Thomas Pandola’s “Big Fires Start Small” Will Be Displayed at the 2023 San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books

The author educates Californians about what more can be done to fight wildfires.

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Should be required reading for every fire service leader and elected official in California. Mike Nichols, Amazon Customer

Thomas Pandolas educational book called Big Fires Start Small: The Case for a Paradigm Shift in Californias Response to Todays Wildfire Crisis will be exhibited by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books. The book festival will be presented by the University of San Diego at 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA, on August 19, 2023.

The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books is annually hosted by the University of San Diego. In this book festival, festival-goers take part in writing and art workshops, live entertainment, author panel sessions, storytelling, and other exciting events.

By connecting the right dots to the problem, Big Fires Start Small shares results-oriented solutions that can prevent most catastrophic wildfires. It is directed at people living in California because the state is so prone to wildfires that cause havoc to forests, brush lands, and nearby communities.

Thomas Pandola aims to equip Californians with the knowledge to prevent, mitigate, and suppress a wildfire before it becomes a disaster. He provides a scientific explanation of wildfires and the dangers of the smoke caused by them. He educates Californians about the changes that could and should be made to fight wildfires before they become more dangerous and uncontrollable.

The author also urges the citizens and wildfire policymakers alike to adopt a paradigm shift with the main objective of having resources available to attack all wildfires within twenty minutes. His wildfire research and experience assures him that, We are not helpless in solving the wildfire crisis in California.

Readers can get a copy of Thomas Pandolas Big Fires Start Small: The Case for a Paradigm Shift in Californias Response to Todays Wildlife Crisis on Amazon and Barnes & Noble., or wherever they buy their books online.

Authors Biography

Thomas Pandola holds a BS in fire protection administration and technology. He served with the Los Angeles City Fire Department for 25 years, where he held leadership positions of captain, battalion chief, and commander of air operations. Pandola was also a regional director for CALSTAR, a nonprofit air ambulance company, where he gained insight into the workings of the current wildfire paradigm outside of Los Angeles. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he currently resides in Northern California with his wife. His grown children and grandchildren motivate him to try to leave the world a better place to live.

Big Fires Start Small: The Case for a Paradigm Shift in Californias Response to Today s Wildfire Crisis
Author| Thomas Pandola
Genre| Part Scientific, part memoir, part call to action to the wildfire crisis
Publisher| Palmetto Publishing
Published Date| 2022