Healthcare services provider DrNewMed recently started technology-driven new age Primary Care services and will be rolling out in multiple states in the United States.

DrNewMed Health & Wellness, a Scottsdale-based Healthcare services provider, recently launched affordable primary care services in Arizona. The primary care services focus on the overall wellbeing of patients with quality care and timely medical intervention to improve their health conditions.

Through a powerful combination of highly qualified Doctors and technology-driven platform, DrNewMed offers a full range of primary care services. These include preventive care such as routine screening exams for earlier detection of diseases, treatment of minor injuries and managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

“When patients suffer from chronic illnesses they need a lifestyle change to help manage their illness. The Primary Care at DrNewMed focuses on wellness and prevention,” said Dr. M. Bud Lateef, MD, Co-Founder and CEO at DrNewMed.

Dr. Lateef also added, “Our highly qualified Doctors help diagnose your illness and provide treatment to reduce its severity. This prevents further health complications, thereby improving the quality of your life. Our Providers will get to know your health history, concerns, and wellness goals to ensure you get high quality treatment.”

About DrNewMed Health & Wellness
DrNewMed’s objective is to treat the root of the condition rather than just treat the patient and make America more healthy. With expert medical services, DrNewMed is led by a team of highly experienced and skilled Doctors.

They harness the power of technology to create personalized treatment plans for patients and guide them towards better health with compassion. With over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare domain, the team practices medicine the way it should be practiced, focusing on wellness and prevention.

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