Can M. Zuckerberg lose his right over domains “” and “” because of new The-face-book website?

A new Face book website will be launched as THE ONE AND ONLY EXCLUSIVE social-network dedicated to colleges and universities’ students
Mark Zuckerberg claims rights over domain name ” The face book ” (with hyphens) belonging to French web-entrepreneur Cyril Delencre and regarding his new soon to be launched university-students’ EXCLUSIVE social network.
A new Face book website will soon be launched as THE EXCLUSIVE social-network dedicated to colleges and universities’ students.
Only problem is: Mark Zuckerberg – via attorney Mr Alexis Meghrouni – is claiming rights over Cyril Delencre’ s domain name telling him that he cannot use such domain ( and must forward it ASAP to Mark Zuckerberg because of trademark infringement.

The French web-entrepreneur replied “there is no infringement here since, as everyone knows, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook website is not at all about colleges and universities’ face-books”. On the contrary Cyril Delencre’ s new website called “The face book” (with hyphens) matches exactly facebook’s dictionary meaning. Furthermore, facebook is not an adjective, it is a noun! Similarly, one cannot use the name “Apple” regarding any products whatsoever EXCEPT apple fruit products. And the real question might become this: if a court of justice allows Cyril Delencre to use his legally purchased and registered domain name “” like it most probably will, then eventually, Cyril Delencre could probably claim the world famous domain names “” and “” from Mark Zuckerberg altogether!!? Not likely one might think at first, but it really isn’t all that simple with Trademark rulings…, this could be a serious issue..!

Only a few privileged student have seen the inside job so far (the features) of this new EXCLUSIVE social-network, all saying: “This is an awesome web-platform”, “while browsing on the website you really feel like you belong to The club”, “It’s sleek, awesome and has new brilliant widgets, I love it!”.
Cyril Delencre says “our website & app are encrypted in a way that students won’t be able to share what’s going on inside the platform with the outside world”.., And this is actually the slogan of the new website: ” what happens in The face book stays in The face book ! “.

The French web-entrepreneur says “people are getting sick and tired of seeing too much junk on the wall of their page, feeling like the “product” of algorithms created by bloodless, money-grubbing freaks, moreover when you realize that you’re also using the exact same website that lowlifes, sick-minded even terrorists are using..”

Consequently, the new “The face book ” has been created for “beautiful people” and by that we mean smart, ethical and hardworking minds whom enjoy playing even harder..” says Cyril Delencre.

Master registrar recognizes the ownership of the domain name “” to Cyril Delencre. Therefore, will this have to be settled in a court of justice yet again for Mark Zuckerberg? We’ll soon find out..

The new “The face book ” SHELL ONLY & preview is available at the following google-sites URL: