24×7 Newswire turns one; celebrating the success of its journey till date

Indore, September 2020: 24×7 Newswire on its one-year celebration today took the opportunity to highlight the importance of digital optimization and how a brand can re-define their business goals and objectives through digital/social platforms in today’s day and age. 24×7 Newswire is one such digital media startups that has established itself as one of the fastest growing online news platforms in India and have accomplished itself in the world of digital media in this one year.

Renowned for having a strong presence in the regional market with access to wires and 100+ news portals like Outlook, equityBulls, Adgully, Rediff, etc, 24×7 Newswire gives 100% SEO benefits to its clients to help your website rank high. Online media consumption has seen tremendous growth with moving preferences from traditional to digital media. Digital authentication and identification are highly recommended to businesses, especially startups to increase their brand visibility amongst their target audience. Several startups are making headlines by reaching out to the audiences and delivering noteworthy and high-impact news and articles in the current scenario.

Digital Optimization is of utmost importance and priority, as it certifies that the source of information is verified or not. Web verification gives your startup/ business a digital identity which is crucial to its growth and expansion. SEO, Google ranking, verified social media platforms are few tools that help you boost your brand visibility. SEO can be a bit tricky but, if done correctly, you will make a great impact in a short time. Optimization of your page affects your rank very profoundly. The keywords in your title tag are one of the strongest signals relevant to a search engine. Other than that, the length of your content, image optimization, content updates, outbound links, keywords in the URL are some factors relevant to your Google ranking.

Commenting on the one-year success of 24×7 Newswire, Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder of 24×7 Newswire, said, “One-year success of 24×7 Newswire has been of utmost importance to us because when we started the idea was very naïve and challenging for us in terms of acceptance and expectation. But eventually, we realized that with billions of increasing internet subscribers in the world, businesses are focusing majorly on online branding. Naturally, where a customer goes, the brand image follows. There are a lot of options in the market for customers; therefore your startup needs to stand out in the crowd. SEO optimization will help you increase your brand visibility while having verified social platforms will help you prove yourself authentic to engage with your audience.”