Mankind Pharma rewarded Sandhya Marawi with 1 Lakh rupees

Sandhya Marawi is India’s 1st Lady Coolie,  Breaking Stereotypes To Earn For Her Family

Mankind Pharma, the leading pharmaceutical company, known for supporting the ones in need has come forward to support Sandhya Marawi, India’s 1st lady coolie. As a part of the on-going initiative, Mankind Pharma has rewarded Sandhya Marawi with 1 Lakh rupees for breaking the stereotype and supporting her family.

A young mother of three, untimely demise of her husband in 2016, made Sandhya rise to the occasion and take on badge no 36 and become India’s first lady coolie. Undeterred and ready to take on any challenge that came her way, she took the path of being aatmanirbhar and worked day in day out to support the wellbeing of her family to ensure that they had a roof over their heads. Mankind Pharma, true to its philosophy of recognizing the real heroes and saluting the spirit of Atmanirbharta, acknowledged Sandhya’s efforts and humbly awarded her with 1 lakh rupees.

Mr. Rajeev Juneja, CEO of Mankind Pharma said, “ Women like Sandhya are an inspiration for the whole society, they are the true symbol of Aatmanirbharta. Sandhya overlooked her problems bravely without any complains and devoted herself to ensure a better living for her kids, like a brave mother. Personalities and heroes such as Sandhya are the ones who are helping the society move steadily towards a “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”. We at Mankind feel if our humble help can ease her situation in any way, we will be privileged and happy with a sense of contentment of giving back to the society. With our little initiative we urge others as well to come forward and help and support all women who are self-reliant and are diligently working towards sustaining a happy life for their families.

Mankind Pharma, India’s homegrown pharmaceutical company which is amongst the top 4 leading pharmaceutical companies, that has been instrumental in recognizing the real heroes of our society. The company is known for not just making profit but doing CSR activities by lending a helping hand to the ones in need.

In the COVID-19 crisis, Mankind Pharma donated INR 51 crore to the CM Relief Fund of various states last month. In addition to this, all employees of Mankind Pharma have also contributed

one day’s salary to the relief fund. Amidst multiple tales of the struggle for survival in the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, Mankind Pharma has been supporting the communities and

front line workers fighting the virus.