My Journey to Home Ownership



INKSTER, Mich.Sept. 20, 2022PRLogKristen Milefchik, Vaccine Advocate, of the Disability Rights Michigan, beams with joy after teaming up with 5th Third Bank to close on her first home.

I talked to other loan officers previously, but I wasn’t sure I was getting the best deal. When I went to the homeowner’s seminar, it was informative and talked a lot about the process, finding a home, the home inspection, and finding the real estate agent and getting the appraisal done, and how to do your budget to make sure you can afford the payments.

I just really thought that the presenter, Samual Blue, from 5th Third Bank, seemed like somebody would be a good person to work with on finding a home and getting a loan.  He seemed trustworthy and really interested in helping people.  That it was more than a job thing, it was more of a personal interest to him to help me.  He ended up being my loan officer.  He looked for down payment assistance programs that I would qualify for, and I also got a real estate agent.  It really takes a team to walk you through everything especially if you have a lot of questions, like I did.  He would always answer my questions and this team were advocates for me.  Sam Blue III, CRA Specialist | MLO,, Fifth Third Bank  | 27255 Lahser  |  Southfiled, MI 48034, Direct: 248.353.4931 |  Fax: 844.795.8083 | NMLS #2060370

I wasn’t able to save up using a regular savings account because I have to put my savings into a Mi-Able account.  The MI-Able account for disabled people, is managed by 5th Third Bank so when it came time to write the check from closing so I just transferred the money from my MI-ABLE account ( into my checking account.  I can use the Mi-Able account to save up for the expenses.  There are a lot of things that you have to work on before you go apply for a loan.  I had great credit but wanted to work on it.  I used the budget worksheet and called Sam numerous of times to ask him questions about the appraisal or he also was looking for any and all down payment assistance programs.  I did get a down payment assistance through 5th Third Bank.

I closed on the house in August of 2022 and I reached out to Samual Blue in April of 2022.  I received an automatic email of listings from my real estate agent because I could ask to see the house and it is a must faster process than going through online.  My real estate agent is Stacy Ramsay ABR, GRI, SFC, Real Estate Professional, RE/MAX Leading Edge, 734-323-9000,