Elite Online Publishing Announces a New Bestselling Book by Author Carla Spalding MSN/Ed., RN

Author Carla Spalding MSN/Ed., RN Hit #1 International Bestseller
With Her New Book

The Most Hated President, Yet the Most Loved: The Theory of Conservatives vs Liberals and the Hidden Truth Behind It


Author Carla Spalding MSN/Ed., RN achieved #1 International Bestseller with her new book The Most Hate President, Yet The Most Loved: The Theory of Conservatives vs Liberals and the Hidden Truth Behind It.


Author Carla Spalding MSN/Ed., RN joined the ranks of bestselling authors on Amazon with her new book, The Most Hate President, Yet The Most Loved: The Theory of Conservatives vs Liberals and the Hidden Truth Behind It, which was released Tuesday, October 13, 2020, by Amazon.com – the #1 place to buy books.

On the day of release, her book started its upward movement towards bestseller status on Amazon. Elite Online Publishing published and promoted and reached #1 International Bestseller on Amazon in EIGHT categories in THREE countries. Including Rationalism Philosophy, Deconstructionism History & Criticism, Non-US Legal Systems, Public Policy Immigration, and Regional Planning in the US. Deconstructionism History & Criticism in AU. Deconstruction Philosophy Movement, and Rationalism in CA.


Conservatives vs Liberals, a view from both political parties. Why do they either love President Donald Trump or hate him? Why is he such a controversial figure? In this book you will get a unique perspective from a black female, veteran, and registered nurse, running for Congress.

Follow Carla Spalding’s journey as she runs for Congress for Miami-Broward Congressional District 23, Florida. Understand how someone with no political background navigates through the underworld of nasty dirty politics of both parties. See how she became the nominee despite the efforts of one party to undermine and the lack of support from the other. Also, get an insider look at Carla’s prediction of who will win the presidency for 2020. Carla will speak to the future of both parties or the lack thereof. If you truly value democracy and want true change, this is the book for you!

Conservative versus Liberals, a new beginning.  How do we want to live?  The way we are living now? Do we want to continue on the path of destruction that the Democrats are leading us in? Or do we want to return America the way that it used to be and how the President has made it so far?

  • Trump blows up the system as we know it.
  • Regular middle-class people vs the big political machine.
  • Awakening the woke, blacks starting to see the truth.
  • Why aren’t more Caribbean Americans, Republican?
  • Are the American people ready for the truth?
  • Can Black America handle what is behind the political strategies on display?
  • Are you ready for the Vaccine, Carla’s got the Truth Vaccine!!

Think about the following questions: If the Democrats are for the poor, then why, for generations, are they still poor? How have their policies really helped? Carla Spalding is planting a seed of learning to think rationally for self-determination.

Carla doesn’t have all the answers to the future, but she will open your eyes to view different positions.  We don’t always see things in the same manner.   The first thing that must be addressed is the mindset and empowering individuality.  It is important for the voters to wake up and demand more from their representatives, regardless of party.

Are you ready for the truth?



Carla Spalding is a Congressional candidate. She is a first-generation American and single working parent who immigrated to this great country at the age of eighteen from Jamaica. She proudly served as a veteran in the United States Navy. Carla earned a master’s degree, became a college professor, a small business owner, and a Registered Nurse. Carla was recognized as the VA Nurse of the Year in 2013, and has worked as a Rapid Response COVID-19 Nurse.

Carla was the former Council Secretary for the Salvation Army in South Florida.

Her decades of actual real-life experience enables her to understand the complex issues of immigration, family, business, education, healthcare, and security.

She is known to be a strong leader that fights for what is right. She is committed to helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. Carla does not give up and is not afraid, even though there are negative media against her. Carla believes it is our American spirit that allows us to endure any circumstances and prosper. Carla is currently running for Congress in Florida, Miami-Broward Congressional District 23. Her slogan is “She is the cure for congress! People-over-party, uniter-not-divider.”

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