Pinnacle Wildlife Control Identifies Squirrel Dangers to Homes, Properties and Health in Westchester County, NY

 Squirrels are a common sight in Westchester County, NY, but they can cause significant damage to homes and properties. As the weather begins to warm up and squirrels become more active, residents need to be aware of the potential risks and take measures to protect their homes.

Squirrels are known to chew on wood, wiring, and other materials in homes, which can lead to costly repairs. They can also damage gardens, lawns, and bird feeders while searching for food. Squirrels can even cause power outages by chewing on electrical wires.

In addition to physical damage, squirrels can also create significant health hazards. Their droppings can carry dangerous bacteria and parasites that can cause serious illnesses, such as salmonella and leptospirosis.

To prevent damage from squirrels, it is important to seal all possible entry points to your home, such as gaps in roofs or siding, and to keep all food sources out of reach. It is also recommended to trim tree branches away from your home to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your roof.

Residents of Westchester County are urged to take these precautions to protect their homes and families from the potential dangers of squirrels. For more information on squirrel control and removal, please contact the professionals at

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