“The Shadow Banker’s Secrets,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (12/23/2022)

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The Shadow Bankers Secrets: Investment Banking for Alternatives by author and business founder Benjamin D. Summers is set for a second edition release through Best Seller Publishing in December 2022. It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day, (12/23/2022).

The Shadow Bankers Secrets reveals the invaluable financial engineering skills utilized by the banking industry to control the economy. These skills enable asset managers to raise capital at scale, guide allocators to exponentially improve the performance of their portfolios on a risk-adjusted basis and empower the public to create and monetize capital analogously to the banking system.

People–including many institutions–rely on stories, their feelings, and relationships to make investment decisions. Those are great for choosing friends but do nothing to help people determine how to invest if they actually care about their money, said author Benjamin D. Summers. The big wirehouses hire physicists and mathematicians called quants to measure and engineer the risk-adjusted performance of the investments they sell. They often use this expertise to bet against the public and push shoddy products. As a quant myself with an academic background in physics, Im taking this expertise from behind the closed doors of the big banks to serve the public.

The Shadow Bankers Secrets second edition includes a forward by Oren Klaff, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned expert on sales, raising capital, and negotiation.

This is the book I wish my 30-year-old self had, says Klaff. Maybe if Id had it then, I would be writing these from a summer home on Lake Geneva instead of pulling another midnight shift producing pre-IPO financial models and running an exit analysis for a client. Make this book your fast track to wealth and success in whatever industry youre getting ready to take over.

Originally released in January 2020, The Shadow Bankers Secrets will receive its second edition via Best Seller Publishing in December 2022.

The Shadow Bankers Secrets accurate and compelling lessons gives serious fund managers the opportunity to separate themselves from the crowd by meeting their ethical duty to utilize rigorous methods of quantitative analysis to best guide their allocation decisions, which in turn protects capital and creates sustainable, risk-adjusted returns,ad Michael Ballard, MBA, MSc. Senior Managing Partner, CEO CCS Growth Partners.

The Shadow Bankers Secrets by Benjamin D. Summers will be free and available for download on Amazon for one more day (12/23/2022) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMM11NF3.

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About the author:

Ben is the Founder and Managing Director of Adagio Group. He has led Adagio from a single-entity real estate investment company in 2005 to become an innovative financial institution providing fund management and capital financing services across asset classes through its discrete operating structures. Adagio Group is an innovative financial education and private investment firm with an uncompromised merit-based approach to banking, investment, and finance. Our pursuit of merit led us into unique service offerings that fill a hole in the market, successfully leveling the playing field between big banks and the public.

Ben has extensive knowledge in quantitative finance, the application of risk engineering principles, and private securities transactions. Ben also has substantial senior management experience within the global energy services sector. Bens transition into energy and finance was preceded by a professional baseball career that began with the San Diego Padres organization. Ben graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics, studying Music as a second discipline. He currently holds FINRA Series 65 and Florida Real Estate Licenses and is a member of the Forbes Finance Council.

MTS’ See Your Shadow Releases “Showdown” Single, Video

 With more than 500K YouTube views, 250K Spotify streams and 4 #1 international iTunes hits, one could say that any new release from See Your Shadow Songwriting is a sure bet. The recent Prayze Factor Gospel Awards winner (for “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello”) is raising the stakes by dealing a brand new single on September 24, 2021.

The single, “Showdown” joins an already impressive catalog amassed by songwriters Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman, in collaboration with long-time See Your Shadow partner, J. Richard Murray. This rocking country single weaves intricate metaphors with colorful imagery to cast a narrative of a young boy becoming a man.

Coleman tells the story of the song’s genesis: “A while back, Rich approached me about a writing competition he had heard about. The competition was taking place in Nashville over a weekend, and we were not told who we were writing for, or what we were being asked to write about until the day of the competition. We would then have one day to write the song and then present it to a celebrity panel and audience. The task was to come up with a piece that had a poker related element to it, as who we were writing for was a singer who was also a competitive poker player on the Vegas circuit. Our result was, ‘Showdown.’ While it was the crowd favorite at that competition, it wasn’t selected by the panel. I am just glad that we are now able to give this piece a new life and share it with our fans.”

You gotta have a showdown

Fight for what’s right

stand your ground

Jump right up when you’re knocked down

Don’t worry about the odds just go all in

At the showdown

Watch the video for “Showdown” at https://youtu.be/0S8LtHbr3xg.

About See Your Shadow Songwriting: After primarily being known for its dance club music, and its work in film and television, See Your Shadow Songwriting rebranded itself and decided to switch its focus and sound to its first love, country music. With a new stable of vocalists and musicians, See Your Shadow Songwriting, has crafted and developed its new sound harkening back to the vivid storytelling and emotion of old school country.

Connect with See Your Shadow Songwriting:


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2c28MH58XefbW5WrTqjtUp

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBS2HhnXM0_UdMvWeYP318w

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