Live Webinar by Pronix Inc: “Automate App Deployments Using Azure Kubernetes and DevOps” April 15, 2022

 As customers address larger, more sophisticated forms of cloud adoption, their journey to the cloud becomes more complex.

This webinar series combines technical and non-technical considerations required to automate apps using Kubernetes and devops.

Best practices will be discussed in order to help accelerate the journey into Kubernetes and devops frameworks.

Live Webinar by Pronix Inc – Automate App Deployments Using Azure Kubernetes and DevOps Webinar

Pronix certified professionals will help companies better understand many topics in this live webinar:


Introduction to the modern application platform

Quick Overview about Kubernetes

Quick Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

End-to-End CI/CD for Kubernetes on Azure


Create Azure DevOps project with a sample web app

Configure Azure Release Pipelines to deploy DB and docker image to AKS

Run the build and release pipelines and examine the web app

Navigate to Kubernetes web dashboard for Kubernetes clusters

This webinar is only for:

IT Managers, Software Developers, DevOps and Cloud Inftrastructure Support.

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