Opt-i Raising Funds for Goal Focus, an App That Will Help to Set Goals & Focus on Them

 Startup company Opt-i LLC has announced that it is raising funds through a reward based crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to complete & launch its flagship app, Goal Focus. The company is planning to raise around $50000 through the campaign.

The company says that the App will be launched in both the App Store and the Google Play store and it will be useful for all the mobile users irrespective of their age, profession or gender. Goal focus app will help people to set goals, focus on them & achieve them. Goals can be anything related to health & fitness, hobbies, business, self development or day to day activities.

Backers are offered membership gift packs from $50 to $250 at a discount of 65% to 80% and exclusive campaign only lifetime memberships at $25 and advertisement slots on which companies can promote their product or company or brand for a complete year as rewards.

About Opt-i

Opt-i LLC is a startup company setup in New Mexico with a mission & vision to provide digital products & services to People & Businesses at an economical price.


Name of Media Contact: Leo Opt (business@opt-i.com)

Company Name: Opt-i LLC

Company website: https://www.opt-i.com

Contact Phone Number: +1 956 232 2524

Contact E-mail: Business@opt-i.com

Campaign Page URL: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/goal-focus-app-set-goals-track-your-progress/pr-com/30624469

Opt-i LLC

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