Roofing Remains LLC Announces Insurance Appraisal Services

 High winds can damage roofs due to falling debris, fallen trees, lifting up and tearing off shingles. Roofing Remains, LLC announces they are certified insurance appraisers and will work with insurance companies to get their customer needs met.

A corner of a shingle may be slightly lifted, but when the wind comes up the shingle will fold back or fly off. Sometimes shingle damage can be addressed by a roofing repair. Other times, wind causes so much damage that the entire roof will need to be replaced.

Insurance will cover certain roof damage. Having a qualified professional to work with an insurance customer provides customers with roofing services that they don’t have to pay out of pocket for.

With Roofing Remains announcement, customers can feel confident their roofing needs will be taken care of and their roof will be restored in no time.

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AGR Roofing & Construction is Working with Residents in Lincoln, NE to Meet the April 12 Hail Storm Insurance Claim Deadline

 The deadline for homeowners impacted by the April 12, 2020 hail storm in Lincoln, Nebraska is April, 12, 2022.

AGR Roofing & Construction is working to make sure homeowners impacted by this storm are aware of the April 12th deadline to make an insurance claim. Most insurance companies will not approve claims from this storm after the April 12th deadline. For many impacted homeowners, original claims were denied due to the overwhelming number of claims coming in at the time. If a claim was originally denied, or if a claim only covered roof damage and not window or siding damage there is still time to submit a claim for those repairs to be covered by insurance.

Hail damage can severely impact the integrity of residential roofs, sometimes the effects are not noticed right after a storm by homeowners, insurance companies do not pay for claims of older hail damage even if old hail damage is the reason for a leak. It is important to get a roof inspection to make sure no roof damage occurred in that storm.

The towns hit hardest by the Lincoln hail storm were Lincoln, NE and Roca, NE, however the storm path went north and south of those towns. Hail damage can be difficult to notice, it appears as little circular darker marks on asphalt shingles. Another indicator that would be noticeable now, is asphalt shingle granules collecting in gutters. For impacted wood shake roof tiles, little splinters will collect in gutters.

“We’ve seen a lot of homes with window damage that wasn’t addressed during an initial insurance claim for this hail storm because it wasn’t mentioned in the original roof inspection report, but since it has been almost two years since the storm, homeowners are starting to notice the impact of the damage to their windows. We have successfully been able to get those claims to insurance for approval, for services like roofing, it is important to get a second opinion.” Bryan Brown, Project Manager at AGR Roofing & Construction.

To meet the April 12, 2022 deadline, it is important to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. When scheduling a roof inspection for hail damage, it is vital that the inspection includes checking for hail damage to windows and siding as well.

AGR Roofing & Construction encourages homeowners to schedule an inspection to meet the insurance deadline. Any reputable roofing company offers all inspections for free and also offers help with insurance claims. Be sure to ask the roof inspector about these services before proceeding.

AGR Roofing & Construction

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Why choose ferns roofing contractors sheffield?

When it comes to securing your home or commercial property against the elements, the first line of defence is the roof. Your roof has the ability to keep out the cold, rain and snow all year round. But in order to ensure that your roof is up to the job, there are things that can be done to make sure that the weather stays on the outside and does not manage to find its way inside. This is why Ferns Roofing contractors Sheffield are the best choice.

Knowledgeable about the traditional skills and craftsmanships of the past, to the modern, innovative products and solutions of today. Ferns Roofing offer the complete roofing services tailored to meet the needs of both the homeowner with their own individual project, to some of the UK’s major housebuilders.

Roofing Contractors Sheffield

If you’re in need of roofers in Sheffield, rest assured that we can repair almost any roof – pitched or flat. If our team are unable to complete a repair, they will quote for a complete replacement. They are used to working with homeowners, developers and contractors on a variety of job sizes, so you can put your faith in their expertise.

When it comes to fixing leaks, replacing missing or broken slates or tiles and cracked flashing, simply call the Ferns team of roofers. As a Sheffield based company, we will be able to provide a prompt and efficient service which includes a free no-obligation estimate.

For assurance of our quality roofing services please see our online reviews and portfolio of some of our work available on our website. Further information is also available upon request, such as site visits, technical advice on products, individual project requirements and much more.

Our Standards

As a company proud of our reputation, we ensure that customers have a hassle-free experience when they choose to work with us. That’s why we only employ tradesmen. This ensures clients have the peace of mind of only dealing directly with our professional roofers who want to help solve your problem in the best way possible.

With 36 years’ experience in the roofing industry, public liability insurance and guarantees up to 20 years, our Sheffield roofers are a natural choice for anyone in need of repairs or considering a brand new installation.

Areas Covered

We serve South Yorkshire, North East Derbyshire and the Peak District.

Get in Touch Today

When in need of reliable and professional roofers residents know who to call. Get in touch with us today on 01246 419195 to discuss your individual requirements. And to ensure that your roofing problem is solved efficiently and professionally by a local trusted company.


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