardano’s vision. 

Remarkable Achievements: 

1) Built a worldwide community of more than 15,000 individuals;

2) Private sale was oversubscribed;

3) A nearly sold out IEO in just a matter of days

4) Published relevant documentation illustrating significant technical details for Cardano native tokens 

Our most significant accomplishment was acquiring the support of the Cardano Foundation. Since the beginning, our priority has been to play a minor role in Cardano’s vision of achieving positive worldwide change, so receiving Cardano’s support is a significant achievement for our project. 

In the quest to become a successful exchange inside the Cardano ecosystem, ADAX has been developing partnerships, our most recent ones being: Netvrk and BlackDragon, to give us extra specialized and critical resources. These organizations are built on the core values that we believe will help ADAX deliver and add benefit to the community. 

Finally, our main priority in this project is to search for opportunities to help out our community. Accordingly, our developer’s team has distributed a technical report outlining the interaction for minting and burning Cardano local tokens as of late. This distribution tries to smooth out the cycle for new projects entering the space as well as existing ones. We expect that it engages developers to additionally carry out these conventions all the more successfully. 

ADAX is currently in the public sale stage, but also you can get in touch for more information about ADAX or its continuous private allocation, contact our sales team at [email protected]. Working together with our public IEO, ADAX consistently watches for private ventures with VCs, Crypto Funds, DAOs, Family Offices, and HNWI.