Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird’s Personal Nutritionist launches the first Health NFT Project

Winning Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird’s personal nutritionist is the most exciting NFT Project of the year.

SEATTLEOct. 23, 2021PRLog

  • A dietitian and nutrigenetics specialist known as “the cheat code” in the WNBA, NWSL and other major professional leagues, launches”AVOTIX” and will release 1000 raffle tickets as NFT’s on November 1st 2021 for a chance to win her services for an entire year.
  • The NFT itself is a simple picture of an avocado, drawn by Ashley herself, and will apply a smart contract onto the back of the NFT.
  • Each NFT represents 1 entry to win a spot on Ashley’s roster, as a full client for 1 year, receiving the exact same personalized nutrition services as the best professional athletes in the world like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird and more.

NFT’s have dominated headlines throughout 2021, with sales in the first quarter topping 2 billion dollars. In March 2021 the artist Beeple sold “The First 5000 Days” a piece of digital art and NFT, for a record 69.3 million dollars. NFT trading activity more than doubled from July to September of 2021 and continues to skyrocket. While artists and gamers continue to dominate the Cryptocurrency and NFT space, the first healthcare provider has thrown her hat into the ring, launching the most unique and personally valuable project of the year. “AVOTIX”.

“I’ve sat back and quietly listened in this space for about 2 years now” said Ashley Besecker, RDN, CD and owner of the AVOTIX NFT Project. “I realized that there aren’t many women in the space. I want to be the first healthcare provider to jump in and help others learn about crypto and NFT’s in a safe and accessible way, all while putting health and longevity at the forefront of the conversation. This won’t just be a one-time raffle, this will be open to anyone, and build a community of 1000 people or more, all putting their health as a major priority.”

“AVOTIX” stands for “Avocado Tickets” a nod to the art that will represent each raffle token, as drawn by Ashley herself. Ashley works with just 15 professional athletes at a time which she calls her “roster”and spots don’t open up for new athletes until another closes out. This makes working with her almost impossible, and accessing her for very difficult.

AVOTIX NFT’s will become available starting November 1st 2021 at Noon PST on and will be set at a price of 0.03 ethereum, which at the moment of this writing, sits around $100 USD. Anyone is eligible to purchase.

“I’m excited and I’ve put aside any fear of failure.” says Ashley. “Somebody always has to be “first” to do anything, which I’m very used to seeing with my athletes… I’m happy to be the first healthcare provider to do this.

AVOTIX will launch November 1st at 12pm PST with a first round of 1000 NFT’s. There will never be more than 2000 NFT’s in the collection, which tells us that Ashley may have some interesting plans to release the other 1000. “I may have something up my sleeve in 2022 for those other 1000 NFT’s” Ashley teased. “Especially for the first people to grab one on Nov 1st, there will definitely be more twists on these avocados coming down the pipeline.”