Change Your Mindset Today, Enjoy a More Rewarding Tomorrow

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison.
Shirlonda Evans-McCain had always asked herself why she couldn’t find one book that has all the information needed to learn about multiple life skills. While looking for an answer, she realized it does not exist because she had not written it yet. This realization gave birth to her book, “Mindset Change 101.”
Evans-McCain believes in the importance of life skills. After all, she had used these skills to navigate her career and personal life. As a Certified Personal Life Coach and Grief Recovery Management Specialist, she had become very familiar with the benefits that are brought by a change in a person’s mindset. She understands the inner workings of a person’s psyche and how detrimental it is toward achieving success. Evans-McCain provides a person with the necessary motivation and courage to confront their weakness which usually starts in the mindset. She presents an intuitive and interactive workbook that allows a balance between inputs and outputs. The book also presents a paradigm shift that will allow people of all ages to acquire a more optimistic approach to whatever challenges life throws at them. It inculcates the priceless value of self-confidence and eliminates self-doubt from a reader’s line of thinking. The book is cognitively enriching and a practical manual that everyone can carry forward towards navigating career and personal goals.
On top of being well-written, the book is also fundamentally sound and well-edited. Evans-McCain also set a very motivational tone towards the entire book, and her word choice is laudable. She made it comprehensible for the general readers, making it an easy read and one that’s conducive to learning.
Change your mindset today and gear your future toward a better and rewarding future. Let Evans-McCain guide you in an overhaul of the mindset. Grab a copy of your book now!
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Mindset Change 101
Author: Shirlonda Evans-McCain
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: July 2020
About The Book
Empowering people to believe in themselves and in their natural ability to succeed, is the life work of Shirlonda Evans-McCain. Mrs. Evans-McCain is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Grief Recovery Method Specialist, who holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from Augusta University. Over the course of her career, Mrs. Evans-McCain has taught life skills to thousands of youth. Building upon her success with youth, she began partnerships with her local government agencies to deliver educational life skill workshops to young adults, adults, and parents. Mrs. Evans-McCain has formed her expertise from the lessons of her personal experiences, raising a family, pursuing an education, and setting an example for others, to create “Mindset Change 101.”