Japan – NEC launches a new model of the “SX-Aurora TSUBASA” vector supercomputer that more than doubles computing performance and power efficiency

NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) will launch the new “SX-Aurora TSUBASA C401-8” for data centers in an “SX-Aurora TSUBASA” vector supercomputer that offers 2.5 times the computing performance and twice the power efficiency of previous models.

In this product, the number of cores has been increased from the previous 10 cores to 16 cores, and a new L3 cache has been adopted to achieve faster computation performance. In addition, the adoption of state-of-the-art processes has resulted in improved power efficiency.

The new system will be utilized for large-scale scientific computing at Tohoku University’s Science Center (Tohoku University). Tohoku University is scheduled to begin operating the system in August 2023, featuring a total of 4,032 Vector Engines (VE) and a total theoretical computing performance of approximately 21 PFLOPS (Petaflops), making it the world’s highest performance* vector-based supercomputer system.

Tohoku University has already adopted previous versions of the SX Series for a wide variety of applications in various areas, including manufacturing, such as the design of airplanes and power generation turbines, where large-scale numerical fluid simulation plays an important role. Other applications include disaster mitigation simulation, such as the prediction of damage from tsunami or river inundation. This is in addition to simulations useful for daily living, such as risk assessment for heat stroke. Moreover, the university has started to explore the applications of quantum computing with the help of the SX Series, and going forward, Tohoku University will continue to expand contributions to a wide range of research and development.

The German Meteorological Agency “Deutscher Wetterdienst” (DWD) has also evaluated the power efficiency of this system and is scheduled to introduce it in September 2023 for the purpose of augmenting its weather forecasting system.

In recent years, the role of information in society has evolved rapidly, and supercomputers are now being used to help solve social challenges such as the prediction of disasters and changes in energy needs.

As part of this, there is a greater need for a next-generation, energy-efficient computational infrastructure that is capable of analyzing more sophisticated problems and handling large amounts of diverse data.

Against this backdrop, NEC has developed a new power-saving SX-Aurora TSUBASA that incorporates a large number of card-type VEs that combine LSI technologies and high-density packaging technologies, as well as high-efficiency cooling technologies that NEC has cultivated over many years of supercomputer development.

Main features of new system include the following:

1. Enhanced computing performance (2.5 times compared to conventional systems)
The number of cores in the CPU has increased from 10 to 16, while the memory bandwidth has been improved by 1.6 times and the memory capacity has been increased by 2 times when compared to the existing model. In addition, the new L3 caching system, which is highly valued by users, marks the first time that the SX Series has double mounted the Last Level Cache, which contributes to accelerating computing performance by 2.5 times when compared to conventional products.
2. Realization of high power-efficiency (twice as high as conventional models)
In addition to high performance, the new system delivers high power-efficiency that has been doubled when compared to conventional products, making it well-suited for responding to recent power problems among supercomputer systems in data centers.
3. Continued use of traditional SX-Aurora TSUBASA programming assets
This system can run applications used in the existing SX-Aurora TSUBASA as they are. In addition, the programs are automatically optimized to the data center model and can be accelerated simply by compiling Fortran and C/C ++ programs, without the need for special programming.

“Tohoku University Cyberscience Center has been using vector supercomputers since the introduction of ‘SX-1’ in 1986. The current supercomputer ‘AOBA’, which has been in operation since October 2020, is also based on the ‘SX-Aurora TSUBASA’ and has been used by a wide variety of people with consistently high utilization rates. In order to meet this high demand, we have decided to introduce a new generation of SX-Aurora TSUBASA. With this new generation, the Center will continue to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in an even broader and more diverse range of fields,” said Professor Takuo Suganuma, Director of the Center for Cyberscience at Tohoku University.

“In addition to the newly announced ‘SX-Aurora TSUBASA’ data center model, NEC will continue to promote systems suited to customers’ environments, including on-site models, edge models and vector engines. Through these efforts, we aim to expand the use of vector supercomputers and actively contribute to solving issues in society and the marketplace,” said Yasuo Mogaki, Managing Director, Advanced Platform Division, NEC Corporation.

*According to NEC research as of October 7, 2022

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation has established itself as a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies while promoting the brand statement of “Orchestrating a brighter world.” NEC enables businesses and communities to adapt to rapid changes taking place in both society and the market as it provides for the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. For more information, visit NEC at www.nec.com.

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A New Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce: Jewelrykg is the First Business Model of “Selling by Kilograms”

 In recent years, with the gradual improvement of the cross-border e-commerce trade mechanism and the continuous dredging of the international logistics network, the expansion of cross-border e-commerce channels has accelerated, and more and more market players are using this channel to achieve “buy the world and sell the world.” China’s cross-border e-commerce brands are sailing steadily, ushering in a golden age of development.Jewelrykg is launching a new Sales Model: Selling by Kilogram.

JEWELRYKG is led by Jun Sheng Xun, the co-founder of the well-known and leading knowledge payment platform “Thousand Chat” in China, to lead the original team to carry out the brand overseas project and create a unique DTC brand. The company pioneered the business model of “selling by weight” for users in overseas markets.

This brand-new concept of commodity wholesale mode, by integrating the cost and quality advantages of Chinese manufacturing in the field of small and medium-sized commodities, is conducive to reducing the operation and management costs of cross-border trade enterprises, improving the level of cross-border trade facilitation, and helping to make high-quality products more convenient, cost-effective products made in China go out, expand the market, and sell to the world.

According to Liang, the founder of the company, under this new model, the company still has a high-quality quality control process to provide value-added services to the products in stock. The Jewelrykg brand team has a total of more than 500 people. Sort them into ready-to-use units and match them to corporate users at home and abroad. Corporate users can conduct centralized purchases through the brand website. The brand’s unique overseas warehouse can ensure that the corresponding products can be delivered to customers on time and efficiently. In addition, the brand also provides a complete after-sales system and wish gifts.

How do you find us?

Name of Company:UK Holding Company: NEWGLAMOUR CO., LTD (The company was founded in 2019)

Our website: https://www.jewelrykg.com

Offer Identification number: 8GG9UKJ6

Contact :(+44)-776-2372-940

Email: info@jewelrykg.com

If you have any questions about jeelrykg.com, please contact us. We will respond to your email right away.


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Innovative Model Eases Healthcare Employers’ Struggle to Hire Nurse Aides

 HomeChoice Healthcare just added three new Certified Nurse Aides (CNA’s) to their agency with the help of SembraSchool, a new CNA training program that partners with local healthcare employers to up-skill current caregivers into CNA’s in as little as three weeks.

“We are very excited to have our first graduates,” says Matthew Brown, Human Resource Director for HomeChoice Healthcare Group. “Offering our best PCA’s a career ladder that allows them to get certified as CNAs (NA1s) and increase their income has definitely improved retention. And, offering new hires the opportunity to get certified has greatly improved our recruitment efforts.”

Hiring and retaining professional caregivers has been a challenge for years—and the pandemic has only exacerbated this long-standing crisis.

Schaefer O’Neill, President of SembraCare and its related entities including SembraSchool, has been a long-term investor and builder within the home care industry for more than 20 years. Schaefer recalls, “I talked to home care owners nearly every day and the conversations just kept circling back to the same problem, recruiting and retaining professional Nurse Aides. I knew I needed to come up with a progressive plan of action.”

The SembraSchool Nurse Aide Training Program was officially approved by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in November 2021. But, SembraSchool is not like other nurse aide training programs in the area. SembraSchool’s mission is to work directly with healthcare employers to provide students the opportunity to attend the program with tuition assistance and guaranteed job placement. Many of the students are also able to work with their sponsoring agency while attending the program.

“The response has been overwhelming,” reports Kathyrn Bunn, COO, and Director of SembraSchool. “Many of our partners are so eager to get new CNAs on their team, they are footing the entire bill for the tuition in exchange for a commitment to work for a specific period of time.”

Another option for agencies that can’t afford to absorb the cost of tuition is for the employer to pay the tuition upfront and have the student pay it back in small increments out of each paycheck with a commitment to work until the loan is paid off.

SembraSchool offers convenient 3 and 6-week programs that fast-track students toward obtaining their CNA certification quickly—allowing them to get into the community to care for clients ASAP.

· 3 Week Accelerated Program: The 3-week course is an accelerated program ideal for students already working in the health care field. Classes run from 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

· 6 Week Program: The 6-week course is designed with the working student in mind. Classes are just 4 hours a day, with afternoon and evening options available.

About SembraSchool CNA-I Training Program:

SembraSchool offers a Nurse Aide I training program for adult students. This program provides entry-level students with the skills and knowledge required to provide resident care under the general supervision of a registered nurse and to successfully meet the competency requirements for listing on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry. SembraSchool’s mission is to increase the number of Nurse Aide I trained health care professionals in the health care workforce across the state of North Carolina to keep the aging population healthy and safe. For more information on SembraSchool, contact (919) 704-7690, school@sembranet.com, or visit www.sembraschoolCNA.com.

About HomeChoice Healthcare:

HomeChoice Healthcare is a multi-region Group of Providers serving In-Home Care Recipients. The HomeChoice Group is committed to caring for the aging population in North Carolina. Originally founded in 2005, HomeChoice’s mission is based upon the growing need for home care providers whose utmost concern is providing great healthcare. HomeChoice understands that its employees make the company a success. Their employees are compensated higher than the industry average because they believe it helps keep turnover low, allowing a bond to form between Caregivers and their Recipients. For more information on HomeChoice, contact (919) 897-8500, info@HomeChoiceNC.com, or visit www.HomeChoiceNC.com.


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632 Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRSs) already sanctioned out of a target of 740 by the year 2022: SHRI ARJUN MUNDA

Key Highlights:

  • A separate Central Sector Scheme was carved out in 2018 to improve the geographical outreach of Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS)
  • A total of 740 EMRSs (288+ 452) would be sanctioned by 2022 based on provision of suitable land by the States.
  • 632 EMRSs sanctioned till date.
  • 367 EMRSs already functional with 85,232 students.
  • These schools are envisaged to be brought at par with NavodayaVidyalayas.

In order to provide quality education to tribal students in their own environment, a separate Central Sector Scheme was carved out in 2018 to improve the geographical outreach of Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS) to every block with more than 50% ST population and at least 20,000 tribal persons based on Census 2011 data. Based on this criteria, 452 blocks have been identified for establishment of EMRS schools. Prior to 2018, 288 EMRSs were sanctioned under Article 275(1) of the Constitution, where grants are given to States by Ministry of Tribal Affairs. A total of 740 EMRSs (288+ 452) would be sanctioned by 2022 based on provision of suitable land by the States.

As on date, 632 EMRSs have been sanctioned, which include 288 under the old scheme and 344 in the new scheme. There are total 367 functional EMRSs across the country with around 85,232 students currently enrolled. These schools are envisaged to be brought at par with NavodayaVidyalayas. National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS) as an autonomous body under the Ministry has been set up to provide overall support and policy directions to the schools in order to bring uniformity in the administration of the schools. The State/UT EMRS Societies at the State/UT level have been set up for day-to-day management of the schools.

Budget allocation for EMRS scheme during 2020-21 and 2021-22 are Rs.1200.00 cr (RE) and Rs.1418.04 cr (BE) respectively.

This information was given by Minister of Tribal Affairs, Minister of Tribal Affairs

Shri Arjun Munda in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.



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AD ECU and OTA Unit Adopted in New Model Legend Capable of Over-the-Air (OTA) Vehicle Control Software Updating

An AD ECU* capable of updating vehicle control software and an OTA Unit that receives and manages update data, both developed by Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. as “over-the-air (OTA) software update solutions”, have been adopted by the new model Honda Legend, which is equipped with a traffic jam pilot function that achieves Automated Driving Level 3 and was released in March by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The solutions have been realized with the technologies of the Hitachi Group as one-stop solutions that establish a platform from a data center (OTA Center) that sends software updates to the in-vehicle device system.

More and more autonomous driving vehicles and vehicles equipped with driver assistance functions have been released to the market in recent years, and along with such trends, the needs are increasing for technologies that enable real-time updating of the ECU software version and functional upgrades via a network, in order to improve the usability of ECU software upgrades. The new model Legend is equipped with a traffic jam pilot function that achieved Automated Driving Level 3 on highways, and the AD ECU and OTA Unit from Hitachi Astemo support the updating of functions among other things. In addition, wireless (over-the-air) updating of the AD ECU’s vehicle control software is achieved via the OTA Center provided by the Hitachi Group.

In addition to the wireless software update solutions developed at this time, the Hitachi Group will continue to develop and provide equipment and solutions that contribute to the increased adoption of autonomous driving vehicles and connected cars.

By providing advanced mobility solutions that improve safety and comfort as well as enhance environmental protection, Hitachi Astemo will increase social, environmental, and economic value in order to realize a sustainable society, contribute to improved quality of life, and enhance corporate value.

*AD ECU: Autonomous Driving Electronic Control Unit

About Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Astemo is a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. Hitachi Astemo is a technology company that develops, manufactures, sells and services automotive and transportation components, as well as industrial machinery and systems. For more information, visit the company’s website at https://www.hitachiastemo.com/en/.

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