NACCE Acquires SkillPointe to Connect Students to Community College Programs and Help Solve the Skills Gap

 NACCE Acquires SkillPointe to Connect Students to Community College Programs for High-Earning Careers.

NACCE and SkillPointe Join Forces to Solve the Skills Gap.

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) announced the acquisition of the SkillPointe technology platform at the Cary Chamber of Commerce office in Cary, North Carolina this morning. Higher education leaders, business executives, and public officials gathered to celebrate the acquisition. Founders of SkillPointe agreed to donate the technology platform, valued at over $6 million, to NACCE, which is a national leader in entrepreneurship education in community colleges.

“Today, 60% of high school grads pursue a traditional four-year degree, but after two years nearly half leave college without any credentials or certifications, often because they started down the wrong career path. At the same time, employers are struggling to fill jobs that require a relatively low investment in training and have tremendous earnings potential. This is the reason that SkillPointe was created and why an alignment with NACCE offers a transformative opportunity for higher education and workforce development,” said Todd Wilson, founder of SkillPointe and advisor to NACCE.

The SkillPointe platform lists over 1,000 community colleges and their 60,000 training programs organized under 80 in-demand career paths that require a low amount of training, connecting students to jobs with high earnings potential.

“Seventy-five percent of the SkillPointe audience has not visited a community college website. SkillPointe drives a new segment of underemployed students to community colleges and offers employers the opportunity to secure skilled workers for unfilled jobs. With over one million users to date and 54 percent of them being ethnically diverse, employers can acquire skilled workers and strengthen their workforce,” said Rebecca Corbin, president & CEO of NACCE.

“The vision of NACCE is equitable access to postsecondary education and prosperity for all. With nearly 400 community colleges in our network nationwide, including 34 of the 58 North Carolina Community Colleges, we believe that the SkillPointe platform will accelerate NACCE’s leadership role in solving the skills gap,” said Chris Whaley, president of Roane State Community College and chair of the NACCE Board of Directors.

Supporting Workforce Efforts
The SkillPointe platform guides visitors through career exploration, training requirements, licensing requirements, scholarship opportunities, and salary information all in one place. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as of August 2023, North Carolina’s labor force participation rate continues to face a worker shortage with only 55 workers for every 100 jobs.

“SkillPointe has achieved great success nationally with well over one million users to date. Its audience is highly diverse, and the platform enhances NACCE’s ability to expand entrepreneurship education in local and regional communities. The SkillPointe platform helps to grow the supply of skilled employees that employers need. The 90-second SkillPointe quiz aligns student interests with the career paths covered on SkillPointe, and many of the pathways can also lead to self-employment,” said Wilson.

So far, over 60,000 national SkillPointe users have been referred to local community college websites to continue exploration of the programs. These referrals must continue to grow since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there will be over 3.3 million job openings annually for the career paths that SkillPointe promotes, especially considering that the referrals convert to enrolled students at a high rate.

Integrated Leadership
Along with acquiring SkillPointe, NACCE added Debbie Poplin, SkillPointe’s former executive director, to the NACCE team as Chief of Staff. Alvin Townley will remain in his role as Executive Director of the SkillPointe Foundation, an affiliated organization that provides scholarships for students pursuing the career paths profiled on SkillPointe. Todd Wilson will continue to serve as an advisor working closely with the NACCE staff.

NACCE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit association of faculty, administrators, presidents, and entrepreneurs focused on igniting entrepreneurship in classrooms, on campuses and in communities. NACCE supports job creation and entrepreneurs in 46 states. NACCE represents nearly 400 colleges and approximately 3.3 million students and has its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Visit for more information.

About SkillPointe
SkillPointe champions skills-based careers by offering a self-assessment tool, career exploration, access to training programs, scholarships, and thousands of listings for well-paying, in-demand jobs. Visitors to SkillPointe will find information about in-demand industries, including business, communications, construction, energy, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing, public service, and transportation. Visit for more information.

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship
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NACCE Announces 2022 Winners of Lifetime Achievement Award

 The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), the nation’s leading organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship through community colleges, has chosen the Fish Family Foundation and the Herb and Maxine Jacobs Foundation to receive NACCE’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes both foundations’ entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to equity, demonstrated through their respective roles in the expansion of the “Learn & Earn” program (L&E) at Bunker Hill Community College(BHCC) in Boston, MA.

The award was announced today during NACCE’s annual conference in Boston, where NACCE celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. NACCE was founded on the campus of Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA in 2002.

About Learn & Earn

BHCC’s Learn and Earn Program promotes equity in the types of internships offered to students, how they are recruited and placed, and which students can participate. In 2017, the Fish Family Foundation approached BHCC to consider expanding the L&E program to non-profits. The program had been successful but was limited in terms of student participation and corporate involvement. The foundation funded a pilot with a commitment to further fund the program based on the results, including sustainable funding from other philanthropic sources.

The Herb and Maxine Jacobs Foundation expressed interest in funding a program that would lead community college graduates to meaningful jobs and careers. Together, these two funders enabled BHCC to establish a program that increases opportunities for all students. With funding secured, the L&E staff expanded and refined its recruitment efforts, changing the model to be more proactive and including personal email outreach to students who took courses with skills aligned to specific jobs. In addition to promoting equity in the types of internships offered and how students are recruited, the program exposes BHCC students to a broad segment of businesses, especially those that could not otherwise afford to pay intern salaries.

“Together, these two funders enabled BHCC to expand opportunities to all students,” said Rebecca Corbin, Ed.D., president and CEO of NACCE. “The inclusion of students and access to education and entrepreneurial pursuits are part of NACCE’s founding principles, and we wholeheartedly embrace and acknowledge the diligence and generosity of both of these prestigious foundations.”

Fish Family Foundation Director of Strategic Initiatives Jennie Segel represented the foundation at the award ceremony.

“The Fish Family Foundation has long been a supporter of the incredible work at Bunker Hill Community College,” said Segel. “We focus our philanthropy on providing opportunities for underserved populations, especially immigrants, who are often left out of the networks and job opportunities of their peers. This program strengthens the sector by introducing enthusiastic students to the critical work done by non-profit organizations. We were lucky to have a partnership with BHCC president Pam Eddinger and others at the college who listened to our ideas and found ways to turn them into meaningful programs.”

Accepting the award on behalf of the Herb and Maxine Jacobs Foundation, was Austin Gilliland, dean of BHCC’s Division of Professional Studies.

“The Jacobs Foundation believes that vigorous innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are key elements in strategies to help historically marginalized community college students succeed in 21st century careers,” said Jill Jacobs, a trustee of the Jacobs Foundation. “Paid internship programs such as Learn & Earn provide irreplaceable learning experiences as well as mentoring and networking for students embarking on their new careers. We are honored to be chosen for this award, but truthfully, we believe the credit should go to President Eddinger and her excellent team who make these programs such a success.”

“On behalf of Bunker Hill Community College, I want to congratulate the Herb and Maxine Jacobs Foundation and the Fish Family Foundation on this well-deserved recognition. We are honored to partner with both foundations to bring high-quality, equitable, and living-wage earning internships to community college students,” said Pam Eddinger, Ph.D. “These foundations recognize that the chance to learn and earn provides a critical boost to our students and employers seeking skilled, motivated, and educated workers.”

“NACCE’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes inventive leadership and dedication to local communities and is presented to individuals and organizations that have played a pivotal role in the community through their support of civic and philanthropic activities,” said Corbin. “This year’s selection of these two foundations is based on the many contributions they have made to students and the local communities served by the college.”


NACCE is an organization of educators, administrators, presidents, and entrepreneurs focused on igniting entrepreneurship in their communities and campuses. NACCE has two main goals: to empower college leaders to approach the business of running a community college with an entrepreneurial mindset and to augment the community college’s role in supporting job creation and entrepreneurs in their local ecosystems. NACCE has over 340 member colleges, representing nearly 2,000 members and approximately 3.3 million students. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter at @NACCE, like us on Facebook, and join our LinkedIn group.

About Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College is the largest community college in Massachusetts, enrolling approximately 18,000 students annually. BHCC has two campuses in Charlestown and Chelsea, and a number of other locations throughout the Greater Boston area. BHCC is one of the most diverse institutions of higher education in Massachusetts. Sixty-five percent of the students are people of color and more than half of BHCC’s students are women. The college also enrolls nearly 600 international students who come from 94 countries and speak more than 75 languages. For more information, visit

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

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