Russell Marlett Draws Readers Towards the Truth in “Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom”

This book is for everyone who is out to seek the real “one” truth.

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Come and be part of a truth-seeking journey.

Russell Marlett sets out in this courageous undertaking to share a discovery that envelops nearly all religious and spiritual disciplines. Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom depicts the story of a sailor who was given thirty-two life-altering verses by a mysterious presence in a Guatemalan jungle hut.

These verses, laid out in easy-to-read-and-understand eight-line verses with short commentaries, expound on a one basic truth encompassing everyone despite differences in religious background, belief, or life experience. And it is this one truth that anyone and everyone can benefit from to make their lives and others meaningful.

A true author on faith and spirituality, Russell Marlett took on new heights in this book to explore the thirst that consumes a persons soul in the search for meaning and purpose. The book proved to be more than just inspiring it helps to develop in the reader a mindset to be open to limitless possibilities and to use each moment wisely in their desire to understand their existence.

Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom is for those who want and need to know the truth in their journey towards a fulfilled life.

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Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom
Author | Russell Marlett
Published date | February 4, 2022
Publisher | ReadersMagnet
Genre | Motivational/Inspirational

Author Bio

Russell Marlett grew up in a family of Methodists where early religious training was more dogmatic than exploratory. Russells evolution includes being a painfully thin, non-athletic adolescent to a life of adventure in adulthood, towards fully embracing an unquestioning faith that came from the teachings of Christ.

In his studies, Russell discovered research material that led him to become a reader and student of religious thought and opinion, encompassing disciplines other than Christianity. He was a teacher and eventually a lay speaker for his local church. He found a common thread in his studies of various religious and spiritual disciplines. Russell believes that there is only one truth, and it has been discovered and expressed in different terms and forms by other adherents throughout history.

Russell Marlett pens an inspirational and motivational book “Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom”

The book tells the story of a sailor who discovers a treasure that doesn’t come in the form of gold or gems.

San Diego, CA, USA – WEBWIRE

Some treasures come in life-altering verses. 

“Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” (ReadersMagnet; 2022) by Russell Marlett tells about the discovery of thirty-two life-altering verses and their application to daily living. The story is told in the first person by a sailor who received these verses from a mysterious presence in a Guatemalan jungle hut.

The sailor described the mysterious figure as “a person of modest height, clad in a one-piece robe with a cowl that cast an impenetrable shadow over his face.” The mysterious figure gave the sailor the 32 verses that contain life-fulfilling truths. These verses offer the seeker tremendous opportunities for self-reflection and self-assessment. These verses make up the Book of Wisdom, which the mysterious figure said “is never complete” as “it has not been revealed. What more is to be known will be known in its time.”

What do these verses say, and how are they applicable to life? Know about them in Russell Marlett’s “Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom.” Order a copy on Amazon and ReadersMagnet Bookstore.

“Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom”

Author | Russell Marlett

Published date | June 30, 2022

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Book retail price | $7.32 Paperback

Author Bio

Russell Marlett grew up in a small company town in the Gulf Coast area of Texas. Reading was his primary activity as a child and into his teen years. His college career lasted two years, after which he embarked on an exploration of possibilities which included fighting forest fires, driving a truck in the grain harvest, working as a ranch hand, and serving as a paratrooper in the army.

He stumbled into a career in the automotive parts industry, met and married one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and became a suburbanite in the Houston area. As a family man, he took the family to church. He was asked to teach a class, which was his true introduction to an exploration of spirituality. Teaching required research, and research revealed that there is an underlying common truth in nearly all religions and religious philosophies.

He and his wife are now retired, but the exploration of other ideas, as well as those he has held onto for lo these many years, is a never-ending quest.