On World Food Day, Ratan Raajput shares her favourite local cuisine and food destinations in Ranchi

There is so much diversity in Indian cuisines, with each region having its distinctive culinary characteristics and numerous traditional dishes. Culinary diversity is one of India’s most important treasures. On World Food Day, &TV artist, Ratan Raajput, Ushma Devi (Devi Roop) and Santoshi (DhartiRoop) from &TV’s Santoshi MaaSunayeVratKathayein goes on a Ranchi food trail to share her favourite local cuisine and eateries in the city. Says, RatanRaajput,“The local cuisine of Ranchi is influenced by the tribal culture and has an interesting mix of Bengali, Bihari and Mughlai cuisines.The Jharkhandi cuisine often consists of vegetables that are cooked in numerous ways, from curried, fried, to roasted, and boiled. The local dishes comprise of Dhuska, PitthaRugra, Arsa, Aaruki sabzi, MardJhor, ChakorJhol, Sanai ka Phool ka bharta, Moonj Ada, Chhilka, LittiChokha, Mahua Masalaalong with Sattu and Handia(Jhara, Diang,), a type of Rice wine, without which any tribal festive ceremony is incomplete. Ranchi also has some amazingsweet dishes which includes Arsa Roti, a rice dessert called Dumbu, Malpua, Thekua – Prasad during the famous ChhatPuja, Til Barfi, MethaKhazaLobongo Lataand Dudhori. When it comes to the street food, the city offers a lot of variety such as Litti, Singhara or Samosa, Aloo Chop, Baiganee Chop, Vegetable Chop, Pakauri or Pakor, etc. are worth trying. Jhaal- Moori, Golgappas served with aloo- peas fillingsare the local’s favourite. The most popular place for tasting street food is the Food Street at Doranda. It is tempting, delicious and mouth-watering dishes are a big attraction. The food lovers must visit the Main Road, that has a lot of restaurants offering different varieties of food. This World Food Day, all I want to say is that there are a lot of people suffering and sleeping hungry every day. Let us do our bit to share food and feed the hungry.”

So, if you have not tried these local cuisines in Ranchi yet, then you are truly missing something!

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