Robin Peddieson’s New Book, “Princess,” Follows a Clinical Psychologist Who Begins to Question Her Reality After Several Unsettling Happenings and Mysterious Ailments

 Robin Peddieson, who was born and raised in a small farming community by the name of Momence, Illinois, and now resides in Henderson, Nevada, has completed her new book, “Princess: She’s no ordinary princess. Her hidden secrets are out of this world!”: a suspenseful and unpredictable novel about a woman who suddenly discovers that she is in an unfamiliar life.

While walking out of the courtroom, clinical psychologist Sara Sanders has an extraordinary encounter, unlike anything she’s ever experienced. No one else seems to see it. She felt as though she was being watched. She convinces herself that her mind is playing tricks on her. When she awakens the following morning, her body is achy, and she feels fatigued.

The next day is the final day of the hearing she has been involved with. As she leaves the courtroom, she feels as though she is still being watched. The atmosphere around her is palpable, and she knows she just saw something. What was it? Why did no one else seem concerned with it?

The next morning, she finds that her body hurts far more than the day before. Is her mind playing tricks on her? She has no idea why she is feeling this way, but she knows it is time for some much-needed R&R. She decides a short vacation would do the trick.

That night, she wakes up at 3:00 a.m. Unable to sleep, she decides to get up and read. She pours herself a glass of Cabernet and then makes herself comfortable on the sofa. After reading a few pages, she takes a sip of her wine. After setting the glass back on the table, she realizes that it isn’t her table. It isn’t her sofa. It wasn’t even her apartment. From that point on, Sara’s life becomes a mystery, and she needs to know what just happened.

Today, author Robin Peddieson is best known as Mom and Nana. She has enjoyed a variety of interests over the years as well as her job as a legal assistant for over thirteen years until retirement. Having a full-time job and living on a hobby farm at the same time was demanding, but she took pleasure in homemaking, the apple orchard, and of course the company of a husband, a dog, many barn cats, and her true passion, horses.

When her children were little, she found that writing poetry whenever she could was not only fun but also a fulfilling hobby. Being a mom was also demanding but rewarding beyond measure for her. Now, in her retirement, she decided to take up writing again. But instead of writing poetry, she found a book hiding inside. Discovering that the potential of an untapped imagination is highly underrated, she accepted the challenge. That’s when Princess was born. In her opinion, first attempts at anything can be awkward, and writing this book was no exception. She thoroughly enjoyed writing Princess and took great pleasure in the journey even if the destination is yet to be determined.

Peddieson writes, “It was an exceptionally beautiful day for my walk to work. Although my sneakers didn’t exactly compliment my two-piece suit, they were so much more practical for walking than the heels that were tucked in the small tote that was hanging off my shoulder. As my destination became visible from a short distance away, I marveled at the sight of this noble red brick building. The tall white pillars that supported the expansive open entrance served to compliment this dignified and almost sacred place. This charming, vintage, but beautiful courthouse was filled to capacity, which wasn’t surprising given that the focus of this case gained so much media attention. Cases involving abuse always attract so much interest. For some reason, people always like to assume that the victim is the one lying about the events that took place. The old-fashioned cast iron light fixtures that dimly lit the room confirmed that some faces were affable, but then there were those not so friendly looks cast my way as well. It was my job to show that the hours of my professional evaluation concerning this particular young lady demonstrated that she was of sound mind and had the capacity to distinguish right from wrong. Aside from the physical proof within her case, I needed to convey to the court that I not only found my client to be mentally sound but also she was as honest and truthful as any human being could possibly be.”

Published by Page Publishing, Robin Peddieson’s mysterious work invites readers to discover what is going on in Sara’s life, following her as she uncovers the truth behind these strange events.

Readers who wish to experience this unexpected work can purchase “Princess: She’s no ordinary princess. Her hidden secrets are out of this world!” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

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STL and to Deliver Core Technologies to Empower 5G Stacks for Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers, a leader in Kubernetes data management for enterprise applications and operators of 5G solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with STL (NSE: STLTECH), an industry-leading integrator of digital networks, to offer an (XaaS) Everything-as-a-Service solution. The XaaS solution will leverage the STL Enterprise Marketplace Platform with the Robin Cloud-Native Platform (CNP) to deliver enterprise applications and 5G services effectively.

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There is a growing trend amongst the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to become an enterprise platform provider to leverage the massive opportunities it provides. The STL Enterprise Marketplace Platform, paired with Robin Multi-Data Center Automation Platform (MDCAP) and Robin CNP, equips service providers with the technology needed to break in and dominate the enterprise XaaS market. The collaboration announced today provides telcos an agile, scalable automation solution for 5G designed to help them reduce risk and accelerate time to value.

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