Hong Kong – Batch recall of Nucala Solution for Injection in Pre-filled Pen 100mg/ml (with photo)

Batch recall of Nucala Solution for Injection in Pre-filled Pen 100mg/ml (with photo)


     The Department of Health (DH) today (July 8) endorsed a licensed drug wholesaler, GlaxoSmithKline Limited (GSK), to recall a batch (batch number: 3K4D) of Nucala Solution for Injection in Pre-filled Pen 100mg/ml (Hong Kong Registration Number: HK-66838) from the market as a precautionary measure due to a potential quality defect of the product.

     The DH received notification from GSK today that a fibre was found in one of the finished products which is a quality defect. After assessment, the overseas manufacturer believes that the defect may be originated from a bulk product batch which may affect a number of finished product batches. As a result, the manufacturer decided to recall all the finished product batches. According to GSK, the batch 3K4D is the only affected batch which has been imported and supplied in Hong Kong. As a precautionary measure, GSK is voluntarily recalling the batch from the market.

     The above product is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of severe asthma. According to GSK, the affected batch has been supplied to Hospital Authority, private hospitals and private doctors.

     GSK has set up a hotline (3189 8765) to handle related enquiries.

     “So far, the DH has not received any adverse reaction reports in connection with the batch of product. The DH will closely monitor the recall,” a spokesman for the DH said.

     ​”Patients who are using the above product should not stop using the medicine, but should seek advice from their healthcare professionals for appropriate arrangement,” the spokesman added.

Newsom Recall Volunteer Joins Candidates Round Table

Gavin Newsom will officially face a recall election sometime this fall. The California Governor had been embroiled in scandal since his infamous night out at the French Laundry Restaurant with lobbyists and deep pocket donors (Source: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/11/18/newsom-lobbyist-dinner-party-437892). That dinner angered his constituency enough to give what was thought to be another failed attempt to recall the career politician more than enough signatures needed to have the petition meet the necessary amount to qualify (Source: https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2020/12/14/governor-newsom-french-laundry/).

Smelling blood and fame in the air, many have jumped at the opportunity to prey on the politically wounded Newsom and promote themselves as a suitable replacement. From reality TV stars to adult film stars, the list of candidates lining up for the recall election reads like the cast of a Hollywood production fitting for the Golden State. Super celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger capitalized on that sentiment in the states first recall election of Gray Davis in 2003, and took the leading role as Governor himself. Many volunteers involved in the recall petitioning for Gavin Newsom fear that’s a possible outcome that’s greatly unwanted.

“People thought Schwarzenegger was going to come in and play hero and save California so when he didn’t that left a bad taste in people’s mouths,” California Governor recall candidate Nickolas Wildstar stated when asked for comment. “As someone that spoke with thousands of people face to face about why they were signing the recall petition I can say without a doubt that ultimately Californians are just sick of oligarchism,” says the candidate. Wildstar introduces himself as a working class family man and the only candidate on the ballot for the recall that played an active role in actually gathering signatures to get Newsom out of office.

Take California Back is an organization that has been involved in the recall effort since early 2019. They’re hosting a virtual round table for the recall candidates that will be held on Tuesday June 29th at 7PM. To RSVP for the event organizers are asking those interested to email info@takeback.org.

For more information on the campaign to elect Nickolas Wildstar visit: Wildstar2022.com

Or contact Campaign Communications Director Michael Plumhoff (410) 596-4938

Hong Kong – Recall of specific lots of Bausch & Lomb Ophtaxia Eye Wash (with photos)

Recall of specific lots of Bausch & Lomb Ophtaxia Eye Wash (with photos)


     The Department of Health (DH) today (May 26) received a notification from manufacturer Bausch & Lomb (Hong Kong) Ltd on its voluntary recall of specific lots of Bausch & Lomb Ophtaxia Eye Wash.

     According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the recall was initiated because conformance to the sterilisation process of some components of the eye wash could not be ensured. The manufacturer has identified the following lots which were imported to Hong Kong:

Affected lot number on carton Affected lot number on bottle
ME4510 ME4425

     According to the manufacturer, approximately 6 000 bottles of the affected product have been distributed to the local market and no serious adverse events have been reported so far.

     “Members of the public who are using the product are advised to check the lot number on the bottle as well as on the carton of the eye wash against the affected lot numbers in the table above,” a spokesman of the DH said.

     If they are using the affected lots, they should discontinue using the product immediately and call the hotline set up by the manufacturer (9749 7803) for enquiries and follow up from 9am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays.

     “Those who have used the product and are feeling unwell or are in doubt should consult healthcare professionals for advice as soon as possible,” the spokesman added.