Jon Langston Is a Week Away from Releasing His Debut Album.


Jon Langstonis just a week away from releasing his debut full-length album, Heart On Ice, out everywhere September 8th.

On my Heart On Ice album, I feel like each song is so different and tells a little bit about my story in each whether its a life song, a heartbreak song, a moving on song, growing, learning, says Jon. And to me, thats what Heart On Ice is, and Im excited for the fans to hear it.

Personal and introspective, 11 of the albums 14 tracks were penned by Langston, with production by Jody Stevens, Brad Wagner and Jacob Rice. Previously released tracks Whiskey Does and Aint No Cowboy are featured onHeart On Ice, along with a guest appearance from Langstons fellow Georgia native Travis Denning on I aint Country.

Jon LangstonsHeart On IceTrack List:

1. Heart On Ice (Nick Columbia, Jordan Gray, Jake Mitchell, Hunter Phelps)

  1. Beer In A Bar(Jon Langston, Sam Carter, Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker)
    3. I aint Country (Feat. Travis Denning) (Jon Langston, Brad Clawson, Jordan Rager, Brad Wagner)*
    4. Whiskey Does(Jon Langston, Jordan Gray, Cole Taylor, Brad Wagner)*
    5. Wheres That Girl(Jessi Alexander, Jordan Gray, Ben Hayslip)
    6. Never Left Me(Josh Dorr, Jordan Gray, Nate Jones)
    7. Dirt Roads & Diamonds(Jon Langston, Brad Clawson, Jordan Rager, Brad Wagner)**
    8. Granddaddys Watch(Jon Langston, Jeb Gipson, Lynn Hutton)
    9. Day In The 90s(Jon Langston, Chris Miller, Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker)
    10. Aint No Cowboy(Jon Langston, Jordan Gray, Brad Wagner)**
    11. Better Off(Jon Langston, Jordan Gray, Nate Jones)*
    12. If You Ever Leave Atlanta(Jon Langston, Brent Anderson, Lynn Hutton)***
    13. Wrong Side Of The Bottle(Jon Langston, Benjy Davis, Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker)***
    14. May Magnolia(Jon Langston, Jordan Fletcher, Austin Nivarel)

Produced by Jody Stevens and Brad Wagner
*Produced by Jody Stevens, Jacob Rice and Brad Wagner
**Produced by Jacob Rice and Jody Stevens
***Produced by Jody Stevens

“Releasing the Pain” by Michelle Moreno Will Be Displayed at the LA Times Festival of Books


Michelle Moreno had the privilege of having parents who shared the many stories of God with her and three children. Michelle Moreno’s kids didn’t know anything else when they talked to “grandpa-amigo”, and grandma would sing her worship songs to them. They have gone to be with the LORD, and they are truly missed, but one day we will get to see our loved ones who have gone before us. Michelle Moreno wants to thank all three of her kids, who have been by her side from the beginning of time, seeing her verbally and mentally abused, to now being the woman God has created her to be; to be strong, to love, to forgive, to be kind, to care for others, to help those in need, and to show God’s love to those even undeserving of love, why? Because God loved them first.

Importance of Releasing the Shackles of Restraint for Pharmacy Profession

Dr. Patrick Ojo’s “Pharmacy in Bondage” is an intriguing work that sheds light on one of medicine’s often overlooked areas. The book offers insights into the complicated balancing act performed by pharmacists as they seek to dispense their expertise for the maximum benefit of patients/mankind by drawing on years of personal and professional experience.

This book should be read because it has various hidden gems and significant ideas. Pharmacists are an underappreciated and frequently overlooked component of medicine, although their contribution to the advancement of human health is tremendous. The book covers the entire history of the pharmacy profession, including its rise in popularity, practices, suppression into a forgotten part of medicine, and the challenges pharmacists confront in fully utilizing their knowledge to benefit patients’ health and the healthcare business.

Pharmacy as a branch of medicine is a critical issue when it comes to patients’ life, safety, delivery of optimal health outcomes, and lowering overall healthcare costs. Here’s what the writer had to say about the writing experience and his inspiration to start the project in the first place.

“—We all know that Anesthetics is a branch of medicine but it is an infinitesimal part of pharmacy that is not. The author considered Anesthetics as pharmacy’s baby and it doesn’t sound reasonable to hold parent(s) in bondage while the baby/child is free. — We all know that we have specialists catering to every aspect of our lives including Mouth (Dentists), Eye (Optometrists/Ophthalmologists), Skin (Dermatologists), Electricity (Electrical Engineers), News (Journalists), and others; but the drugs (poisons) we pumped into our body daily have none. This situation has resulted in prescriptive authority being used not only as a medical and political football, played and won by those who know how to dribble and win the game in medicine but throwing pills (medications) at patients like candy bars by some in the medical field. The resultant consequence of this is that the drug problem in our country, the US is the 4th to 6th leading cause of death.

“— 1 out of every 25 courses in school qualifies Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP) with no residence to prescribe drugs and 7 out of 10 courses in school do not qualify clinical pharmacists to do the same thing. Prescriptions written by clinical pharmacists are better than others in the medical field. The first Edition leads to the introduction of the H.R. 5780 Bill – Medicare Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner Services Coverage Act of 2008 in the 110th US Congress. Former Governor of Kansas State/Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Hollywood Book Review, and others have acknowledged “Pharmacy in Bondage” as a progressive book leading pharmacy in the right direction to the final destination. The author took American Medical Association (AMA) and American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS) to court over pharmacy profession’s pathetic condition.”

– read the book for more information.

Pharmacy In Bondage
Written By: Patrick Ojo
Kindle: $5.00
Paperback: $28.50
Hardcopy: $38.99

This educational work is available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & other online book retailers.

About the Author

Patrick Ojo was born and brought up in Benin City, Nigeria. He attended Benin Baptist Model Primary School, Evboneka Grammar School, and Eghosa Grammar School briefly for one year. Migrated to the U.S. in 1988 and graduated from Nova South-eastern University. He worked with the New York City Department of Homeless Services as a caseworker; at the same time, he attended New York City Technical College and Long Island University, College of Pharmacy, Brooklyn, New York.