Hong Kong – Penalty provision on operation of day procedure centre without licence under Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance to take effect

Penalty provision on operation of day procedure centre without licence under Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance to take effect


     The Department of Health (DH) today (June 28) said that the penalty provision pertaining to the operation of a day procedure centre (DPC) without a licence under the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 633) will take effect on June 30. Starting from that date, it will be an offence to operate a DPC without a licence.


     The Ordinance provides for a new regulatory regime for premises of private healthcare facilities (PHFs) where registered medical practitioners and dentists practise. The Government is implementing the Ordinance in phases according to the risk of the type of PHFs. All hospital licences and the penalty provision on operation of a hospital without a licence have commenced on January 1, 2021. For DPCs, which are premises used for carrying out scheduled medical procedures under the Ordinance without lodging, licence application has commenced in January 2020 and the respective licences have been effective in batches since January 1, 2021.


     After the penalty provision takes effect on June 30, any person operating a DPC without a licence will commit an offence and be liable on conviction to a fine of level 6 ($100,000) and imprisonment for three years. 


     As of June 24, there were 244 licensed DPCs (148 full licences and 96 provisional licences). The DH has established a Private Healthcare Facilities Register (www.directory.orphf.gov.hk/Directory/en/Home/Home), which lists out information of the PHFs with DPC licence in force for public inspection.


     For more information, please refer to the website of the Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities of the DH (www.orphf.gov.hk/en).

Provision for Online Mutation in Property Tax Registers in Cantonments

As a step towards facilitating ease of living, over 2.18 lakh property tax payers living in cantonment areas would be able to apply online for Mutation in property tax register under eChhawani Portal (https://echhawani.gov.in). The property owners are required to apply online on eChhawani Portal for mutation in property tax register along with required documents and payment of applicable fees. In case, any deficiency is noticed in the application/documents, it will be sent back to the citizen online, for rectification. Else, a Certificate will be issued to the property owner online conveying the mutation in the property tax register.

The facility for Online Mutation in Property Tax registers will reduce interface between the property owner and the Cantonment Board officials and thus promote greater transparency. The process will also avoid hardship, delays and reduce compliance thus promoting “Ease of living” in Cantonments. 

The details of over 2.18 lakh property tax payers covering more than 20 lakh residents across 62 Cantonments are uploaded in the eChhawani portal.  Cantonments Board keeps track of ownership changes in the property tax registers arising due to transfer of property by way of sale, gift, family settlements, will, inheritance etc. As and when a transfer in ownership of property occurs the transferee is required to give notice of such transfer to the Chief Executive Officer who is required to record such transfer/ devolution in the assessment list as well as tax register of the Board under Section 81 of the Cantonments Act, 2006.

eChhawani is a citizen centric project of Directorate General of Defence Estates, Ministry of Defence. Under this initiative, Cantonment Boards provide online citizen services to more than 20 lakh residents across 62 Cantonments in the country. The unified portal provides access to civic services along with all relevant information in a simple, easy to understand and effective manner.



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