Ari launches Retail POS Solutions exclusively for retail stores

Ari is a premium retail management software that aims to automate and harmonize businesses. It is a product of Web Masters, which is a multinational IT company with branches in UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, and India. Besides retail software products, the IT company also provides Enterprise Solutions from Microsoft, Microsoft Cloud Solutions, and Services.

The increasing power of the consumers in the marketplace has brought numerous changes to the retail industry trends. Moreover, consumer expectations keep on shifting, driving the retailers to make difficult choices. Every retailer focuses on different aspects of consumer convenience, and hence, their unique selling propositions vary from each other.

However, one of the common ways to address changing consumer dynamics is to adopt innovative technology solutions. These solutions bring the efficiency that retailers are looking for and make their business processes faster and accurate. One such solution that revolutionizes the retail industry is the point-of-sale (POS) solution.

Rahul Doshi, Web Masters’ Managing Director, states, “With our Retail POS Solution, we ensure to manage your entire storefront to enable you to make smart and efficient decisions. The intuitive interface and real-time synchronization of the solution with the back-office will make your transactions faster.”

Barcode support of the POS solution makes it easier for retailers to search and add the products while billing the customers. Its feature of RFID support enables automatic stock tracking, thereby assisting in inventory management. It provides the flexibility to customers to make payments through any of the payment methods.

Ari identifies itself with making this solution available for any type of retailer – be it pharmacies, supermarkets, gift shops, furniture stores, jewelry stores, sporting goods, electronics, health and beauty stores, and many others. Whatever business you are in, Ari has the POS solution ready for you based on the customized features you intend to have.

Ari provides the POS solutions in integration with other applications such as MailChimp, Xero, Retail Insight, Business Central, Tally, and QuickBooks, improving its functionality.

You can know more about the integrations on the link:

As Rahul Doshi very rightly sums it up, “Ari Retail POS Solution is a full-fledged software that can address the needs of the ever-growing and ever-changing retail industry with ease.”

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Ari Retail POS Software announces integration with Xero

Web Masters is an IT solutions provider with offices in UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, and India. It provides a multitude of products to help to make the business operations smoother and efficient. Its bag of products includes ERP, CRM, retail solutions, business intelligence, and cloud and productivity solutions. Ari is a full-fledged retail management offering of Web Masters for the retail businesses in various fields such as electronics, jewelry, supermarkets, accessories, fashion, furniture, pharmacy, and many others.

Retail businesses conduct several transactions in a day. These transactions may involve payment through debit or credit cards, cash, credit, gift cards, or any other possible method. Businesses are required to record each of these transactions to update their book of accounts. The manual data entry of each record may result in wrong entries or missing data. Instead, Ari has launched an integrated solution that combines its POS Software and Xero accounting software capabilities.

Ari’s POS System is an interface between the retailer and the customer. It is a multi-store POS with integrated inventory management features, loyalty programs for customers, and a robust reporting feature. Xero is a cloud-based accounting application that enables online invoicing, expense claims, reconciliation, and a real-time view of your financials.

“We enable the retailers to streamline their bookkeeping and accounting transactions by synchronizing their retail data with the accounting software,” says Rahul Doshi, Managing Director of Web Masters. He elaborates further, “The POS-Xero integration automates your processes. It renders accurate data on all the transactions and information about product and customers in no time, thereby facilitating faster and efficient decision making.”

The Xero POS integrated solution facilitates a firm helping hand for all businesses through retail management and accounting management. It covers all financial transactions of retailers with banks, manages the inventory well, and accurately maps customer and vendor data. The Retail POS Software-Xero integration brings flexibility in posting transactions from Ari POS to Xero and brings uniformity to master data management. A free trial version is also available.

Disclaimer: All product and company names, including Xero, are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of Xero and their respective holders. The use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.