One on One Mentorship Initiative by Platinum Mentor at MAARG Startup India

 Shreekant Patil, who earned a platinum badge as a mentor at MAARG Startup India and MeitY has conducted a mentoring programme at his factory facility from June 1 to July 10, 2022, from 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM on a daily basis to 40 businesses to help them grow and create new ventures or startups in recent times. This initiative’s goal is to support new and small enterprises, along with startups.

He conducted one-to-one mentoring with 40 businesses, including MSME, business people, newbies, and startups, around Nashik.

Shreekant Patil listens to their challenges and offers an appropriate solution to address them. He assisted them in developing fresh points of reference, strategies for moving forward, identifying their goals, time management, finding their own direction, identifying inner strength, interests, and numerous other motivating factors. He advised them of the importance of meditation in life.

He motivated fellow mentees by explaining how his tried-and-true methods might be used with cutting-edge technology to help them build their businesses. Digital media is essential nowadays to survive and thrive in the future.

These 40 company owners are members of a famous Nashik business club. He expressed gratitude to the regional leader, Mr. Amol Kasar, for organising this initiative. Just after the mentoring was well over, all mentees expressed satisfaction and acknowledged their happiness and motivation.

A passionate entrepreneur with 28+ years of professional experience (PARENTNashik-Robotic Spot Welding Gun Parts Manufacturer & Exporter in Europe and USA), Chartered Engineer, Shreekant Patil is an official mentor at MAARG Startup India, MeitY (Govt. of India) to help startups and newbies in growing their enterprises.

For the past three years, Shreekant has been mentoring startups and giving seminars to business clubs and colleges. He started this initiative to support businesses and the nation in producing more entrepreneurs in India. He devotes most of his time to mentoring and promoting startups in India with newbies and students.

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Canada – Next Gen Agriculture mentorship program Welcomes New Mentees and Mentors

Today, the Canadian Western Agribition’s (CWA) Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship Program welcomes the newest group of agriculture leaders.

March 22, 2022 – Regina, Saskatchewan – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Today, the Canadian Western Agribition’s (CWA) Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship Program welcomes the newest group of agriculture leaders.

The successful mentees and mentors chosen to participate in this intake are:

Kaitlyn Kitzan, paired with Dale Leftwich
David MacTaggart, paired with William Greuel
Erika Stewart, paired with Mike Sidoryk
Kristin Thompson, paired with Tara Davidson
Brooke Dudley, paired with Alison Weaver
Chelsey Mitchell, paired with Megz Reynolds
Morgan Heidecker, paired with Sheldon Kyle
Rena Leier, paired with Clinton Monchuk

The program matches eight young leaders in the agriculture industry with experienced professionals for an 18-month mentorship where they gain skills and experiences to advance their careers. Mentees gain industry knowledge, board and governance training, business education and networking opportunities that align with their existing skills, interests and desired outcomes.

Established in 2019, the program is entering its fourth cycle. The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan committed $100,000 to support this intake of mentees.

“Young Canadians are the ones who will shape the future of agriculture, and we all benefit from having them learn from seasoned mentors. With the Next Gen Program, our government is supporting knowledge transfer to get the next generation of farmers on the right track toward successful careers.”

– The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“The Next Gen Agriculture Mentorship Program plays an important role in the sustainability of the agriculture sector. Through this mentorship, bright, young leaders can develop the essential skills and tools to advance their careers and, ultimately, advance the industry. Congratulations to the mentees and thank you to the mentors for your guidance.”

– David Marit, Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture 

“CWA remains a proud partner in building the future of agriculture with this program. The quality of the applicants and the dedication of mentors show how truly important and how bright the future of our industry really is.”

– Chris Lees, president, Canadian Western Agribition

Marianne Dandurand

Press Secretary

Office of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food


Jamie Shanks

Ministry of Agriculture

Government of Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan