Together for Latin Luminarias


Whether its emme co-creating the inclusive stream team Star Fragments, HiDro showing us all the pro Dead by Daylight moves, or LifeofRio keeping it 100% goofy with every stream, Latin streamers inspire and light the way for their communities and all of Twitch every time they go live.

This Latinx and Hispanic Heritage month, were coming together to celebrate and lift up Latin streamers.

Starting today and throughout the month, you can check out the Together for Latin Luminarias shelf on the front page and discover an array of Latin streamers. And dont miss the videos well be sharing this month showcasing emme, HiDro, and LifeofRio.

Here are all the upcoming events happening in celebration of Latin streamers:

Twitch Public Access //
Sept 29th, 12pm PST

This months episode will be all about how Latin streamers are a force of light on Twitch.

Unidos Twitch Stream //
Oct 6th, 1-7pm and 2-8pm PST

Join the LatinxInGames stream channel for panel discussions on Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month with game devs and streamers, plus much more.

Cooking Stream: Cocinando con Danilo, Telma, and Argie //
Oct 13,
12:00pm PST

Join Twitch Staff members of the Somos LatAm Guild as they show off their talents, or lack thereof, in the kitchen. Watch live at

TwitchCon Las VegasLatin & Hispanic Community MeetUp //
Oct 21,
1:30pm PST

Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month may be over, but in this casita we celebrate all year long! Bring your friends and family to celebrate the contributions of the Latin community, hang with friends new and old, and have fun. Wepa! Youll also have the opportunity to meet Twitch Latin Guild Leaders, along with industry professionals and community members alike en espaol.

Community Panel: Hispanic Heritage and Gaming: Blazing a Path Forward //
Oct 22, 12pm PST

Join us for a compelling panel on Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month discussing Hispanic representation in gaming. Featuring representatives from Western Digital, Latinx in Gaming, and the Las Vegas Inferno, they will delve into their collaborative efforts to cater to the needs of Latin gamers. As a significant step, they will unveil a special edition WD_BLACK external SSD product during the month-long celebration and explore the products journey and the communitys response to this exciting initiative.

Looking for more ways to get involved? If you identify as Latin or Hispanic you can apply to join the Twitch Latin Guild, an inclusive space built for networking, development, and celebration with workshops and marketing opportunities throughout the year.

Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles and the UCLA Film & Television Archive present DRÁCULA

Featuring a special pre-recorded message,made specifically for the screening by Eva Longoria Spanish Drácula finds new blood, more than 90 years after its release … NPR (2022)

LOS ANGELESOct. 17, 2022PRLog — The Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles (LACLA) and the UCLA Film & Television Archive proudly co-present the special virtual screening of classic film Drácula, the long-lost film shot on the same set as the Bella Lagossi classic, considered by many critics to be the better of the two films.

The in person free screening of Drácula featuring a specially created taped introduction by Eva Longoria will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at The Billy Wilder Theater located inside the Hammer Museum on 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024. Register here (

During the transition from silent films to sound production, Hollywood studios faced a dilemma: How to export English-language films to lucrative non-English speaking foreign markets. Some studios, such as Universal, chose to make multiple versions of the same film featuring the same story told with different actors speaking their native languages. The most famous example of this approach is the Spanish-language version of Drácula in 1931, not only because it survives intact after being thought lost for decades, but also because it arguably rivals—some would say exceeds—the artistry of its counterpart, the 1931 Bela Lugosi film of the same name.

Drácula en Español starred Carlos Villarías ( as the caped vampire out for blood and Lupita Tovar as Eva, the object of Drácula‘s infernal desire.

The late Tovar reminisced about working the graveyard shift. “We shot all night long till next morning because we used exactly the same sets. As matter of fact, we had the same marks the English cast got; we stepped in the same place. The difference though was that director George Melford and Villarías would watch scenes shot during the day and make small improvements. They were able to set up better camera angles and add more exciting elements.”

Following the same basic plot as the English-language version, Melford brings more creepy webs and more ominous minions to proceedings leading to a longer runtime by about 30 minutes, but even so, he moves the terror along at a quicker pace. More than a historical curio, Drácula stands on its own as an atmospheric horror classic.

While Lupita Tovar (Mexican born Guadalupe Natalia Tovar) had already starred in such films as La Voluntad del Muerto ( oposite Antonio Moreno, and the Cat Creeps, it was this 1931 Spanish language version of Dracula which brought her even more success as she went on to star in such movies as East of Borneo and the 1932 film Santa, the first film to have synchronized sound and image on the same celluloid strip. In 2006 Santa was shown in a celebratory screening by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ( called “A Salute to Lupita Tovar” that featured a conversation between Tovar and film historian Bob Dickson. The event was in honor of Tovar. Drácula also brought Tovar love as this is where she met her husband, the film’s producer Paul Kohner.

More than just a Spanish language version of a classic horror film, Drácula, starring Carlos Villarías ( and Lupita Tovar, is symbolic of the immigrant struggle. It is a tale of cast and crew that had to work tougher hours, with less support, yet with equal expectations as the “day crew” and instead of simply delivering an acceptable product they over deliver and create an historic work of art.

DCP, b&w, 103 min. Director: George Melford. Screenwriter: Garrett Fort, B. Fernández Cué (Spanish-language adaptation). With: Carlos Villarías, Lupita Tovar, Barry Norton.

Special thanks to Guido Segal, program manager, Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles.

This program is made possible with funds from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the UCLA Film & Television Archive and the many contributors of LACLA’s programs.

About the UCLA Film & Television Archive

A division of UCLA Library, the Archive is internationally renowned for rescuing, preserving and showcasing moving image media and is dedicated to ensuring that the visual achievements of our time are available for information, education and enjoyment. The Archive has over 450,000 film and television holdings conserved in a state-of-the-art facility at the Packard Humanities Institute Stoa in Santa Clarita, California, that is designed to hold materials ranging from nitrate film to digital video at all preservation standards. Many of the Archive’s projects are screened at prestigious film events around the globe.


Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles (LACLA) is a California non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through film by screening classic and contemporary films from Latin America and by USA Latinas and Latinos. LACLA also supports the film and media efforts of Los Angeles inner-city middle and high school students with its annual student film festival.

Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles proudly presents the streaming of the film Ceniza Negra

As part of the Cine Nepantla program, this year it showcases a Latin narrative from Afro-Latino Caribbean Cultures in Central America ( Costa Rica)

Cenizanegra Artwork2 V5

Cenizanegra Artwork2 V5

LOS ANGELESSept. 1, 2022PRLog — Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles (LACLA) is pleased to present its  Cine Nepantla program with the streaming of the Costa Rican film,Ceniza Negra. Ceniza Negra is a heartwarming coming-of-age story, written and directed by Sofia Quiros Ubeda and starring an all Afro-Latino cast, with breakthrough performances by Smashleen Gutierrez, Humberto Samuels and Hortensia Smith. This film is part of this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

Ceniza Negra premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and led the way for female-directed Costa Rican films.

Ceniza Negra will be available for streaming September 22-26, 2022 at The streaming includes an interview with the director.

Cine Nepantla is curated by Guido Segal, a screenwriter and LACLA program manager. Segal is world- known for his film critiques, screenwriting and teaching..

For 25 years, the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles (LACLA) has been championing and screening feature and short films by LatinX filmmakers from all over the Americas.

About Ceniza Negra

Selva (13) lives in a coastal town in the Caribbean. After the sudden disappearance of her only motherly figure, she is left to take care of her grandfather who does not want to live. Between shadows and wild games, she must decide if she will help her grandfather die, even though that means going through her last moments of childhood alone. Selva discovers that when we die, we just shed our skin. We can turn into wolves, goats, shadows, or anything as long as your imagination allows it.

Review [Cannes]

Review [ Hollywood Reporter]…

Review [ Variety]


This program is made possible with funds from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the many contributors of LACLA’s programs. Thank you to our media sponsors Vida Salsera, KPFK 90.7 Travel Tips For Aztlan, Living Outloud LA.

Nepantla is a Nahuatl word which describes the state of living in-between different cultures. It can also refer to

living in the borderlands or being at a literal or metaphorical crossroads. In line with this concept, Cine

Nepantla aims to create a space in which meaningful dialogue among audiences of different socio-economic

backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, genders, sexualities, nationalities, and religions can take place and effect change.


Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles (LACLA) is a California non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through film by screening classic and contemporary films from         America and by USA Latinas and Latinos. LACLA also supports the film and media efforts of Los Angeles inner-city middle and high school students with its annual student film festival.

Canada – Statement on Latin American Heritage Month

OTTAWA, October 1, 2021

In 2018, the Parliament of Canada proclaimed October Latin American Heritage Month in recognition of the Latin American community’s tremendous contribution to Canadian society.

Hailing from all 20 Latin American countries, Canadians of Latin American origin make up a large and growing community in Canada. They enrich our national fabric with their diverse and vibrant cultures, cuisine, music, dance and more. Also, members of the Latin American community play an important role in Canada’s growth and prosperity, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit.

We invite all Canadians to learn more about Latin American heritage and to honour the rich cultural and artistic traditions of our fellow Canadians of Latin American origin. We wish you a wonderful and colourful Latin American Heritage Month!

Seminal Latin Alternative bands; Las 15 Letras and Illy Bleeding & Los Robotes Trucosos

Selected albums will be available for purchase on digital platforms, vinyl and cassette formats!

LOS ANGELESMay 23, 2021PRLog — Hip Recordings & Machin Entertainment release the music of seminal Latin Alternative bands; L.A based punk/ska/disco Las 15 Letras and Mexico City rock indie/new wave Illy Bleeding & Los Robotes Trucosos.

Las 15 Letra’s debut album Golosinas is now available, and Ya Era Tiempo will be re-released on May 26 along with Illy Bleeding’s self-titled album.

Each band has a cult-following that has eagerly awaited this moment, presented by Hip Recordings and Machin Entertainment. The above mentioned albums will also be available for purchase on vinyl and cassette.

This special distribution was made possible by Hip Recordings (a subdivision of Hip Merch, LLC) and Machin Entertainment.  Hip Latin Music, LLC was created by Hugo Gonzalez, whose services include publishing, film & music distribution, music supervision, musical consultant and management.

Uniting Spanish lyrics with punk, alternative rock and ska, Las 15 Letras is one of the prominent Mexican-American bands that came out of L.A.’s rock en español scene in the 1990s. The band was formed in 1993 and its name comes from a special incident in Mexican history – it was in front of a bar called Las 15 Letras (which is Spanish for the 15 Letters) that Mexican freedom fighter Pancho Villa killed someone who betrayed him. That year, the band started playing around Southern California, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and it soon acquired a following with its energetic and melodic songs. Las 15 Letras’ debut album, Golosinas, was released on the independent Sindiskera label in 1997, when its lineup included singer Roberto Negrete (who brings to mind John Lydon, although all of his vocals on Golosinas are in Spanish), guitarist Martin Sanchez, bassist Abel Sanchez, saxophonist Edgar Briones and drummer Jorge Briones.

Illy Bleeding and Los Robotes Trucosos was founded in 2008 in Mexico City. The indie rock/new wave quartet consisted of Jaime Keller (Illy Bleeding) on vocals, Juris Tipa on bass, Sidney Robote on guitar and vocals, and guitarist Ian Rödd.

The band unexpectedly came to an end on October 23, 2010 when lead singer Illy Bleeding had a car accident and died three days afterwards. In addition to serving as the band’s frontman, Illy was also a visual artist as well as a founder and singer of the mythic 90s punk/synth band Size and the band Multiple Side Effects. Illy Bleeding and Los Robotes Trucosos’ debut, self-titled album was released just one month after his death.

The band’s short yet influential trajectory helped usher in a revitalization of the Mexican “dark” and post-punk revival scene, and a renewed interest in Mexico City’s underground scene of the 1980s.

About LAS 15 LETRAS: