ERP Software Provider in UAE TrueBays IT Software Trading LLC Launched the Updated Version of StackFX ERP

 TrueBays IT Software Trading LLC is a fast-growing Dubai-based ERP and business software solutions provider specialized in providing software applications for small to large level companies. Truebays focus on providing customized software’s like ERP Software Dubai, HR and Payroll software, Accounting software, POS software retails and restaurants, Inventory management software, etc. in UAE. Truebays started their business in UAE in the year 2007.

Initially when they started Truebays focused on only accounting module, after understanding the requirements from the customers. Truebays has created an all-in ERP software with all the business management modules. Today businesses need advanced systems to manage all their activities. Truebays provides systematic real time solution for managing all department functions in one complete ERP Software solution. Truebays has customized software solutions that cater to the requirements of all industries.

SatckFX ERP is a very user friendly, cloud-based ERP system in UAE. StackFX helps to fully automate the business process and have a better overview of the business. StackFX ERP offers modules like CRM, accounts, sales, purchases, inventory, order management, human resources management, and more in one software. StackFX ERP is suitable for different industries like trading, manufacturing, contracting and service industries.

Truebays has team of domain experts to do all kinds of development on the product based on customer requirements. Their R & D, support team are locally available in UAE.

With the help of domain experts from software industry has helped Truebays to launch an updated version of StackFX ERP. Very soon, Truebays hopes to launch more products.

TrueBays IT Software Trading LLC

Sireesha Manepalli

+971 563838329

Office 111B, Ibn Battuta Gate Offices, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai



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NFT API Provider Idexo Completes Its Stable Coin Distribution of Innovative Program

Recently, Idexo, the leading NFT API provider, has completed its stable coin distribution of the innovative program. Idexo has simplified the complexity with the integration of NFT related features. It applies an API and architecture that hide the complexity and present an easy-to-use, low-code interface and a compute credit.

With NFT becoming a growing digital asset, idexo, an NFT API provider, has greatly simplified the process of integrating NFTs into applications, games, and marketing campaigns.

Recently, Idexo NFT API provider has launched its general staking pool earlier this month covering all current products, services and integrations and has now released its first USDT rewards to eligible stakers. The total distribution was $5000 USDT and the average staker received a $80.65 USDT reward. Available rewards can be viewed and claimed easily in the idexo app.

Unlike typical staking programs, idexo’s program involves staking its native token and receiving a different reward token, in this case USDT.

This simplified experience for any blockchain comprises kits for software or community development. Software development is reduced to one line of code to integrate NFTs into any app with access features of multiple blockchains.

The innovative staking model enables users of its community token, the Idexo (IDO) Token, to stake it in different types of pools that guide the direction of the product and project roadmap. In return, they receive NFTs that ‘prove their stake’ and these NFTS can be used for voting, special access and free and discounted products. People who stake also receive rewards in the form of USDT based on the size of their stake, taken from USDT that is deposited in the pools when the project generates fees from its products.

“Idexo’s general and directional staking programs provide a way for community members to prove their stake and give their vote weight in helping to guide the project. It’s an unprecedented level of transparency and communication in decision-making between a project and its stakeholders.” Says Greg Marlin, CEO and CTO of Idexo.

While key details of the staking programs are available in the idexo Whitepaper, idexo has simplified it further by recently making available a blog post entitled, “10 Reasons to Stake $IDO and How To Do It,” available on their website.

The $IDO token provides mechanisms to incentivize the ongoing core team and community development of the roadmap, with easy-to-understand documentation. Idexo is to offer rewards on in $USDT and $IDO on the following basis:

The general stake pool covers all products, services and integrations that were currently available at the time of the launch and generally added (i.e. not part of a specific direction for which a directional staking pool is created). 80% of those fees generated by the project are added as USDT into the pool, and added as reward claims on the following basis:

– 25% of all fees that flow into the pool in a month will be distributed at the end of the month to all stakers that staked for the entire month.
– 50% of all fees that flow into the pool in a quarter (i.e., three consecutive months) are distributed at the end of the quarter to all stakers that staked for the entire quarter.
– 25% of all fees that flow into the pool in a year (i.e. 12 consecutive months) are distributed at the end of the year to all stakers that staked for the entire year.

These fees flow in as and are distributed as USDT or chain equivalent (should the staking pool be on a different chain such as BSC, then this might be BUSD instead).

In addition to the primary reward token of $USDT, idexo offers a guaranteed $IDO reward to the first 5M of $IDO staked, on the following basis:

– 25% of any amount staked for 6 months from initial stake date
– 32.5% of any amount staked for 9 months form initial stake date
– 40% of any amount staked for 12 months from initial stake date

More information is available at

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