Metropolis Coffee Company Poised To Lead The U.S. Coffee Capsule Market

CHICAGOJuly 29, 2022PRLog — Metropolis Coffee Co (Metropolis) – a Chicago headquartered, family-owned business that roasts, packs, and serves ethically-sourced craft coffee around the country – is poised to lead the U.S. coffee capsule market by being the first coffee company to   1produce compostable co-packer pods compatible with Nespresso original in the U.S. The coffee pioneer will be debuting its sustainable capsules in Q4 of this year.

Metropolis has invested more than $1million into its packaging and filling technology, making them the first 2compostable co-packers, compatible with 3Nespresso Original Brewers, in the United States. Through its roasting, grinding, and packing technology, Metropolis can pack up to 300,000 capsules per day, and more than 90 million capsules annually.

“Our goal with this is simple; when you think of capsules, we want you to think of Metropolis,” says Tony Dreyfuss, co-founder and president of Metropolis Coffee Company. “Everything we do at Metropolis is designed to make your coffee experience as simple and as enjoyable as possible, and capsules emulate that exact philosophy. We know we won’t be the first company to introduce capsules to the U.S. in the coming years, but we want to be the first to bring truly sustainable capsules to market so people can consistently enjoy great espresso anytime, anywhere, without growing their ecological footprint. And we want to do so at scale, as real impact and systemic change can only come from scale.”

In partnership with Sonder Holdings Inc (…). (Sonder) – a leading next-generation hospitality company that is redefining the guest experience through technology and design – Metropolis sourced the expertise of Smile Beverage Werks to develop both home compostable and BPI certified packaging for coffee capsules which will accompany all of Sonder’s guest-facing units before the end of the year. In addition to debuting its sustainable capsule technology, Metropolis is furthering its commitment to sustainability and community support by tracing every bag of its coffee back to the farm which the beans came from. Metropolis’ partnership with Sonder will bring Metropolis Coffee to Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and Mexico starting this year.

“There are so many layers to this exciting new venture. Because we’re an accoladed specialty roaster with tremendous capacity, in addition to our own program, we’re also all about helping other specialty coffee companies to bring their own sustainable capsule brand to life – from product development, to roasting and grinding, to custom cartons, everyone has the opportunity to benefit from Metropolis’s sustainable capsule technology,” says Anne Djerai, executive vice president of Metropolis Coffee Company. “Our reputation for quality will help these specialty coffee business owners feel more comfortable consigning us to make their capsules.”

Metropolis’ filling machine is specifically designed for compostable packaging, and Metropolis’ cartoner technology, a machine that manufactures retail boxes, can pack up to ten capsules per box, which is a key differentiator for the company’s packing capabilities, as it gives Metropolis’ coffee partners the ability to customize their packaging from capsule flavor, to branding. By investing in these two pieces of manufacturing technology, Metropolis is well on its way to reach its goal of being the largest and first compostable coffee capsule producer and packager, compatible with Nespresso Original brewers, in the United States.

“A lot of people have asked me, why capsules? And I tell them, if you’ve been to Europe, capsules are everywhere. I even saw a capsule machine at a toll booth! Convenient espresso is a way of life, and the U.S. is about to be hit by the capsule obsession,” says Dreyfuss. “Not only are capsules convenient, but each capsule is perfectly ground, perfectly fresh and perfectly portioned for the ideal shot of espresso. It’s the most convenient, delicious way to get a boost and bring quality espresso into your life. Capsules democratize espresso because you don’t need all the fancy equipment required to make traditional espresso.”

Dreyfuss also emphasizes that capsules provide espresso lovers with a fresher coffee experience, as each capsule is preserved against oxygen, with less than two-percent oxygen, counterintuitively making the pods fresher than whole bean coffee that has only been open for a few hours. “Our capsule shell manufacturing partner, Smile Beverage Werks, P.B.C, is an industry leader and has developed technology that keeps coffee fresh to our exacting standards,” says Dreyfuss.

“Smile Beverage Werks is honored to support Metropolis Coffee with their sustainable coffee pod offerings, by helping bring best-in-class compostable technology to their customers and consumers as a great alternative to coffee pods with limited recycling options,” says Michael Sands, co-founder and CEP of Smile Beverage Werks, P.B.C.

By Q4 of this year, Metropolis will be selling its capsules wholesale, in-store and online in a variety of flavors, including its flagship Redline Espresso Blend. By early 2023, the company plans to have up to 15 product flavors in its capsule portfolio, a capsule subscription program, and a capsule machine partner, so customers have a one-stop-shop experience.

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1 Metropolis Coffee Company does now own, nor created or developed the IP technology of sustainable pods. Metropolis purchases the pods and expertise from Smile Beverage Werks, P.B.C. The compostable packaging is made under license from Smith Beverage Werks, P.B.C.

2  Certified compostable facilities may not exist in your area. To find a composter near you, visit

3 Metropolis Coffee Company is not affiliated with Nestl

é S.A.

About Metropolis Coffee Company

Metropolis Coffee Co is a Chicago-based, family-owned business that sources, roasts and serves ethically grown and traded specialty coffee. Available in over 650 stores, hotels, cafes and restaurants across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, the Metropolis Coffee brand provides wholesale coffee and coffee related equipment and supplies. The company also operates a flagship coffee shop, a factory store, an online retail store and an 18,000sf roasting and packaging facility. Founded by father and son duo, Jeff (father) and Tony (son) Dreyfuss in 2003, the ethos of Metropolis is a supportive community of real people that extends from the hillsides at origin to the coffee lover’s kitchen table. Metropolis partners with many local organizations and vendors to give-back. Local organizations like Aspire Coffeeworks, a not-for-profit organization that packages and sells Metropolis roasted coffee under the Aspire label to help children and adults with disabilities to live independently. Metropolis is the largest roaster of Certified Fair-Trade Coffee in the State of Illinois and is certified organic by the USDA.