Mankind Pharma rewarded Laungi Bhuiyan with 1 Lakh rupees


Laungi Bhuiyan has carved a 3km Long Canal, benefiting future generations

Mankind Pharma, the leading pharmaceutical company, has taken the initiative to recognize and salute the change makers of our society. With the given current situation of the pandemic, the only learning for all of us has been to move towards a “Self-Reliant India”. In the past as well, Mankind Pharma has been continuously recognizing the efforts of individuals who have relentlessly been working towards an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Driven by the core value of serving life, Mankind Pharma believes in giving back to the nation in times of need.

As a part of the on-going initiative, Mankind Pharma has donated 1 Lakh Rupee to Laungi Bhuiyan who has single-handedly carved a 3-km long canal. Bhuiyan has been working on the canal for the past 30 years to ensure that the rainwater flowing down from nearby hills is directed towards the fields for irrigation purposes in his village, Kothilawa in Lahthua area of Gaya in Bihar.

Commenting on the occasion Mr. Rajeev Juneja, CEO of Mankind Pharma said “I firmly believe that rather than cribbing about a problem, we should look for a solution and this is what Laungi Bhuiyan has done. His 30 year long struggle will benefit a larger number of people in that area, for generations to come. As a token of gratitude, we wanted to applaud and acknowledge his efforts. It is people like Laungi Bhuiyan who truly inspire us and cement our thoughts of our belief in an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. We need more people like him in our society to think about others and have a long-term vision. We as a responsible company, will do anything and everything in our capacity to help these self-sustaining superheroes.

Mankind Pharma is among the top 4 leading pharmaceutical companies in the country and aspires to become the top pharma company in India not just by generating maximum revenue, but also by giving it back to the society via their CSR activities and thereby lending a helping hand to the ones in need.

Mr. Laungi Bhuiyan said, “I have been working day and night for the past 30 years to build the canal, with no support from anyone. It feels great when your efforts are acknowledged and I would like to thank Mankind Pharma for this gesture. I want my next generations to benefit from the hard work I have put in over the years.”

In the COVID-19 crisis, Mankind Pharma donated INR 51 crore to the CM Relief Fund of various states last month. In addition to this, all employees of Mankind Pharma have also contributed one day’s salary to the relief fund. Amidst multiple tales of the struggle for survival in the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, Mankind Pharma has been supporting the communities and frontline workers fighting the deadly virus.