DFW Orthopedic Surgeon and Shoulder Specialist, Howard W. Harris, MD, Introduces New and Innovative Shoulder Replacement Technology from FX Shoulder Solutions

 Howard W. Harris, MD, the shoulder expert and one of the many gifted surgeons at Texas Orthopedic Specialists PLLC, has collaborated with FX Shoulder Solutions on new shoulder reconstruction technology. Dr. Harris is known for his specialty in shoulder surgery and sports medicine, while FX is an innovator in the shoulder arthroplasty market. With the new FX V135™ shoulder system, Dr. Harris now has intraoperative flexibility to adapt the systems’ implants to the patient’s anatomy which was the intent behind the new design that Dr. Harris helped to develop. Dr. Harris has been collaborating with FX, a leading shoulder arthroplasty company, for five years and has seen the evolution of the portfolio since entering the US in January of 2018 formally. Prior to its entry in the US, FX has been in France since 2011 and is currently leading the market in shoulder arthroplasty technology.

Along with their already extensive line of products, Dr. Harris and FX Shoulder Solutions are focused on improving existing products and co-developing new products to ensure the best possible surgical results for patients. Dr. Harris says, “The team at FX has been both responsive and innovative when it comes to developing and adapting a product line and instrumentation to improve performance based on clinical and surgical feedback, as well as meet patient and market demands for higher quality, more efficient, and lower cost surgical solutions.”

The FX V135™ allows for intraoperative flexibility and options, including two different humeral angles (135° or 145°) in the reverse configuration. In the anatomic configuration, the humeral head component, and the taper connection, have dual eccentricity options. This allows surgeons to dial in the components to match the native pre-operative anatomy of the patient. Also new to this system are variable humeral head heights, which may provide better soft tissue tensioning. “As a shoulder specialist, I am truly excited about the many innovations FX has developed to improve ease of use for surgeons and, more importantly, to provide improved outcomes for our patients,” Dr. Harris said.

Prior to collaborating on the FX V135™, Dr. Harris has led as an innovator in his partnership with the FX team. He is an investigator on the Easytech® Stemless Reverse IDE study which has completed enrollment. ((Caution: Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use. (21 CFR 812.5(a)) FDA: NCT 03806842. www.clinicaltrials.gov). Dr. Harris has been involved with numerous product designs and is identified on a patent for FX.

About FX Shoulder Solutions
FX is a global leader and innovator in shoulder arthroplasty. With a global headquarters based in Viriat, France, and a US headquarters based in Dallas, Texas, FX offers a comprehensive portfolio that provides options allowing surgeons to adapt the system to the patient rather than the patient to our system. For more information, please visit www.fxshouldersolutions.com.

About Texas Orthopedic Specialists PLLC
Texas Orthopedic Specialists PLLC is comprised of a team of subspecialty doctors and fellowship-trained surgeons who share a passion and dedication to providing the highest quality orthopedic care available. Our pledge is to treat our patients with dignity, respect, courtesy, and compassion. For more information, visit https://www.txortho.net/.

Howard W. Harris, MD
Howard W. Harris, M.D. is a highly regarded shoulder repair and reconstruction expert at Texas Orthopedic Specialists. Whether patients are suffering from shoulder arthritis, pain, instability, sports injury, or fracture, his training and expertise can get them back to the activities they love. Learn more about Dr. Harris: https://www.txortho.net/howard-w-harris-md-orthopedic-specialists-texas.html. To schedule an appointment, patients can call 817.540.4477.

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“A Snake at My Shoulder” – A One-Of-A-Kind Page-Turner

Everyone has a few skeletons in their closets that they hope will never see the light of day, to be nothing but a forgotten memory, but the past has a nasty habit of digging itself out of the deepest darkest recesses of the mind and spilling its secrets, whether it’s a long-forgotten traumatic experience or the recollection of regrets and fears that was thought to hold no sway on a person’s current disposition.

Author Joan Kenny utilizes the idea of having a skeleton in the closet of one of the characters in her book “A Snake at My Shoulder” to create a narrative tale filled with romance, suspense, and haunting memories, all with a vivid description of the setting where the story is taking place.

The book could be considered by readers as a myriad of conflicting emotions that leave readers dumbstruck but utterly engaged in the progression of the narrative. Making it a reading experience unlike many others, where readers question the thought of the narrative is a work of literary fiction or based on an actual event that happened in the past.

A Snake at My Shoulder
Written by: Joan Kenny

Available Formats
E-book: $2.99
Paperback: $11.19
Hardcover: $22.95

Copies of this harrowing tale are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish. Be pulled into a narrative that catches your focus with the revelation of a past so traumatic it will leave you wondering what skeletons people keep in their closet behind the façade of a smile.

About the Author
Joan Kenny was born in Northern Ireland and lived in Canada, she spent eighteen years in England and Holland. Her travel experiences that have always been adventurous and unpredictable have offered her a wealth of experiences to draw upon and provide vivid details for locations in her haunting books.