Retirement Reception for Dr. Deborah Flanagan, Introducing Dr. Caleb Saint Jean

 Dr. Caleb Saint Jean invites family, friends and patients to a retirement celebration for Dr. Deborah Flanagan on Tuesday, June 27, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 4940 Central Avenue. Dr. Flanagan is retiring after providing 42 years of excellent patient care in St. Pete. Light refreshments will be served at the event and there will be a raffle of eyewear to benefit Westcare Gulfcoast-Florida, Inc. (Westcare). Those unable to attend are welcome to stop by until anytime in June or July to sign Dr. Flanagan’s remembrance book to convey best wishes.

Dr. Flanagan established her private optometry practice in St. Pete in 1990. Since then, she has been a beloved doctor to many local residents. She has also been recognized for her outstanding leadership and community involvement by Vision 21 Eyecare, New Faith Free Methodist Church, the National Optometric Student Association (NOSA), St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Foster Parents Association of Pinellas County, Southside Church of Christ, and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. She continues to be an active member of the community through both her faith-based activities and position on the board of Westcare.

Markus Hughes, the Community Action Council Chair with Westcare said, “I would like to congratulate Dr. Flanagan on her well-deserved retirement. I also want to thank her for her work and dedication to the Gulf Coast WestCare community. Serving with a nonprofit agency is a labor of love, and often the work and efforts go unnoticed. Her willingness to be a part of the WestCare family is greatly appreciated. She has made a difference to the clients and staff at WestCare. We extend our thanks that she is a model of ‘uplifting the human spirit’.”

In anticipation of her retirement, Dr. Flanagan has selected Dr. Saint Jean to continue her practice at the same familiar location at 4940 Central Avenue. This event will also officially introduce Dr. Saint Jean as her successor. Dr. Saint Jean has been working with Dr. Flanagan since 2018. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and his Doctor of Optometry from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Saint Jean speaks both Spanish and Creole and is a specialist in dry eye treatments and Neurolens. He has renamed the practice Eyes On Central which is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and one Saturday each month.

According to Dr. Flanagan, “Dr. Saint Jean’s patient-centered clinical skills have been well demonstrated over the past five years we have worked together. I am confident that my patients and our community will continue to experience quality eye care as I transition out of the practice.”

“I’m honored to be entrusted with Dr. Flanagan’s outstanding practice and wonderful patients,” Dr. Saint Jean commented. “I have learned so much working with her and am looking forward to carrying on her legacy of personalized patient care.”

Eyes On Central is a full-service optical center providing routine and medical eye exams, dry eye treatments and Neurolens solutions. Its newly remodeled optical center boasts over 800 quality, name-brand eyeglass frames. Using cutting edge optical equipment, the Eyes on Central team focuses on maximizing your visual health with style.

Contact Information: Vicki L. Foster, 727-321-6600

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More Retirement and Wealth Management Information is Now Available on

 Under the direction of John Blanchard, the retirement and financial planning firm Matthew James Tax & Wealth Management has released a much improved website to help clients and self-directed researchers learn more about retirement planning, wealth management, and tax strategy. Their new website can be found at

Founded in 2018, the firm was originally named The Matthew James Financial Group. Since then the company has rebranded to more directly reflect the focus of their expertise, and is now named The Matthew James Tax and Wealth Management. The firm was originally started when one financial planner took advantage of Blanchard’s parents and it spurred John to learn more about the industry and how to truly help people with retirement. One of Blanchard’s most frequent sayings is “Not all dollars are taxed the same,” and the new website is part of the effort to educate people in having the best retirement strategy possible. Features of the new website allows visitors to read up on the major topics that retirees and pre-retirees face, as well as help them discover their tolerance to risk and investing.

Under the direction of their in-house marketing team with Brian Leleux and Annalee Penny, the firm has an aggressive agenda planned to build out informational websites to really help people retire smart. This new website is just the first of many efforts. The company also has efforts planned that include a podcast, a blog, and at least two other highly focused websites centered around other topics that retirees are concerned with. John Blanchard already publishes a weekly radio show based out of Lafayette, Louisiana called The Retirement Roux with John Blanchard and can be found on Spotify, TuneIn, and heard weekly on KPEL 96.5.

Matthew James Tax and Wealth Management can be reached at 337-366-8366. Their home office is located at 1011 Coolidge Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70503.

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Retirement Plan Advisors Announces Participant Advice Solutions

 Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC (RPA) is expanding PortfolioPlus, its proprietary participant managed account solution, to include recordkeeper Advisor Managed Account (AMA) platforms. This expansion will bring customized investment advice solutions to even more public sector deferred compensation / defined contribution plans and their employees.

RPA brings decades of portfolio construction and public sector expertise to its PortfolioPlus AMA program. The ultimate goal is to help public sector employees replace – for life – the income they made while working.

A managed account program provides customized investment solutions to retirement plan participants. As a person approaches retirement, their unique circumstances meaningfully impact their optimal investment strategy and allocation. Further, public sector employees frequently participate in defined benefit programs, fundamentally changing their retirement outlook. PortfolioPlus, designed specifically for public sector employees, incorporates these factors.

Per RPA President Josh Schwartz: “Financial markets are volatile and uncertain, and behavioral science demonstrates that investors don’t manage their assets well on their own. Moreover, while target date funds are great for younger employees – who should invest largely in equities and ride the ups and downs – as plan participants near retirement age, custom solutions often are better.”

“We intend to launch AMA programs on two recordkeeper platforms in March 2022, and with several others by year end, bringing needed independent advice solutions to working Americans.”

About Retirement Plan Advisors (RPA)

RPA is an independent federally registered investment adviser specializing in providing customized investment solutions to public sector retirement plans, helping their employees retire better. The firm has been providing managed account solutions since 2005, and provides plan and participant investment advisory and fiduciary services to employers of all sizes. Today RPA proudly serves more than 520 public sector employers with 71,000+ participants and $6 billion in assets under advisement.

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Retirement Planning Offices of Glenn A. Neasham is open for business in Aberdeen,Southern Pines area

Glenn A. Neasham “The Safe Money Guy” is again open for business in the Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and Pinehurst area. Learn how to get guaranteed lifetime income, tax deferral, market linked returns with NO downside risk, or protecting your legacy.



ABERDEEN, N.C.Sept. 9, 2021PRLog — The “Safe Money Guy” Glenn Neasham teams up with Triumph Marketing, a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) based in Denver, Colorado and working with independent insurance agents and advisors since 2003. Triumph has been in Glenn’s corner since its inception and is very much looking forward to helping Glenn serve his pre and post retiree clients in North Carolina. Triumph’s philosophy revolves around 3 main principals when it comes to serving retirees: 1. Safety First, 2. Reasonable Rates of Return (RRR) and 3. Keep It Super Simple (KISS). Neasham agrees. As a result, his clients often call him the “Safe Money Guy.” Neasham is a veteran of the United States Navy, serving on active duty from 1978-81 and as a reservist from 1982-84. Neasham and Triumph Marketing will work together to provide clients with retirement strategies focused on guarantees, asset protection and income. At Triumph, we help retirees address concerns about outliving income, avoiding market volatility, and getting more out of Social Security benefits, and guaranteeing you an income you can never outlive. Neasham agrees. Contact Glenn for details. (910) 916-5230 (707) 367-5003

The ALL Season Portfolio

‘Protect the nest, invest the rest’

Intended to provide you with regular monthly income. We structure these plans following the simple fact that monthly bills require monthly income. We want to first build a foundation of income for you, a “private pension,”  so that  you are then free to invest the rest of your assets. Or, as we like to say, “Protect the nest, invest the rest.”

The private pension provides for monthly living expenses, (Paychecks). Your stock market account is designed for taxes, inflation and infrequent purchases, (Playchecks). For your private pension, we use fixed indexed annuities instead of bonds or dividend-paying stocks for the many following reasons:

Dividend stocks may reduce or discontinue paying the dividends when the economy falters. You are likely to still need income so the lower income would reduce your standard of living.

  • Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) are very secure in protecting your principal, gains and income from loss
  • The investment risk in FIAs is fully born by the issuing insurance company, not the owner  of the annuity (which is why you don’t sign a prospectus which says you can lose your shirt)
  • FIAs protect growth while providing monthly income, an unbeatable combination
  • Why buy bonds naked in the marketplace when you can let insurance companies buy them and place the strength of that company between you and the bonds for your protection?
  • FIAs work on autopilot without a need to buy or sell anything once they are in place
  • FIAs offer 4%-plus withdrawal rates, including appreciation in the market through linkage to indices such as the S&P 500

“Retirement Straight Talk: Stories and Wisdom from Educators” – Into Life’s New Chapter

Life after retirement should be something to look forward to. However, some people dread the notion of letting go of their positions and trying to adjust to a more relaxed and slow-paced life. This proves to be very true, especially for educators. Retirement is not a milestone indicated only by age. Every decision to “hang up the boots” should be preceded by conversations, investigations, and follow-throughs.

As a teacher, mentor, principal, superintendent, adjunct professor, and educational consultant across the country, and a retiree himself, Donald Draayer understands these woes. In his book, “Retirement Straight Talk: Stories and Wisdom from Educators,” he provides a compilation of honest narratives from educators that will help four types of readers:

  • Educators who are about to — or are planning for their retirement.
  • Educators who are well into their retirement.
  • All retirees, regardless of occupation.
  • College and university professors who are teaching/studying stages of life, change, and aging.

Every chapter of the book provides valuable wisdom that will help make the retirement transition as seamless as possible. This is made possible by the contribution of over three hundred educators and their insightful narrative on the realities of retirement. The book provides a streamlined guide that will holistically deal with issues about economic security, housing, relationships, health, continued caring for others, and spiritual well-being.

The balance between technical and practical knowledge in Draayer’s writing style makes the book more conducive to learning. Draayer also infused his own life experiences that will certainly provide a paradigm shift in the way educators perceive retirement.

To quote a line from the book: “For my own retirement, I appreciate powerful reminders: (1) Fresh starts are often a mixture of fantasy and vision as well as anxiety and challenge; (2) The past is like a springboard to what lies ahead; and (3) I am not alone on this journey.”

Live life to the fullest. Grab your copy now!

Buy the book at:

Retirement Straight Talk: Stories and Wisdom from Educators
Author: Donald R. Draayer. Ed. D.
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: May 2021
Book Genre: Self-help, Guide

About the Author:

The long career of Dr. Donald Draayer in public education includes teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. He also served as principal at all three levels and served as school superintendent for a twenty-four-year period. He taught graduate classes at the University of Illinois and University of Minnesota. Most recently, he has been an educational consultant in his own company, Experience PLUS, Inc. He has spoken to hundreds of audiences on behalf of the Search Institute of Minneapolis regarding developmental assets of children. His work and speaking have taken him throughout the United States, Japan, and China.

In 1990, Dr. Draayer was named National Superintendent of the Year and in 1998 was given the Distinguished Service Award by the American Association of School Administrators. The North Central Association presented him with the John Vaughan Excellence in Education Award in 1993; and in his home community, he was named Person of the Year, Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota, and Minnesota Superintendent of the Year.

Dr. Draayer’s wife, Mary Anne, is a retired educator. They have two grown children, three grandchildren, twins are on the way, and live in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis, where they continue to be active in school, community, and church life. The inspiration for this book came from the hundreds of educators across America who enriched his professional and personal life and have shared their retirement journeys with him.