Clariti Sees Rapid Adoption Among Software Businesses

 CCE Technologies, Inc., a technology startup based in Hackensack, New Jersey, announced that it is seeing an increased adoption of its unique Clariti “Workspaces” as a work hub, especially among software businesses and startups, resulting in reports of significant productivity gains.

Since its introduction of Workspaces, Clariti has seen a growing adoption among software businesses and startup community across the globe. Workspace is an intuitive way to create a work hub by topic, task, or project. Users find it extremely useful to have all their work-related data (emails, chats, calls, calendar event and files) in one simple web app organized in a Workspace. This has made Clariti Workspace the undisputed Work Hub to increase team productivity.

“People use Clariti for everything they do at work. Clariti users can interact with their team using quicker, synchronous communication technologies, like messaging and calls, while resorting to traditional asynchronous ways to connect with the outside world using emails. Users of Clariti can also plan their day with calendar events and store work files securely using Clariti’s built-in cloud storage or third-party integrations. Send emails, chat with coworkers, make calls, schedule calendar events, share documents – all from one app. Clariti categorizes everything by topic into Workspaces. Users see a time savings of up to 60% when working in Clariti Workspaces. In that sense, it gives users an easy way to keep their work organized without any additional effort while guaranteeing teams work 3X faster,” said Vinay Wagle, V.P. Sales & Marketing at CCE Technologies, Inc.

Some of the key benefits of Clariti Workspaces include:

– Reliance on email communication cut by 50%

– Response speed improvement by over 70%

– Reduce time spent searching for information by 40%

– 100% continuity retained with existing email system

Clariti is available to all users for free. All Clariti users can:

– Connect with partners using email (free robust built-in email client)

– Interact internally with messaging and calling (free built-in Clariti Messaging with voice calling & screen-sharing)

– Plan the workday using calendar (free built-in Clariti Calendar)

– Store work documents securely in the cloud (free built-in Clariti cloud drive)

Users can upgrade to cost-effective paid plans to access premium features, including:

– Unlimited team size

– Multiple email accounts

– Unlimited cloud storage

– Unlimited calling time

– Unlimited communication history

– AI-based data organization

– Third-party integrations

Clariti is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing total reliability, 100% uptime and trusted security. It uses 256-bit SHA encryption for both data and communications.

Clariti has received rave reviews from industry analysts and been featured in several leading publications including HostingAdvice, Futurism, Entrepreneur, Computer World, VentureBeat, and PCWorld among others.

About CCE Technologies:

CCE Technologies, Inc. (CCET) is a technology startup based in Hackensack, NJ with a development partner in Chennai, India. With its first workplace productivity app, Clariti (, CCET aims to increase productivity, restore order, and add speed to your work.

Connect with CCET on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Praise for Rapid eLearning Platform Construction from eCom Learning Solutions

 Such diverse organisations as those from the manufacturing and legal sectors, along with charities and even an industry regulator, have all been impressed at the high level of customer service from Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Learning Solutions.

Emma Dickson, a learning technology consultant at eCom, explained, “In recent months, each of these organisations has asked us to put together portfolios of curated eLearning content and make this content available via the eNetLearn learning management system (LMS).

“Typically, from project sign-up to delivery of the content and platform took just three weeks. Each client has been extremely impressed with this rapid construction of the platform and eCom’s competence in completing of the project – as well as being impressed by the eLearning content and the ease of access to this material that learners have.”

In terms of the eLearning content required to satisfy on-going training requirements, common – and popular – themes involve ‘soft’ skills such as communication, team working and diversity, along with compliance-based topics such as GDPR, manual handling and so on, revealed Emma. She added, “Currently, clients in the manufacturing sector seem keen on making available eLearning content covering effective and different communication styles internally and externally, together with basic project management and IT skills – especially relating to proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.”

The number of eLearning programs commissioned under these recent projects, to be contained within the eNetLearn LMS, vary from some 25 to over 100, said Emma. Most of these are simple to source because of eCom’s relationship with OpenSesame, the curated online learning programs specialist – which has over 25,000 eLearning programs in its portfolio – augmenting and enhancing the client’s learning and development offerings to its workforce.

“There’s further added value to this whole process through eCom providing integrations to reduce administration tasks, such as Single Sign On and application programming interface (API) integrations with the client’s human resources (HR) software or customer relationship management system (CRMS),” added Emma.

For further details of eCom’s rapid content curation and platform creation, visit eCom’s website.

eCom creates innovative learning solutions – aimed at increasing learning engagement and driving productivity – to help organisations achieve their goals. With offices in Dunfermline, Scotland, and Athens, Georgia, in the USA, but with customers from around the world, eCom focuses on the delivery, tracking and reporting of workforce learning and development through innovative technologies. Its products and services address a range of workforce management, development and training challenges, including eLearning, online assessment, blended learning, competency management and accreditation.

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The government is aware of and maintains data regarding melting of Himalayan glaciers. Various Indian institutes/universities/organizations (Geological Survey of India (GSI), Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), National Institute of Hydrology (NIH), Space Application Centre (SAC), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) etc.) monitor Himalayan glaciers for various scientific studies including glacier melting and have reported accelerated heterogeneous mass loss in Himalayan glaciers. The mean retreat rate of Hindu Kush Himalayan glaciers is 14.9 ± 15.1 meter/annum (m/a); which varies from 12.7 ± 13.2 m/a in Indus, 15.5 ± 14.4 m/a in Ganga and 20.2 ± 19.7 m/a in Brahmaputra river basins. However, glaciers in the Karakoram region have shown comparatively minor length change (-1.37 ± 22.8 m/a), indicating the stable condition.

The government is aware of the study conducted by the University of Leeds, regarding the rapid melting of Himalayan glaciers, published in Journal Nature Scientific Reports in 2021.

The University of Leeds reconstructed the size and ice surfaces of 14,798 Himalayan glaciers during the Little Ice Age, which was 400-700 years ago. The study concludes that the Himalayan glaciers have lost ice ten times more quickly over the last few decades than on average since the last major glacier expansion. In the last 400 to 700 years, the glaciers have lost around 40 per cent area – shrinking from 28,000 square kilometer (km2) to around 19,600 km2.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) through its autonomous institute NCPOR is monitoring six glaciers in the Chandra basin (2437km2 area) in western Himalaya since 2013.The rate of annual mass balance (melting) ranging from -0.3±0.06 meter water equivalent per year (m w.e.y-1)to -1.13±0.22m w.e.y-1 during 2013-2020. Similarly, a mean thinning of ~50±11 m with a mean annual mass loss of –1.09±​ 0.32 mw.e. a–1 was observed for the Baspa basin during 2000-2011.

GSI has taken up project on melting of glaciers in Beas Basin, South Chenab basin and Chandra Basin in Himachal Pradesh, Shyok and Nubra basin in Ladakh during Field Season 2021-22.

Department of Science and Technology (DST) has supported various R&D projects for studying Himalayan Glaciers under the National Mission for Sustaining Himalayan Ecosystem (NMSHE) and National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change (NMSKCC). The mass balance studies conducted for some Himalayan glaciers by University of Kashmir, Sikkim University, IISc and WIHG, revealed that majority of Himalayan glaciers are melting or retreating at varying rates.

WIHG is monitoring a few glaciers in Uttarakhand, which reveal that the Dokriani Glacier in the Bhagirathi basin is retreating at 15-20 m/a since 1995, whereas Chorabari Glacier in the Mandakini basin is retreating at 9-11 m/a during 2003-2017. WIHG is also monitoring Durung-Drung and Pensilungpa glaciers in Suru basin, Ladakh, which are retreating at 12 m/aand ~ 5.6 m/a, respectively.

NIH has been conducting several studies for the assessment of runoff from melting of glaciers at catchment and basin scales across Himalaya.

Recent publication suggests that at regional scale, mass loss rate varies between − 0.41 ± 0.11 m.w.e.y− 1 in the eastern, − 0.58 ± 0.01 m.w.e.y− 1 in the central, − 0.55 ± 0.37 m.w.e.y−1 in the western Himalaya and − 0.10 ± 0.07 m.w.e.y− 1 in Karakoram region in the last decade.

Melting glaciers have significant impact on water resources of Himalayan rivers due to change in glacier basin hydrology, downstream water budget, impact on hydropower plants due to variation in discharge, flash flood and sedimentation. They also increase in risk related to glacier hazards due to enhanced number and volume of glacier lakes, accelerated flash flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs), impact on agro practices in high Himalayan region etc.

NCPOR has utilized Rs. 11.88 crore during last five years for Himalayan Glacier research. Rs. 15.44 crore has been utilized by DST and Rs. 1.1 crore by GSI during the last five years.

This information was given by the Minister of State (I/C) for M/o Earth Sciences and M/o Science & Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.



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Amidst Rapid Growth, Clairvoyant Launches a Brand-New Website to Help Cater an Improved Experience to Its Audience and Customers

Clairvoyant, an industry-leading Data Science and Engineering company, launched its newly designed website on May 27th, 2021. The new website was built to better communicate, engage and convey the company’s offerings and brand philosophy. Additionally, during the design engineering, great care was taken to improve ease of navigation to enhance user experience.

“We are positioned at the forefront of enabling businesses to unlock the true potential of data and co-create an intelligent future. And it’s crucial for us to make information about us easily available to our existing and prospective customers and partners. Our new website is a sincere effort to convey our vision, mission, values, work culture, and most importantly share our expertise in the field of Digital Transformation using Data Engineering, Cloud Services, and AI/ML,” said Chandra Ambadipudi, CEO at Clairvoyant.

Among the new features, the new site communicates Clairvoyant’s approach to arrive at business solutions using its unique engineering delivery philosophy that differentiates the company from its competitors.

Chandra said, “Do visit our Ethos page to know more about the values and culture we foster to advance our employees’ professional growth. We sincerely welcome your feedback and thoughts on our website.”

Clairvoyant will continue to update its new website content with helpful information, thought leadership, industry news, company announcements, customers’ success stories, employees’ experiences, and much more.

About Clairvoyant:
Clairvoyant is relentlessly committed to helping businesses discover the true potential of their data. With advanced capabilities in data engineering and operationalizing AI, the company enables data-driven organizations to meet actionable decisions. It offers solutions that are highly scalable and built with a focus on design.