Becky Klauer’s “Manifestation,” the First Book in Her Dream Thriller Series Exhibited at the London Book Fair 2023

Becky Klauer is the adult suspense author of the Veronica Pearl series. This year, she had Manifestation: A Veronica Pearl Spiritual Suspense Novel, the first book in the series, exhibited at the recently concluded London Book Fair 2023. The book is a favorite introduction to Klauers passion project about good guys who still manage to win when the real world says they wont.

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This book is a must read! Its nice to see something other than Cowboys and Indians come from a Texas city. Great story and plot, with quite a few twists. As with all good books, the ending leaves you salivating for the next in the series! – Viviane Maguire

Becky Klauer is an author who has been writing for over 30 years yet has never lost her sense of adventure. Thats why this year, she has her work exhibited at global events like the London Book Fair.

As for which book, she picked the first novel in her much-loved Veronica Pearl series. Titled Manifestation, it introduces readers to Veronica, a young, spunky San Antonio woman whose life is split between the waking world and the world of dreams.

Life for Veronica is tough enough as a law enforcement special investigative consultant. But when she dreams, shes also been tasked to defeat a number of frightening and literally nightmarish demons.

For a long time, these two lives were mercifully separate. Yet, one day, Veronica notices that all the injuries she sustained in her dream battles had begun to manifest in real life! To make matters worse, her recent consultations have also tangled her real life in a possible terrorist plot targeting an upcoming festival in San Antonio.

Is it all connected somehow? Can the headstrong Veronica really survive a battle on two fronts, or perhaps it is high time she asks for help?

Visitors to the London Book Fair 2023 certainly got a good look at how Becky Klauers story went on. For anyone else who wants to get a copy of Manifestation, they can order the book on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Updates about Becky Klauers work, including the other books in the Veronica Pearl series, are also available on her website at

Manifestation: A Veronica Pearl Spiritual Suspense Novel
Author | Becky Klauer
Published date | May 31, 2016
Publisher | Amazon
Genre | Spiritual Suspense

Author Bio
Becky Klauer is the author of adult suspense novels including the Veronica Pearl Series: Manifestation (#1), Revelation (#2), and Reflection (#3); the Miller/Stone series, which starts with No Stone Unturned; and her new Happy Hookers Crochet Club cozy mystery series, which begins with First Times a Yarn. Over the last 30 years, she has written and edited for print media, digital media, other authors, and a Tedx speaker.

Her novels, whether serious or not so serious, involve good guys and bad guys because she is married to a hot police guy and likes it when the good guys win. Since real life doesnt always work out that way, writing the endings in her books the way she wants to means they always will.

Her two adult children have both left the nest, but the neighborhood menagerie has not. She has broken her wrist while motorcycling, her knee while snowboarding, and her finger while closing the door. She tries to instill that same sense of adventure in her female lead characters. When she isnt working out or typing on one device or another, or reading a paperback or ebook, she is trying out new crochet patterns for the myriad colors of yarn that live next to her couch.