New 5-star Rated Novel “Sedona Star” by Up and Coming Author Linda Lea (6/21/2021)

“This is a great read. Deeply steeped in Navajo and Roma Culture. Interesting mix and fascinating history. Highly recommend this book.”

“What a great story from a great writer. Just started, but I can’t put it down”

“Sedona Star” by Linda Lea will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (21/6/2021 – 25/6/2021) at:

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About the Author:

Linda Lea is an educator, blog writer, avid traveler, and author of the new mystery novel Sedona Star. She’s always been intrigued by crime, extreme sports, travel, and diverse cultures. Linda has traveled extensively throughout the southwestern U.S. and Europe to learn about the regions’ history and culture and walk her characters’ paths. She’s also a private pilot who’s spent many hours flying and hanging around her home airport. These experiences helped her craft her first mystery set in the scenic southwestern city of Sedona. After 29 moves, she’s decided to settle in a suburb of Seattle and continue her travels whenever and wherever the spirit moves her.

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