4 Ways to Cope With the Loss of a Loved One

Medford, NY, 13th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Death is an inevitable part of human life—a truth that science and technology cannot grapple with decades into research and advancement. We all have run into the sad instance of death head-on or, in hindsight, but are never the wiser in the extended scheme of grief and loss. Plenty of research proves death is a momentous event that adds to the psychiatric issues of grieving individuals. If left to its devices and the mythical notion of “time heals everything,” grief can manifest anxiety, depression, irregular sleep cycle, and suicidal thoughts.

Susan Young Oskey has a lot to say about grief, loss, and the afterlife in her book, “The Scent of Roses.” She lost her daughter, Brittany, unexpectedly and has tried desperately to reconnect with her in ways humanity deemed impossible.

Here are the four takeaways readers can get from her miraculous journey of self-healing:

  1. Embrace your emotions:Losing a loved one can trigger emotions many have not felt before. The intense feelings of despair and perpetual sadness can only be harnessed when your brain is aware of the irreversible nature of your loss. You can only break out of that damaging headspace by embracing your emotions and accepting your pain.
  2. Don’t run away from the memories: There is no denying that memories are painful reminders of what you have lost. Still, boxing up those memories and pushing them in the basement or donating them to goodwill doesn’t help you move on. You must allow yourself to grieve appropriately by fondly remembering the good times spent with the deceased individual through memorials, memory journals, and photographs.  
  3. Let go of the guilt:If you are holding onto your grief because the opposite means you don’t care, then know that moving on and forgetting are not synonyms. You can be grieving and missing your loved one and still continue to live your life.
  4. Connect with the community:Your grief might push you towards isolation, telling you that you are better off alone, but know that leaning on your friends and family can help you survive the darkest times.

You can learn more about the process of bereavement and the journey of self-healing by reading “The Scent of Roses” by Susan Oskey. The book was released on Amazon and her website in physical and digital formats on 7th October 2022.

If you are curious about the author’s view on the afterlife, connect with her on her website: https://www.thescentofroses.com/

“Leader Most Loved,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (9/30/2022)

United States – WEBWIRE

Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Ashton Underdahl’s new #1 international best-selling book, “Leader Most Loved: Inspire Productive, Loyal Teams… and Become a Leader Worth Following.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day, September 30th.

The author says: “Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed twelve incredibly vital methods to become a Leader Most Loved in any leadership position you hold. You’ll be empowered to create a healthy, positive, trusting and happy business organization in just a matter of months – management will become simpler, business will flow easier, and clients and employees will all be served better, and you might just become a visionary leader who is loved by many. I hope that you gain experience through my journey so you can skip to the good part of having a healthy, happy team that sticks around; you’ll gain management and leadership techniques, learn the unsaid in hiring, reduce overhead costs, expect better business outcomes, create a happier work culture (virtual or not!), create a more productive and loyal team (and therefore generate more revenue), and last but not least, become a leader worth following.”

“Leader Most Loved” by Ashton Underdahl will be free and available for download on Amazon for one more day (09/30/2022) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BB8GV16T.

“Leader Most Loved” has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.com. Here’s what some people are saying about it:

“This is an amazing book for anyone or company to utilize regarding leadership. I wish I had more bosses and more leadership groups I was involved using this!!! I love the focus on how you treat your employees and how you build a strong team. As a therapist all of it is sound. The focus on boundaries and self-care is also great because not enough bosses and companies focus on this. Overall, this is such a great book for team building but also could easily be read for personal use.” -Katrina B.

“Being a ’loved’ leader is often a delicate balance. If a manager wants their team to ”love“ them, they quite often aren’t respected. Then if the manager attempts to demand respect, they most likely won’t be liked! Ashton has done a great job with her ’12 vital methods’ of walking the tightrope between being loved and respected. This book is a must-read for any and every team leader.” -Mike C.

For More Information:

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About the author:

Ashton Underdahl is a hard-working team leader, mother, wife, and business owner. She has a passion for seeing small businesses flourish and love investing in her home city of Coeur d’Alene. She was blessed with a beautiful career at a young age, and she is grateful to her mentors for believing in her. She was named COO of her small company before age thirty, and later Director at the mega-corporation that acquired it. She was frequently told how weird she was as a manager or asked if she was for real by new hires because her kind of management is different; and leaves employees feeling empowered, supported, and like they are a part of something bigger. She loves leading a team and building healthy work cultures and plans to show her readers how, in her “Leader Most Loved” book.

You and Your Loved Ones’ Healthcare Delivery System

Contemporary physician-author calls activists and advocates to become the catalyst for healthcare change in their state.

Philadelphia, PA, USA – WEBWIRE

Quality health is no longer a privilege, but it is a fundamental human right that each one of us has to embody, celebrate, and foster. If you would let a contemporary physician-author, Dr. Ira Williams, speak about quality health, it must begin with the healthcare delivery system, serving as an umbrella covering all health concerns. 


In his audiobook, “Healthcare Warriors: Why and How to Become One,” the author takes you to the messy realities of the U.S. healthcare delivery system. While Dr. Williams knows why and how the current healthcare delivery system is broken, more importantly, he is well-versed  on how to create a far better system by looking for people who might be interested in that. Plus, he is the only healthcare expert in creating a far better system.


Patient Safety experts said that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the U.S. in 2016 – and not an eye blinked in Washington DC, and not an eye blinked in any of the 50 state capitals. Can anyone explain that? What will it take to cause national and state decision-makers to recognize this crisis?


“… It’s sad that hospitals would rather see people become ill and die because they are broke, instead of treating them because they can do so. The money-hungry healthcare system is becoming out of hand, and it is more important than ever to become aware of that. We all need to do our part to make this country have affordable healthcare for all. This book feeds on all those same points and then teaches us how to better position ourselves within the healthcare system.” — Hazel Raglow, an Amazon customer.


Dr. Ira Williams is a retired U.S. Air Force senior navigator and private pilot. He is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and anesthesiologist, focusing on surgical malpractice as a plaintiff’s expert witness. He also self-published a book, “Misdiagnosed, Why Current Health Care Change was Malpractice,” in 2010.


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Healthcare Warriors: Why and How to Become One by Dr. Ira Williams


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