Latin Jazz singer-songwriter Jessica Medina reflects on a successful 2023

Jessica Medina

Jessica Medina

LOS ANGELESNov. 21, 2023PRLog — Singer-songwriter Jessica Medina wraps up 2023 with the release of her EP titled “Rosa” and performances in New York & Paris.

Jessica Medina is at the forefront of the New York music scene with musical influences from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  Some of the highlights this year for the Dominican-Puerto Rican artist were her performances this summer at Le Baisersale Jazz Club in Paris followed by a performance at Joe’s Pub during Hispanic Heritage Month.  Both these performances will be shared on her YouTube page in 2024.

Earlier this year she showcased her vocal dexterity and soulfulness on the EP titled “Rosa” a tribute to the powerful women who have mentored her throughout her life.

Listen to EP “Rosa”

The EP is a bouquet of melodies and rhythms which reflect Jessica’s Caribbean, jazz and soul roots, Rosa was arranged and produced by Janina Rosado (Juan Luis Guerra). The EP included original compositions from Jessica as well as tracks co-written with Alex Cuba, Pavel Nunez, Juan Jose Hernandez (Gilberto Santa Rosa) and a trap/bachata version of an Elton John classic.

“Ámame” was written by Medina during the pandemic while she engulfed herself in songwriting workshops and sessions. It centers on the idea of an elderly couple that argues and reconciles after realizing that so much time and effort can’t go in vain. Jessica invites us to mend what is important to us, form mutual respect and give each other another chance to love even through challenging times. “Amame” takes us back to the lyrics and sounds of the era of beloved artists such as Beny More, Celia Cruz, Pedro Infante and Los Panchos. This bolero represents the musical transition that Jessica is currently weaving through, moving from a jazz trajectory towards a more tropical and romantic sound.

“Si Vas A Volver”, written by Jessica Medina, Juan Jose Hernandez and Manuel Zabala, is a flirty bilingual merengue that plays on the theme of giving a lover a second chance. The song also includes elements of vallenato.

“Locura”, written by Alex Cuba, features Merengue and Samba elements and dives deep into Medina’s Dominican and Puerto Rican roots as well as different types of love from a woman’s perspective.

“Morir Soñando”, which happens to be a refreshing drink traditionally from the Dominican Republic made of milk and orange juice (similar to an orange creamsicle), was written by Jessica Medina and Leon Yamil and was produced and arranged by Latin Grammy-winner Janina Rosado. The song connects all our senses to the flavors, aromas and emotions of returning to Medina’s ancestral lands.

With “Sorry Seems The Hardest Word”, Jessica Medina helps us dance our blues away. This bachata and trap mélange of Elton John’s timeless song “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” celebrates the rise of Latin music worldwide. This is a song Jessica listened to often on her bedroom radio while growing up in NYC in the 80s while her Dominican mother played bachata and merengue records in their living room. “Sorry” features the legendary Dominican bachata guitarist Martires de Leon and has a music video was filmed in Mexico City.

“De Raiz”, written by Medina and Pavel Nunez, takes listeners through the process of dementia and grief. The song captures the importance of preserving our parent’s legacy and memories through storytelling and remembering one’s roots. “De Raiz” is especially personal to Medina.

About Jessica Medina:

Born in New York City to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, Jessica Medina absorbed a lifetime of musical roots from an early age. The singer-songwriter studied jazz at Hunter College in New York City before pursuing her solo career.

Jessica Medina first broke barriers with her previous single “Back to Black”. Medina approaches this emblematic song by Amy Winehouse from a completely new perspective.

Constantly taking risks and breaking barriers that the music industry imposes on language, Medina offers bilingual lyrics while attracting a new generation of “Latinx” fans.


MTS’ Veteran Singer-Songwriter Pete Price Gets Philosophical on Debut Album, “Department of the Interior”

 Reflecting on the most visceral aspects of the human reality, MTS’ Dayton, Ohio musician, singer and songwriter Pete Price has now released his first full-length album. Released in March 2022, “Department of the Interior” combines blues, americana, and rock genres and provides an intriguing collection of tracks that includes everything from rockers and bangers to ballads and introspective songs. Drawing comparisons to Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender” album, Pete Price is also influenced by legendary artists such as Neil Young, James Taylor, and Simon and Garfunkel.

The album title, “Department of the Interior,” comes from Pete Price’s inner reflection on the juxtaposition of physical, spiritual and emotional elements that each human possesses within themselves. With an attempt to understand the natural order and the role humans play in it, Pete Price has created a timeless album.

“Department of the Interior” was recently named one of the Best Dayton Album Releases of 2022 by

Price began recording his 12-song album in Nashville early in 2021, beginning with the song, “One More Time” at Direct Image Studios with Ken Royster as sound engineer. The Nashville studio musicians Price used have recorded many hit records with top artists such as Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Luke Combs, and other well-known musicians. Price also recorded 4 songs for his album in Dayton with Gary King at Dayton Sound Studios.

Listen to “Department of the Interior” at

A live version of the album, recorded at the CD Release party, will be released later this year.

Having started his musical career in the late 1980s, Pete Price joined The Fries Band in early 1992, servings as the band’s lead guitarist for more than 30 years. In addition to his notable work with The Fries Band, Pete’s independent musical endeavors have created a cult following of their own, while also receiving critical acclaim. More details about Pete Price and the dynamic new album can be seen at

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African-American Singer-Songwriter “Doblx” Releases Salsa Music in Spanish

 The American singer Leo Wilson, known as “Doblx,” was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is an American singer who recently ventured into the Latin market after he moved to Colombia and fell in love with its culture and music. The singer is releasing his newest single titled, “Hoy,” a salsa song that encourages others to take a day and enjoy life, something we all need during these difficult times. The song is the perfect remedy for millions of people, as the recent pandemic has had a great impact on people’s daily lives and many are struggling to survive as a result.

The singer has been studying salsa music carefully in order to create this masterpiece. He found inspiration through a web series posted by Marc Anthony that gave him a glimpse into the musical process of Marc Anthony and Sergio George. With a limited budget, Doblx managed to record and produce this entire song at his home in Miami, FL with the help of his Colombian-born wife.

The music video shows the beautiful landscapes of Kenya, Africa and the African people. These visual aspects complement the song as it features beautiful and harmonious voices of the African people perfectly fused together with salsa music. The singer has not only created an inspirational song that will shock the Latin community, but also a cultural movement that shows we are all human no matter where we are from and music is the universal language.

Doblx has also started a fundraiser on the official music video for the song “Hoy” to help African children live a better life and most importantly, enjoy their lives. The fundraiser is collected by the non-profit organization “Back To Africa” and all donated proceeds go directly to the cause.

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