strEATS Kitchen Driving Franchise Growth in New Markets – Fort Saskatchewan

Canadians love for tacos and other comfort food has been gaining popularity and strEATS Kitchen is leading this change with franchise growth in rural Canadian markets. 2021 is lining up to a be record year for restaurant openings at strEATS.

“strEATS is the perfect type of restaurant to open in challenging times,” said Joe Klassen, founder of strEATS Kitchen. “Our food delivers extremely well; we have an app that makes ordering easy and is far better than Skip or Doordash.”

Calgary-based strEATS Kitchen stands by three simple rules: to provide every guest with a “blow your mind” experience; to always ensure they do everything they can to be environmentally friendly regardless of profits; and to give back however they can to the community and the less fortunate.

On March 15, strEATS Kitchen expands into Fort Saskatchewan with a new fresh-casual restaurant in Westpark Centre North. Free Wi-Fi is an added perk to help manage customer’s mobile data usage. strEATS app is available on Google Play and at the App Store.

About strEATS

Calgary-based strEATS is a fresh take on modern day comfort food. Pioneered by Joe Klassen of Joey’s Seafood Restaurants fame, strEATS is a contemporary street-themed atmosphere for trend setting diners with a menu that invigorates the senses. Tacos, Burritos, Bowls and Poutine provide the foundation for a multitude of flavours.

strEATS Fort Sask Kitchen is the 12th strEATS to open and the sixth in Alberta. Tuesday is $2.50 Fish Tuesdays. Thursday is Taco Thursdays – $4 Tacos.

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Mr. Michael Llewellyn, Director of Brand Development, strEATS Kitchen,

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