American Lawyer, Twelve Attorneys Who Have Transformed the United States

 “American Lawyer is a tour de force exploration of prominent figures in American legal history, showcasing why the court system… a timely reminder that a motivated advocate can help build a just society.” -Russ Howe, Past President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

Twelve Tables Press announces today, its newest publication, “American Lawyer: Twelve Attorneys Who Have Transformed the United States Anything Wrong But Me” written by attorney and Arizona State University Professor Gary L. Stuart. This case study is available for purchase in print at Amazon and from the Publisher directly.

American Lawyer: Twelve Attorneys Who Have Transformed the United States,

ISBN 978-1-946074-35-5 List Price: $28.95

American Lawyer features twelve attorneys who transformed American legal history. They include Abraham Lincoln, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, Robert Jackson, Russell Baker, Thurgood Marshall, Joseph Flom, Joe Jamail, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Johnny Cochran, Larry Sonsini, Catharine MacKinnon and David McCraw. These individuals embraced righting wrongs in the legal system, represented those who could not fight for themselves, and inspired the American ideal of fairness and justice for all. Each individual had their own vision, all with very different backgrounds and approaches, for representing others and righting wrongs on the streets, battlefields, and corporate halls.

About the Author: Shahzad Siddiqui is a Toronto-based lawyer, with an LL.B from Osgoode Hall Law School and an LL.M from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

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