Defense Strategies Institute Announces 2nd Annual Military Vehicle Systems Summit

 Military vehicle modernization has been identified as a key priority area for modernizing capabilities for the warfighter, and military vehicle modernization is a key to unlocking situational awareness, warfighter protection and lethality, and maneuverability on the battlefield. As we face a diverse array of threats in an era of strategic competition, the US military will need systems that promote operations across all domains, including the crucial land domain. The second annual Military Vehicle Systems Summit will discuss the advancement of current programs and lines of research and engineering that aim to design and deliver innovative, highly capable, mobile, agile, lethal, and protected military vehicle systems to ensure the warfighter is able to maneuver to a position of advantage on the battlefield.

Attendees at this event will have the opportunity to hear from innovators, engineers, decision makers, and key military officials on updates to current and future combat vehicle programs. This year’s event will explore opportunities to integrate emerging technologies such as AI and ML to automate military vehicles and increase combat power. Additionally, this event will address the growing move toward vehicle electrification with their panel’s discussion on ways to ensure clean, resilient sustained power for the fleet and realistic expectations and timelines for transitioning to hybrid and electric power. Join them at this year’s second Military Vehicle Systems Summit to network with senior leaders and contribute to discussions surrounding the modernization of military vehicles and vehicle systems.

Defense Strategies Institute

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Defense Strategies Institute Organizes 7th Annual Counter Insider Threat Symposium

 Insider threats pose a complex and dynamic risk affecting both the public and private domains. In an increasingly active threat landscape, it is necessary that stakeholders and federal agencies are implementing and collaborating on the most effective practices in mitigating insider threats by accounting for new and increased stressors resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, correcting any flaws with remote work, strengthening cybersecurity and data infrastructure, and understanding the increased risk and reality of economic espionage.

DSI’s Annual Counter-Insider Threat Symposium will host senior level officials from across the US Government, Industry, & Academia to discuss the strategies, technologies, and policies necessary to detect, deter, prevent, and defend against insider threats in all their forms. This Symposium will focus on the plans, procedures, and technologies, essential for identifying, preventing, and protecting against insider risks.

2022 Confirmed Speakers Include:

Dr. Brad Millick, SES

Director, Insider Threat Program,

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security

Rachel Rojas

Assistant Director, Insider Threat Office,

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Sean Thrash

Insider Threat Program Manager,

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Delice Bernhard

Executive Director, Global Security,

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics of Discussion Will Include:

– Countering insider threats to support the USG’s efforts to strengthen critical counterintelligence and security programs

– Enhancing government-wide insider threat program frameworks to address and mitigate current and future risks

– Protecting the integrity and credibility of the federal workforce

– Developing DHS’s insider threat program to address domestic extremism

– Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability across the CIA to counter insider threats

– Enabling AFOSI efforts to detect, deter, and mitigate insider threat activity

– Preserving Naval and Marine Corps superiority through the identification and detection of potential risks across the threat spectrum

– Integrating the social and behavioral sciences as an integral component of every insider threat program

– Facilitating insider threat prevention in the energy sector

Walk away from The Counter-Insider Threat Symposium with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the complex challenges facing insider threat programs. All attendees are encouraged to address our speaker faculty and each other with their questions, comments or ideas.

Active military, government, and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the Counter Insider Threat Symposium can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Nick Liberato-Randall at

Defense Strategies Institute

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Defense Strategies Institute Presents the 2nd Annual Critical Infrastructure Security Summit

 Defense Strategies Institute is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Critical Infrastructure Security Summit, taking place this September 28-29, 2022 in Washington, D.C. This year’s summit will focus on defending and creating resilient systems to protect our nation’s vital infrastructure from outside threats and other dangers., highlighting this year’s theme “Ensuring the Resiliency of US Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks, Threats, and Intrusions.”

At this year’s event, attendees will hear from senior leaders from across Government and Industry detailing the threats currently facing critical infrastructure sectors as well as the solutions needed to overcome them.

The 2022 Critical Infrastructure Security Summit will feature senior-level speakers including:

Dr. David Mussington

Executive Director


Rich Chavez, SES

Director of the Office of Intelligence

Security and Emergency Response, U.S. Department of Transportation

Angela Haun

Executive Director


Robert M. Lee


Dragos, Inc.

Dr. Bradley Martin


RAND National Security Supply Chain Institute

Topics to be covered at the 2022 Summit:

– Providing the Services and Capabilities to Secure National and Local Critical Infrastructure

– Enhancing Security of Critical Energy Infrastructure to Increase Resiliency Against Cyber, Physical, and Natural Hazards

– Implementing Innovative Solutions to Solve ICS Cybersecurity Challenges in the Electricity Sector

– Strengthening US Supply Chain Infrastructure to Protect National Security and Economic Interests

– Protecting Oil & Natural Gas Industry Systems through Timely Threat Analysis and Information Sharing

– Increasing Resilience of US Transportation Systems to Ensure the Free Movement of People and Goods

DSI welcomes Sponsors and Exhibitors for the forum. To learn more please contact Quinn Curtis at, 201-940-6680.

In order to allow for actionable discussion and dialogue amongst speaker and attendees, seating will be limited. Register now to reserve your seat. Active military and government and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at

Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions contact Christopher Elliott at

Defense Strategies Institute

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NMBL Strategies Celebrates Two Years of Empowering Nonprofits, Small Businesses and PPP’s

ST. LOUISJune 15, 2021PRLog — NMBL Strategies is proud to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the business and an incredible portfolio of domestic and international clients across nonprofits, small businesses, and public-private partnerships.  NMBL specializes in change management as well as strategy and leadership development for nonprofits, small businesses and public-private partnerships.

“The success of NMBL Strategies is a result of the hard work and dedication of our amazing team,” said Eric Moraczewski, CEO and Co-Founder of NMBL Strategies.  “This dedicated group of extraordinary individuals have stepped in to work with groups like America’s Black Holocaust Museum, Empower Missouri, the St. Louis Sports Commission and many others during a worldwide pandemic.  They have helped these organizations and countless others to not just survive, but to position them for continued success in the coming years.”

NMBL has led continued growth of its business and client’s operations through strategic planning, leadership development, interim leadership, change management and other services.  A sampling of NMBL’s clients and efforts include America’s Black Holocaust Musem, Empower Missouri, JM Marschuetz Construction, Mass Cultural Council, Thanks-Giving Foundation with a larger list located here (

In addition, NMBL’s work with small businesses have centered on court-appointed receiverships and change management.  NMBLS’s CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Moraczewski, is proud to have partnered with two local, St. Louis attorneys to co-found the Commercial Receivers Association or CRA.   The CRA is focused on the education and standardization of commercial receivership, of which Missouri is seen as a leader.  With a laser focus on strategic planning, financial strategy/analytics and building partnerships, NMBL’s work with receiverships and change management is a key part of their startup and turnaround work.

Lastly, NMBL’s leadership team feels a deep commitment to serve and volunteer within the communities where they live and work.  As such, in just two short years as a small business, NMBL has already donated over $100,000 of cash and in-kind effort to nonprofits across the country.  Whether it be supporting nonprofits through pro bono work or financial commitments, NMBL believes it helps unify the team to positively affect communities during this pivotal and significant time in history.

NMBL’s efforts prompted Dr. Robert Davis, CEO of the America’s Black Holocaust Museum to say, “Our organization has been blessed by the opportunity to work with NMBL on our strategic framework and process at a very critical time in our re-emergence. They have the perspective on productivity and advancement of a museum or non-profit that is profound.  This is because of their experience and leadership in the museum and non-profit world, their inclusion of data collection and research in their findings and finally because of the natural talent and intellect that they possess.  I recommend them for any small to large size organization … they can benefit anyone with their work!”

About NMBL Strategies (

NMBL Strategies seeks to empower small businesses, nonprofits and public-private enterprises through trusted consulting partnerships.  Our consultants have real world experience and significant tenure within their fields and are able to deliver the best and most strategic return on investment.