The 5th Financial Revolution Summit: Redefining the Fintech Landscape in Egypt

The Financial Revolution Summit, the Region’s ONLY Event on Advancing Financial Innovation & Disruption is scheduled for August 2-3, 2023 in the vibrant city of Cairo. With the maxim “Redefining the Fintech landscape… A Summit for Innovators & Visionaries,” this event promises to be an exceptional gathering of industry leaders, thought provokers, and cutting-edge innovators.

Egypt’s burgeoning market on Fintech has positioned the country as a driving force in the region’s financial technology landscape. With a rapidly evolving ecosystem and an increasing number of startups and initiatives, Egypt has emerged as a fertile ground for innovation, digital transformation, and financial inclusion. The Financial Revolution Summit aims to highlight the tremendous opportunities and challenges within Egypt’s fintech market, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships to drive further growth and advancement.

The 5th Financial Revolution Summit will feature a comprehensive agenda that delves into key topics such as Digital Payments, Risk Assessment, Green Revolution, Decentralized Finance, Fraud Prevention, Financial Inclusion, Regulatory Advancements, and much more… Renowned speakers from Egypt & the region will share their insights, experiences, and visionary ideas, providing delegates with valuable knowledge and actionable strategies to navigate the rapidly changing financial landscape.

Delegates will have ample networking opportunities, enabling them to forge meaningful connections with industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and government officials. The summit will also showcase an exhibition space where leading fintech companies, startups, and solution providers can showcase their products, services, and innovations. With this edition, we have introduced FINTECH FRONTIER AWARDS to promote and encourage the continued growth and development of the FinTech industry, as well as to recognize those who are leading the way in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.

Join us at the 5th Financial Revolution Summit on August 2-3, 2023, in Cairo, Egypt, to be part of this transformative event that will redefine the future of finance in the region.

Mr. Shyuj Kumar, the Managing Director of TraiCon Events, shared his excitement about the upcoming event: “We are honored to bring the 5th edition of the Financial Revolution Summit to the dynamic city of Cairo. This summit has consistently provided a platform for global finance and technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and chart the future of the fintech industry. With a strong focus on Egypt’s fintech market, we aim to explore new horizons, empower innovators, and inspire visionary solutions that redefine the financial landscape.”

About the organizer

TraiCon India is a leading provider of global trainings, B2B events and management consulting for diversified industries that are looking to scale opportunities and be more effective in delivering their businesses to the right people at the right time. TraiCon conceptualizes & organizes flagship events on Emerging Technologies in APAC & MENA region. To know more, visit:

Event Contact:
Eng. Prasanna,
Event Producer at TraiCon Events
Mob: +0091-7708523918

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Join the Solar Revolution with Infocus International’s Mastering Solar Power Live Online Course

Registration is now open for Infocus International Group top rated Mastering Solar Power, and the course will be commencing live on 23rd October 2023. This is a comprehensive, up-to-date and business-focused roadmap to success in delivering solar power growth, today and tomorrow.

Throughout these 5 sessions, attendees will gain a good understanding of the key factors from an integrated, multidisciplinary and commercial viewpoint, including: target market analysis, economic competitiveness, channels-to-market, financing influences and risk, project development processes, best practices and emerging technologies.

The course schedule includes illustration of key project development considerations, including energy yield, financial and other simple calculations, along with the chance to discuss key planning and market environment considerations.

In keeping with the business-focused theme of the course, these illustrative exercises are designed to provide time efficient clarification of the key course takeaways, aimed at commercially-focused business developers and investors. They are therefore accessible to non-experts, not designed to replicate the complex or in-depth detailed planning undertaken – over much longer periods! – by engineers and technical teams.

“It is an eye opener for us. The presentation was very informative and in a practical sense. It has unlocked more opportunities and directives of how an organization can grow and invest in meaningful projects that are trending.

Infocus International is also a great platform I would recommend to future attendees,” shared by a past attendee from Solomon Islands Ports Authority.

Another past attendee from ib vogt also shared, “Thank you very much for the highly informative trainings. I am very much pleased with how Infocus International is very accommodating and responsive on every request. Thank you again and see you soon in the upcoming course.”

“The trainer represents a thoughtful and unbiased view in the realm of renewable energy. His insights are well reasoned, clear and, perhaps most importantly, backed up by hard numbers. Definitely a person I would turn to for guidance in this space,” commented by a past attendee from responsAbility Investments AG.

Course Sessions

  1. What makes a solar power plant?
  2. Solar resource assessment and project design
  3. Solar project development and delivery
  4. Selling solar power
  5. The economics and financing of solar power projects

Benefits of Attending

  • Speak the language of solar energy: terminology and concepts
  • Understand the key variables determining the economics of solar PV projects
  • Review current and emerging market opportunities for solar PV, including integrations such as energy storage
  • Navigate the typical project development requirements, processes and risks
  • Learn how financial returns and risks arise in PV projects
  • Be better able to converse with project partners, suppliers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders
  • Know what to look for when evaluating PV project opportunities
  • Identify key investment and project performance risks
  • Analyse and critique current and emerging business models

Want to learn more?

Simply email to or call +65 6325 0210 to obtain your FREE COPY of event brochure. For more information, please visit

About Infocus International GroupInfocus International is a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services for diverse business communities. We recognise clients’ needs and responds with innovative and result oriented programmes. All products are founded on high value content in diverse subject areas, and the highest level of quality is ensured through intensive and in-depth market research from local and international insights. For more information:

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BIT ELSA Financial Revolution powered by AI

BIT ELSA LTD, an asset management company launched an internet platform at, which allows you to easily earn profits by depositing your digital assets, mainly in the form of cryptocurrencies. BIT ELSA is an innovative but planned down to the smallest detail ecosystem that gives passive income every day, significantly exceeding standard investment funds.

The platform was launched by a group of specialists, capital market speculators and experts in the field of cryptocurrencies and new technologies. The BIT ELSA LTD team has created unique algorithms for trading the markets in an automated manner. They are one of the few that use specially designed artificial intelligence algorithms for this. This is a completely innovative approach and, as the analysis shows, artificial intelligence allows you to eliminate all human weaknesses, such as fear and euphoria that accompany even the best traders.

The platform itself is very easy to use for the average user. It requires absolutely no specialized knowledge or market knowledge. The user’s (investor’s) participation has been limited to the necessary minimum, i.e. making a deposit and manual withdrawals of earned money.

When it comes to investments, users can make it using one of the 15 payment methods, these are the 13 leading cryptocurrencies and 2 payment methods for the classic USD currency.

Users can choose from 3 investment plans:

Regular that gives 3% profit daily for 30 days

Premium with a profit of 4% daily for 40 days

Professional guaranteeing 5% daily for 50 days

Entering a specific plan requires an appropriate minimum investment. We can start the

Regular plan from $ 25, the Premium plan from $2000 and the Professional plan requires a minimum investment of $ 10,000.

The maximum investment amount is practically unlimited, the only limit is as much as 500,000 for a single deposit. However, on the platform, we may have multiple deposits in different plans, amounts and payment systems. Each deposit will be treated independently and the profits will be accumulated on one account balance.

BIT ELSA, meeting customer expectations, also has a unique option to cancel the deposit at any time and withdraw its original capital after deducting the fee (from 10% to 25% depending on the duration of the deposit). Earnings from investment plans are added every 24 hours to your account balance, on all days of the week, including holidays and weekends. Users can perform operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the website we can find a short guide “How it works” and answers to frequently asked questions. However, if someone needs help, BIT ELSA offers live chat support 24/7 all days of the year. If necessary, the agents are ready to help in any matter related to the service of the website.

Referral Program – that is, an additional opportunity to earn.

BIT ELSA LTD offers a referral program. Any registered user can participate in the program. You don’t even need your own deposit to start earning. The program consists in recommending the platform to other users by sharing your referral link. In the referral program, you can build a structure up to 3 tiers below you and receive 5% – 2% – 1% commission respectively on all deposits and reinvestments made by your referrals. Money earned from referrals is automatically added to your balance and available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

Summary offers above-average returns for investors. It is a unique asset management system that generates a real chance to multiply your assets in a very short time. Considering that within 50 days we can achieve 350% ROI, it’s hard to find a more competitive offer in the market. BIT ELSA is a company with solid foundations, transparent and with impressive financial results. Especially for cryptocurrency holders during the prevailing declines, it is a great opportunity to multiply their wealth in a friendly environment, without any knowledge or additional work. We cordially invite you to join!

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Youtube: A revolution in the online medical healthcare world is about to happen

Healthcare insiders and IT professionals teamed up with a fantastic new platform, which is poised to innovate and change the face of the industry in Europe, and beyond. The next medical unicorn.

Looking for medical services and connecting with patients has always been a challenge due to the fact that there is no centralized platform where everything is seamlessly interconnected. What if there was a better way? A dedicated team of medical professionals and IT experts came up with a groundbreaking solution that will change the face of the healthcare industry, realizing the full potential of the online medium and overcoming the limitations that have hindered the development of this industry until now. Their creation is named. Hey Medica. This upcoming website is quite distinctive for what it provides, and perhaps more importantly, for how it aims to provide it! This is indeed a one-of-a-kind platform, described as a rare unicorn in the medical industry in this day and age! Hey Medica’s website, which will launch very soon, will make major headlines for being the first platform with a focus on connecting healthcare providers in the European Unions, hospitals, doctors, dentists, clinics, and pharmacy laboratories, and patients. Hey, Medica aims to become a one-spot resource for people looking for medical services. The database is continually growing, and it is very comprehensive, providing information and content in 10 languages, catering to people based in several areas of the EU.

Healthcare professionals, doctors and IT experts teaming up with a single goal

Hey, Medica is the result of 5 years of painstaking work. A team featuring many doctors, healthcare professionals, and IT scientists came together to develop this incredibly complex yet extremely user-friendly platform that has no competitor out there as we speak. Hey, Medica is the first Medical Advisor platform for UE Hospital, and it seeks to improve the lives of patients and do work so much easier for people in the industry. On the other side of the coin, the platform is very beneficial for patients. It is not always easy to find reliable and professional healthcare services since there are so many contrasting and often outdated resources on the web. With Hey Medica, the process is much easier since it all happens within a well-designed, up-to-date, centralized platform. The company has a value of several million euros as we speak, with the main goal of reaching a 100 million euros valuation after the platform’s launch.

Uncovering the potential of a new “one place” platform for medical providers and patients in Europe

Needless to say, the chances are looking good because this is a well-conceived platform that is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Romanian platform UiPath was actually a concept with a similar focus, but Hey Medica took the vision to the next level, with an even more broad international approach. This is going to be a very big surprise on the market, and virtually no other website could catch up with a service that’s so complexed and highly specialized. Hey, Medica is kind of like a combination of digital booking, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but for services in the medical industry! The main problem in today’s industry is that there is a lack of a centralized system. To make it all even more confusing, many of the available solutions are relevant for a single country and focus on one aspect. The healthcare industry needs a different approach, with more data integration and more accessible access for all. Data is the future, as more and more of it are produced each day. It’s time for the medical industry to start noticing this trend and take advantage of the power of data, which is so important and will continue to become even more prominent. The platform will be free for all patients and healthcare providers. The platform’s ultimate goal is to increase international visibility and provide people with a suite of excellent tools to connect with quality care and improve lives. Hey Medica is going to be a fantastic opportunity for organizations and healthcare providers to connect with patients. Moreover, it will also be a viable, fast, and nearly immediate solution for people to look for the perfect services they need to improve their wellness.

Investment opportunity and market value

Investors are currently jumping at the chance of being involved as the platform is about to launch. Hey, Medica will take off in one month from now, covering the European healthcare / medical market. The platform is working to achieve long-term results, and the team is confident in the fact that they can provide true value and some amazingly innovative services to people and medical professionals all over Europe. The website is going to grow to such a high profile that it will eventually be known as major websites such as Ali Baba or To put it simply, this is going to be the absolute first European platform to have just about everything in the same place concerning the medical field! Hey, Medica reduces the guesswork and enables people to find what they need in a timely manner without worrying about finding the wrong information or being stuck with a medical provider that they cannot really trust.

Hey Medica: A simple, but very revolutionary concept

The medical world has been waiting for a platform like Hey Medica. This is a historical landmark for the medical industry in Europe. There has not been anyone putting in the work or the idea to create a platform like this…until now1 Thankfully, things are about to change as Hey Medica will launch and usher in a new age for online medical services in Europe, and beyond! “We know that we are worth a lot of millions,” says founder and CEO Horea Timis. Hailing from Romania, this doctor and entrepreneur are the bright minds behind the Hey Medica vision. As the creator of this website, he went to great lengths to assemble the best team for the project, with some of the best individuals in the IT and medical fields all across Romania and Europe. His concept was simple: healthcare should be instant, easily accessible, and totally universal. This is what Hey Medica stands for!

Find out more about HeyMedica, and do not miss out on the perks of this revolutionary service.

It’s time to join this revolution! Click Here

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Name – Diana Ciuca

E-mail – [email protected]

Phone no – 0040735779579

Company –Doclink SRL

Country – Romania/UK

Address – Bucharest PoBox Heymedica / Londra PoBox Heymedica