PR 24×7 embark 9% growth story during COVID 19

~With 15+ new hiring, 7+ client addition and Zero lay-offs PR 24×7 became one of the PR agency to report growth during the ongoing pandemic~

October 2020; PR 24×7, India’s leading Regional PR agency survived the utmost challenging 2020 with the mantra of “Reimagining branding is the next Normal”.  Since the beginning the year 2020 has been full of mishaps and the novel COVID-19 virus, due to which nothing has fared for most business and has also impacted the economy drastically. Wherein, PR 24×7 in these times became one of the first Public Relations agencies to mark 9% profit from Q1 19-20 vis-à-vis Q1 20-21. PR 24×7 added 15+ new employees, 7+ new clients and managed zero lay-offs during this pandemic.

PR 24×7 is known for its 24×7 working culture across the PR industry and thus we are always available for guidance and consultation 24×7. Time bound delivery is our priority and focus and hence PR 24×7 is never off work. With this mentality and growth policy PR 24X7 has achieved the heights in the past 2 decades and is growing stronger as an agency by the day. During COVID-19 most business along the economy witnessed an unmatched downfall, clients reduced and delayed pay check and alongside multiple challenges however, where on one-hand PR 24×7 managed client retention on the other-hand added more employees for Business growth & development and client strategic planning & consultation.

Commenting on the agencies growth and success Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24×7 said; “It has been a difficult year, but by god’s grace and the hard-work put in by our employees we have been able to achieve these heights. We have not only added employee and clients but we have had 100% client retention with no layoffs. We have built PR 24×7 over the past 21 years and our success stories are narrated by the capacity of clients we have serviced in the past or the once we are currently servicing. Our unmatched presence across the length and breadth of the country is a testimony of the hard-work that our employees put in 24×7.

With strategic planning and thoughtful steps PR 24×7 is making its way and creating a growth story for itself. In the endeavor to achieve the desired results the agency had also introduced additional services benefiting the clients through Media Monitoring, online media traction, coverage in and social media audit with basic PR mandates. Some of the key clients with successful coverage stories during lockdown include brands like: Adani Group, TAFE, Metro Cash & Carry, Glenmark Pharma, Neuberg Diagnostics, AMAZON India, &TV and Sony SAB and many more.

Top 09 reasons to do PR in the current scenario – PR24x7

We are living in a world where every day is filled with several uncertainties. In a spare of a few months, our whole outlook towards the world as well as to our lives have changed. While this change may have given birth to various possibilities and opportunities, it holds the power to shift the dynamics of existing public health and the global economy. The economic crisis has already crushed down some businesses while some are still fighting to survive. At this time, businesses need to hold their ground to stay up float. The need to have effective balanced communication between brands and their public is at peak, and who better than PR can do this job effortlessly? PR industry may have been facing some difficulties due to lockdown and pandemic, but it stills holds the key to a well-established business. Businesses and startups at present need PR more than ever. Let’s find out how PR at present is a necessity considering the existential crisis:

Communications the utmost priority

In the current scenario, media is the key to acquire messages and news whether it is newspapers, portals, channels, or social media. Various news regarding brands and businesses circulates daily. While positive news may give you a boost, the negative news may ruin your reputation amidst the public. Having a PR helps you manage the news that is surrounding your brand in the market and it also ensures two-way communications between your brand and public. In other words, PR helps you connect with your audience.

Maintain your reputation

Having a stellar reputation in the market is an absolute need. It is your reputation that determines the public’s opinion and trust in your brand. It takes years of hard work to build a good reputation, but one wrong move will push you all the way down. Needless to say, it is a very fragile thing and therefore, needs special attention. Public Relations are the most effective way to maintain or build your reputation among your peers and subjects. Through campaigns and activities, PR supports you in increasing your brand awareness and have a clear cut image.

High credibility

Trust plays an important role in determining the success of a brand. It is PR who will support in establishing yourself as a strong and trustworthy brand both in the media and public eyes. Having PR will help your brand with more credibility. Media at present is facing many inconsistencies therefore; it is highly unlikely that prominent media houses will entertain you if you approach them directly. If you want positive media attention, you will need PR to assist you.

PR balance both sides of the equation

PR is not all about disseminating press releases and ensuring good coverage. PR pros have complete knowledge of what the public wants and what your brand needs. Public relations use various PR tactics and strategies to spread your message to the right audience at the right time. Today, people all over the globe are suffering due to COVID 19 pandemic. At this point, your brand needs to work hand in hand with the public. Here’s where PR expertise will come handily. PR pros have the experience to know what people at present are going through and what they need. PR will assist you in planning every launch, announcements, and campaigns at present so that you may continue to hold your place in public eyes.

Accurate content and context

At present, people are going through many emotions including despair, hopelessness, panic, and anxiety. It would do you no good if you put up a formal press release to disseminate in the media. People at present are more likely to gravitate towards insightful and compassionate press releases that will give them a flicker of hope. PR comprises highly skilled content writers who have the proper knowledge and skills to write for blogs, social sites, and newspapers. Today, contents need to be soulful, so much so that, they would have the power to reach the hearts of your audience. You may have a good reputation in the market but if you are unable to appreciate your customer, you will not be their first choice.

Crisis management

The need to have an efficient crisis management team has increased consequently in the last few months. Whether it is a miscommunication between a brand and media or fake news went viral, brands are finding themselves in the middle of bad publicity consequently in the past few months. Having a PR for your brand is a blessing for brands. Not only they have the experience to handle such critical situations, but they also have the efficiency to solve the crisis as early as possible

It is no time for experiments

If you think you can handle your PR at this point, you are wrong. You may have few tricks up your sleeve, but that will do you no good when you will find yourself in an unexpected situation and your reputation is in danger. This is the time to favor experience over experiments. PR pros are the master of techniques. They know how to pitch media, secure coverage, compose press releases, strategize and plan PR campaigns, and ultimately, build your brand awareness. Instead of trying to do them all by you, let PR do its job.

Approach to mass media

PR agencies have a far wider approach to population than anyone else. They have stronger media relations not only with publications but with online portals, electronic channels, bloggers, and social media influencers. There is a considerable increase in the use of digital media in the past few months, so much so that brands are focusing more on social sites for exposure. Connecting with so many media influencers to promote your product is a rather difficult task. Public relations are not bounded to print media only. They have expanded their circle and therefore has strong media relations with other modes of media.

Determining the target audience

One of the features of PR is to determine the target audience for the brand. With all these uncertainties and chaos surrounding us, you will find it is hard to determine the specific target audience you want to focus on. Focusing your efforts where it is not needed, will hamper your time and energy. PR will help you increase your brand’s visibility and outreach. You will need to focus on regional media and prominent publications so that, your news can reach a specific targeted audience. For that purpose, you will require the support of PR.

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Both PR and Advertising play different roles, but the publicity of both is valuable-

Advertising is a paid space, helps a brand to introduce its products and services to the target audience, attract and influence them so that they become customers. Whereas Public Relations is a practice of creative communication. The results of Public relations can be earned through pitching and providing promotional information in the form of Press Release to media.

On the question like which has more reach; Advertising or PR? The founder of, Mr. Atul Malikram says that, if you put an ad in a newspaper or magazine which has 10000 subscribers, you get only 10000 impressions, and many of them forget it soon as it is just an ad. On the other hand, you can send a press release to many newspapers, portals, magazines, radio, blogs, TV stations. Target audiences won’t deny a useful story. They share it with others too if they find it worthy.

You can’t create a buzz with advertising but with PR all you want is to create a buzz. Many Advertisements fail to convince the audience. But the audience never questions a journalist. They appreciate his little words and finds it more worthy and convincing than a full-page advertisement. They often search for a journalist’s reviews about a product or service before buying it. In other words, advertising has less credibility than the news gained by the practice of PR. As the audience knows that advertisements are bought by someone to sell his products and services.

Many businesses have a misconception about advertising and PR. They believe both terms are the same. They feel advertising is not necessary if they resort to PR or vice versa. However, one needs to understand that PR and advertising have a completely different role for one’s business and should know to utilize the best of both worlds.

Fight the crisis with your silence

Everyone faces a crisis at some point in their lives. But what happens when crisis dominates your professional life? At that very moment, you really want to rewind the time because you don’t want to experience those strong and conflicting emotions, tensions and anxiety, but that’s quite impossible. Isn’t it?

How do I protect my brand? Yes, I understand in the digital era where a little spark becomes fire in a very shorter time becomes very tough to handle the crisis. You don’t want your brand to be bad mouthed. You want to shut all of them immediately.  And so, you take some quick action to save your brand reputation. Your impulsiveness makes things more complicated for you and it will take a lot of time to cover that damage, maybe a year or two or your whole life. The mess of your wrong turn makes you more insane this time.

Now are thinking what would you do if you don’t take immediate action? The first and foremost thing is to be calm when the crisis knocks your door, don’t let it fall apart. Sit back and relax, If I am telling you to be relaxed, so I am talking about 100 percent relaxation here, so the chaos doesn’t ruin your inner peace. Because that’s all you need in a crisis.

5 W & H (What, When, Where, Who, Why and How )  will help you to study the case. Make your CMP (crisis management plan) accordingly to minimize the damage. Now it is a time for you to respond to the crisis but before that, it becomes really important to understand the nature of your crisis because it is the only way to mute those loud voices.  I know that communication is key getting through all the crisis. But in some situation, it only becomes noise where silence becomes the loudest voice. So I suggest you use your silence as a more powerful weapon to overcome a crisis.

Atul Malikram, a name well known for his skill sets as a political analyst

In today’s era, politics and its dignity have taken a back seat and are lagging its basic ethics and values. From speeches at personal level to politicians they just do not get tired of sparring at each other. The aura and ethics established by our former Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji are eroding from the temple to that of a democracy. This attitude and behavior had directly or indirectly impacted the code of conduct of today’s generation. If the youth of today are influenced by any politician, then they intend to become blind devotees and in turn they do not analyze any work done by an established and successful leader. On the contrary, a few of this young desired talent just indulge themselves in protests without realizing the real reason, agenda or contradiction.

Today’s youth have no analytical knowledge of politics which is extremely crucial, people involved in politics have to necessarily know the rights and wrong to identically make a difference or sense of impression in running the country’s economy, Generally, it is unusual to find such a political expert in today’s era, however not impossible, it is very important to have a person who is concerned with the affairs of the country as well as the regional people, in order to teach the youth and the nuances of politics.

Mr. Atul Malikram, is one amongst many who not only has an intense understanding of National politics but who also understands regional and ground level politics is a proud founder of India’s one of the largest PR agencies PR24x7, he not only has knowledge of public relations for the past 21 years, but also has a very strong in regional network of people helming from different region, cultures and languages. While being in the business of Public Relations for so many years, he has analyzed and understood the pulse of the market and common citizens as well. He very well understands the expectations of a common man from their political leaders.

With the vision of wisdom in politics and his astonishing experience Mr Atul Malikram is pioneering in the field of Public Relations because of his personal understanding of this field and profession. Explaining his political experience an instance of how he always anticipated Jyotiraditya Scindia’s exit from Congress or any other political activity in the region, Mr Atul Malikram has always analyzed and put forward his opinions. There is no need to explain what effect a public relations expert has on politics. When PM Modi contested the 2014 election, his strategist was public relations expert Prashant Kishore. After that Prashant Kishore also played the role of a chief strategist in Bihar.

The thing to note is that PR24x7 is not only a big name in North India, but is also known for its network grip across the length and breadth of the country. From politics to history or even individual politicians can consult Mr. Atul Malikram for any issues or concerns or basic guidance. He has always opened his wings to welcome youth and guide them over multi-facet aspects of politics and its implications.