Mystery Adventure of Drug Mobsters vs. Native American Heroes by Tighe Taylor Displayed at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2023

The Hong Kong Book Fair offers a major opportunity for passionate novelists to expand their readership in Asia. And for Tighe Taylor, this is an exciting chance to introduce visitors to some of the books in his own suspense series. One novel, titled The Kidnapping of Isabel Miller, blends action and suspense where a lawyer teams up with a Native American community to save her little girl.

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Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isnt. Mark Twain

Many authors see the Hong Kong Book Fair as a big chance to exhibit and introduce their own work to a wider readership across Asia.

This goes even more so for authors who have passionately worked on an entire series on their own, just like Tighe Taylor. In his case, he was able to exhibit at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2023 one of his books in his Kidnapping suspense series titled The Kidnapping of Isabel Miller.

The book stars Taylor Shaw, a protagonist of his earlier novel but now all grown up doing her own work in upholding justice. Recently, she had just been appointed to the U.S. Attorneys office and soon found herself an advocate for a local Native American tribe.

The tribes nemesis takes the form of Dave Roberts, a greedy food grower who is, in fact, a drug lord in need of control over the tribes water supply to maintain his business costly front. Thanks to Taylor, however, his plans are blindsided, and he sends his goons to kidnap the budding lawyers daughter for ransom.

Desperate to get her little girl and unable to even trust the police, Taylor only has her new friends in the tribe. But as it turns out, the rescue they mount becomes a point of major excitement in the book.

No doubt plenty of visitors to the Hong Kong Book Fair 2023 quite enjoyed reading Tighe Taylors work. To get a copy of The Kidnapping of Isabel Miller, visit Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

The Kidnapping of Isabel Miller
Author | Tighe Taylor
Published date | November 1, 2022
Publisher | Black Cat Publishing
Genre | Crime Fiction

Author Bio
Tighe Taylor is a graduate of Whittier College, School of Law, located in Los Angeles County. Presently, he lives and works in Los Angeles where, in addition to writing, owns and operates a real estate consulting business and law practice. His prior literary works include the book, The Tragic Death of Marina Habe, a true crime account of the most unfortunate kidnapping and murder of Marina Habe, a friend from junior high school, and two crime fiction novels, The Kidnapping of Tammy Fitzgerald and The Kidnapping of Taylor Shaw.

New Mystery Novel ‘Preacher Raises the Dead’ Deals with Real End-of-Life Controversies

LaPuerta Books and Media announces the anticipated March 1 release of Preacher Raises the Dead, the third novel in Gerald Everett Jones’s multiple-award-winning Evan Wycliff Mysteries. The first two books in the series, Preacher Finds a Corpse and Preacher Fakes a Miracle, won Gold and Silver respectively in the 2020 New York City Big Book Awards – grabbing the top two slots in the mystery category that year and besting entries from not only indies but also the Big Five publishing houses. As well, the series has won three other awards to date, including kudos from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs, the Eric Hoffer Awards, and the Independent Press Awards.

When readers meet Evan Wycliff in the first book, he’s a lapsed divinity student from a devoutly Southern Baptist family, but he’s also fascinated by astrophysics. After forsaking both Harvard Divinity School and MIT, he returns to his farm roots in Southern Missouri. When he’s not serving as a guest preacher, he’s using his investigative skills to track down neighbors who have fallen way behind on their auto loans. Bachelor Wycliff lives in a modest trailer, and some evenings he thinks his only friend is Jack Daniels. Although he might not be an agnostic, he’s certainly a fretful believer who has serious doubts.

In these novels, Evan gets involved in criminal plots and intrigues as an amateur sleuth because sometimes he’s the only clever fellow in this small rural town who is willing to help after the authorities have given up.

In Preacher Raises the Dead, Evan reluctantly takes on the role of full-time minister and walks straight into more responsibility and trouble than he can handle. He attends to near-death experience (NDE), late-stage dementia, long-term coma, and consequences of the pandemic. His old nemesis investment banker Stuart Shackleton is back – and claims to be converted. Shackleton’s money sustains a critical-care medical breakthrough, the building of a new church, and a career boost for Evan as a celebrity evangelist. Are these thrilling transformations part of a divine plan, or has Evan sold his soul?

Author Gerald Everett Jones explains how his writing process generates plot twists and surprises: “In writing these mysteries, I’ve surprised myself many times over. It will therefore surprise me if readers find anything in the plots predictable. I resolved at the outset to let my subconscious self do most of the work. And after the stage was set and the characters stepped onto it, many times they told me where they wanted to go and said whatever they wanted to say. I haven’t always worked like this. Years ago, when I wrote mainly technical and business nonfiction for publishing houses, I wrote to strict outlines, and I sought approval from in-house editors if ever I chose to depart from the agreed plan.

“When I set out to write Preacher Raises the Dead, I had the notion of describing both near-death experience and coma. In the beginning, I didn’t know who would be stricken or how those subplots would turn out. Many other plot elements were likewise uncertain right up until the words flowed into the manuscript draft, including questions about some of Evan’s most basic religious beliefs. His philosophy of life is bound to be controversial. The very thought of a practicing minister who is too often an agnostic will raise eyebrows. But do churchpersons have occasional doubts? I don’t doubt it.”

Commenting on Jones’s talent for surprising the reader, novelist John Rachel, author of Blinders Keepers and The Man Who Loved Too Much, writes in his review of Preacher Finds a Corpse: “This is an excellent read from such an engaging storyteller! It really sucked me in. That last page did cause a triple-take, quadruple-take, and whatever comes after, up to about eight. Jones is definitely one of my favorite authors.”

Likely questions from readers about Preacher Raises the Dead might be: “Should churches take views on the pandemic – or on political parties or candidates? Are near-death experiences physical or metaphysical? How do ‘right to die’ laws affect treatment of patients in long-term coma?” And, perhaps most telling of all: “Can an agnostic be a practicing minister?”

Preacher Raises the Dead is available for pre-order now in trade paperback from booksellers worldwide and in Kindle ebook format from Amazon. Book release is set for Tuesday, March 1, 2022.