Make your kitchen plastic-free with Glass Storage containers

Keep your kitchen hygienic and stylish with the Klip n Store glass containers by Borosil

Most of us have come to the realisation that plastic is not the best option for the planet or our health. There is a growing demand for more healthy and hygienic options like glass and steel.


Borosil, India’s leading consumer brand have the perfect Klip n Store glass containers for your kitchen storage solution.

Keeping in mind our changing lifestyles, Borosil have designed an entire range of storage containers which are not only convenient to carry, but also ensure that your food or drink stay perfectly safe, pure, and as fresh as possible.


The see-through glass provides full visibility; leak-proof, vacuum-tight lids ensure that smells stay contained, and the stackable lids ensure optimum space utilization. And of course, they are 100% microwavable and 100% freezer poof.


Leak-proof lids make the Klip-n-Store a perfect choice to carry fruits on the go – you can put it in your bag without fear of leakage. Available in 3 shapes- Square, Rectangle and Round, Klip n Store containers have airtight seals that keeps odors out and freshness in.


The containers are available at and priced between Rs 225/- to  Rs 975/-