To Improve or Not To Improve Your Home for Resale Value in New Jersey

The Most Common Misconception in the NJ Real Estate World is that all Home Improvements will give you the Value Back, Plus More

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Gkre Official Realtor Designations

FORKED RIVER, N.J.Sept. 14, 2023PRLog — When it comes to your home is that all improvements will give you the value back and then some.

This is TOTALLY untrue.

I’ve met with homeowners that believe their home is worth $4,000 more than the others because they just replaced the air conditioner. No, your home is worth exactly as much as the others because it now has a working air conditioner. You’ve simply brought it up to par. Nobody would buy it at all when it wasn’t working and the only reason you replaced it is because it was broken or near broken.

It’s ridiculous to think I would get $6,000 more for my used car because the engine blew up and I spent $6,000 on a new one. No, now it’s worth the same as everyone else’s working car of similar specs.

If you spend $5,500 to put a beautiful deck on the back of your home, of course that increases the marketability and it increases the desirability. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get an additional $5,500 for the home. You won’t in most cases.

To be clear, you may get a little bit more money for the house, but you’ll also be getting your own enjoyment while you are living there.

I recently read a story about an owner that spent $13,000 for a privacy fence in his huge backyard and he was shocked to learn when he sold the next Summer that the home would be MUCH more desirable than the others, but he will only get an additional $5,000 for the home based on the beautiful fenced yard.

When you replace a roof or a hot water tank or any other mechanicals in a home, of course that’s an outstanding improvement. They would choose your home over those that have NOT done that improvement. But the fact is, you didn’t replace it to increase the value. You replaced it because the last one was bad, meaning the home was in ill repair. Yes, the buyers would choose yours, but they wouldn’t pay you dollar for dollar as to what you’ve invested.

On the flip side of that coin, most generally you’ll find that nearly ALL cosmetic or minor repairs will pay back huge dividends and may actually pay you back a multiple of what you’ve invested.

You already know that fresh paint and carpet goes a LONG way in creating more value within the home. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one case where they didn’t get their investment back in terms of price and marketability.

The same is usually true for countertops, window repairs, punch-out items and many other minor issues. That’s why we often recommend a pre-market home inspection so you can knock out any minor issues to avoid scaring off the buyer when they have their inspections done.

Be sure you get with me on any improvements so that you can have a bit of professional advice before you pull the trigger on the project. There are two things to look at. One is resale value and the other is your own enjoyment of those items which is really your main goal to begin with, even if you won’t get your investment back. But remember, there are several things you can do to INCREASE the value and get a multiple of what you’ve invested in repairs or upgrades.

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HUGO BOSS to launch Resale Platform “HUGO BOSS Pre-Loved” as part of commitment to circularity


HUGO BOSS is set to invite customers to buy pre-owned items as they would new, with the launch of a premium resale platform in the third quarter of 2022. HUGO BOSS Pre-Loved will offer a curated assortment of clothing that has been traded in by existing customers. The initiative supports HUGO BOSS’ wide-ranging sustainability efforts as part of its CLAIM 5 strategy.

A simple online process will allow customers to return used items to HUGO BOSS in exchange for credit that can be spent online, on new or pre-owned items, or in store. Once fully quality checked, the pre-owned products will become part of a curated second-hand assortment for sale on HUGO BOSS Pre-Loved, ready to begin a second life in a new wardrobe. The service will initially feature clothing, with accessories planned to be added in the future.

The resale service will be operated by FAUME, a premium provider offering a convenient and seamless online trade-in experience, and will be accessible through the online store. HUGO BOSS Pre-Loved will be launched in France, with the platform planned to expand to Germany, the UK, and the U.S. in 2025. 

Globally, resale is a fast-growing market that reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and already represents a market volume of USD 30-40 billion worldwide. Buying second-hand saves an average of 44% of CO2 emissions when compared to buying new, while the circular nature of the resale business helps to reduce clothing waste. 

Care & repair service and CIRCULAR products to complement resale 

In another step to further extend the lifecycle of its products, HUGO BOSS will launch a care and repair service in selected German stores later this year, with more key markets to follow. The service will cover the repair of suits, jeans, shoes, jersey products, and leather goods, helping to ensure that these items can be enjoyed by consumers even longer.

“The high quality of our products allows them to have several lives, and our entry into the growing resale market is a natural step for us as a company,” says Heiko Schäfer, Chief Operating Officer of HUGO BOSS. “HUGO BOSS Pre-Loved will support our move towards a circular business model, while our repair service will allow customers to wear their favorite pieces for even longer and reduce consumption of scarce resources.” 

The new initiatives move HUGO BOSS closer towards its sustainability ambitions, which include the goal that eight out of ten products are circular by 2030. Extensive circular design trainings have already taken place within the design teams at the company, in order to incorporate the topic at the very first point of product development. 

The HUGO BOSS CIRCULAR Product Policy, which includes detailed guidelines for circular design and the strict criteria for circular products, will be published by the end of April 2022, creating even more transparency around this topic. A CIRCULAR product at HUGO BOSS must meet three requirements: to be made from renewable or recycled materials, fully recyclable, and designed for longevity. 

The company has made a clear commitment to limiting its resource consumption wherever possible, and the strategic goal of an end-to-end circular business model is firmly within its sights.

General image material on HUGO BOSS can be found in the media library.