Canada – Statement on Latin American Heritage Month

OTTAWA, October 1, 2021

In 2018, the Parliament of Canada proclaimed October Latin American Heritage Month in recognition of the Latin American community’s tremendous contribution to Canadian society.

Hailing from all 20 Latin American countries, Canadians of Latin American origin make up a large and growing community in Canada. They enrich our national fabric with their diverse and vibrant cultures, cuisine, music, dance and more. Also, members of the Latin American community play an important role in Canada’s growth and prosperity, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit.

We invite all Canadians to learn more about Latin American heritage and to honour the rich cultural and artistic traditions of our fellow Canadians of Latin American origin. We wish you a wonderful and colourful Latin American Heritage Month!

Seminal Latin Alternative bands; Las 15 Letras and Illy Bleeding & Los Robotes Trucosos

Selected albums will be available for purchase on digital platforms, vinyl and cassette formats!

LOS ANGELESMay 23, 2021PRLog — Hip Recordings & Machin Entertainment release the music of seminal Latin Alternative bands; L.A based punk/ska/disco Las 15 Letras and Mexico City rock indie/new wave Illy Bleeding & Los Robotes Trucosos.

Las 15 Letra’s debut album Golosinas is now available, and Ya Era Tiempo will be re-released on May 26 along with Illy Bleeding’s self-titled album.

Each band has a cult-following that has eagerly awaited this moment, presented by Hip Recordings and Machin Entertainment. The above mentioned albums will also be available for purchase on vinyl and cassette.

This special distribution was made possible by Hip Recordings (a subdivision of Hip Merch, LLC) and Machin Entertainment.  Hip Latin Music, LLC was created by Hugo Gonzalez, whose services include publishing, film & music distribution, music supervision, musical consultant and management.

Uniting Spanish lyrics with punk, alternative rock and ska, Las 15 Letras is one of the prominent Mexican-American bands that came out of L.A.’s rock en español scene in the 1990s. The band was formed in 1993 and its name comes from a special incident in Mexican history – it was in front of a bar called Las 15 Letras (which is Spanish for the 15 Letters) that Mexican freedom fighter Pancho Villa killed someone who betrayed him. That year, the band started playing around Southern California, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and it soon acquired a following with its energetic and melodic songs. Las 15 Letras’ debut album, Golosinas, was released on the independent Sindiskera label in 1997, when its lineup included singer Roberto Negrete (who brings to mind John Lydon, although all of his vocals on Golosinas are in Spanish), guitarist Martin Sanchez, bassist Abel Sanchez, saxophonist Edgar Briones and drummer Jorge Briones.

Illy Bleeding and Los Robotes Trucosos was founded in 2008 in Mexico City. The indie rock/new wave quartet consisted of Jaime Keller (Illy Bleeding) on vocals, Juris Tipa on bass, Sidney Robote on guitar and vocals, and guitarist Ian Rödd.

The band unexpectedly came to an end on October 23, 2010 when lead singer Illy Bleeding had a car accident and died three days afterwards. In addition to serving as the band’s frontman, Illy was also a visual artist as well as a founder and singer of the mythic 90s punk/synth band Size and the band Multiple Side Effects. Illy Bleeding and Los Robotes Trucosos’ debut, self-titled album was released just one month after his death.

The band’s short yet influential trajectory helped usher in a revitalization of the Mexican “dark” and post-punk revival scene, and a renewed interest in Mexico City’s underground scene of the 1980s.

About LAS 15 LETRAS: