Locally Recognized Cranberry Junction Ice Cream Store Restores Hope to Caregivers with Its Philanthropic Efforts Through It’s Cones for Caregivers Program

 Cranberry Junction Ice Cream, under the leadership of Mohammad Mahmoud, in Hackensack, New Jersey, once again brings holiday delight to caregivers, essential workers and local providers through Cranberry Junction’s Cones for Caregivers Program with expansion set for this 2023 year.

Mr. Mahmoud not only has his roots based in being a serial entrepreneur but a philanthropist, always extending a helping hand within the community. Cranberry Junction’s Cones For Caregivers Program was born in the midst of the pandemic. Mr. Mahmoud reflects back to November 2020 when this program was born from his desire to make a difference in the lives of the healthcare and essential workers that were battling death around them here in the Tristate area and wanting them to know how much they were appreciated by their community. He recalls, “I felt compelled to do something but we were all socially distancing or in quarantine. I remember thinking ice cream is always so loved by people but would that be enough or would they feel undervalued by the gesture? And then listened to my intuition and was so glad I did. The first hospital we went to the workers cried because these ice cream cones gave them hope in what seemed for all of us a hopeless situation and the ice cream and gesture made them feel connected to life outside of the pandemic. There was no question in my mind after that visit that this wasn’t going to be a one-off event and our Cones for Caregivers program was born.”

You will often find Mr. Mahmoud through Cranberry Junction’s prominent stature within the community being able to support and uplift his community.

To round out the 2022 year, Cranberry Junction Ice Cream donated to Hackensack’s Police, Fire and Health Departments, Atlas Healthcare at Maywood, Hackensack University Medical Center and Holy Name Hospital emergency room department on New Year’s Eve.

The expansion of the program is set to take place with the start of the 2023 New Year. Cranberry Junction had already dabbled expanding through the last 2 years with ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s day with wildly successful results as well. Led Head Volunteer of the Cones for Caregivers Program, Juan Miguel Matos has been involved since it’s inception. Mr. Juan M. Matos, a graduate of Don Bosco Prep and current student of Sacred Heart University, has gone on each of the runs. “From the very first time to our most recent time delivering our ice cream, I see how important it is to let our caregivers know how much they are appreciated and loved by not only Mr. Mahmoud and the team at Cranberry Junction but by their community at large. “This most recent delivery reminded me that even though for the majority of us life has made a return to somewhat normalcy but not to our caregivers. They are still required to wear masks to work and care for us. I was so touched by each and every one of the places we went with their humility and humbleness. Some even asked why were we picked? Why did we deserve this? And I thought, to us at Cranberry Junction you are part of our community, you are family and you deserve to know we see you and you are loved by us,” state Matos. “I can’t wait to see everyone we bless this year!” Mr. Matos added.

To date Cranberry Junction’s Cones for Caregivers Program has gone to dozens of facilities and departments within those facilities and has lovingly served thousands of caregivers the best homemade premium ice cream made right within their community.

Visit Cranberry Junction’s Instagram @cranberryjunctionicecream.

About Cranberry Junction Ice Cream/Mohammad Mahmoud
Cranberry Junction is located in a quaint decommissioned train station in the heart of Hackensack, New Jersey. Under Mr. Mahmoud’s leadership, Cranberry Junction in it’s 3 short years has put homemade premium ice cream with creative regular and vegan flavors on the map for New Jersey. Mr. Mahmoud, through Cranberry Junction, has served the local Bergen County community past and present by connecting with local organizations to give back in big ways. He hopes to continue to inspire others to do the same.

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