Janet Hasselbring, an Award-Winning Author, Presents an Inspirational Collection of Short Stories in Her New Book


Janet Hasselbring wears a slew of accolades around her neck, acknowledging her talent as a writer and putting a price on her work. She finds solace in writing poetry, essays, and short tales to express herself. Her essays and tales have received several local and national prizes. The most recent “If I Had a Bucket List,” a 2020 NAMPA winner, is about her trip to the Yucatan with her son and his family. She shoves off a 60-foot-high zip line, nearly drowns while snorkeling at a shipwreck, and swims with Greta, the dolphin—determined to keep up with her grandsons. These adventures led to her writing “If I Had a Bucket List.”

“Tweets: A Twitter Feed of Short Stories” is a compilation of stories written by the author over the years that feature thoughts and musings on themes, including her family farm, trips, birds, and gardening. This thought-provoking anthology caresses the soul in provoking but supple manner. Through migratory birds and their behaviors, Janet relates them to casual, mundane events in life. It is full of inspiring and stimulating stories as Janet included a case for miracles, thoughts to ponder for teachers in the story I Think I Can, Teacher Alert “tweets” or short stories, introspection from Covid, and the ticking clock, bucket list, and more.

The stories are a quick read but are full of hard-hitting truths that will induce pondering or readers. Fans of William Cullen Bryant will find a home in “Tweets: A Twitter Feed of Short Stories”.

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“Tweets: A Twitter Feed of Short Stories”

Author: Janet Hasselbring

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: April 2022

Book Genre: Short Stories, Personal Essays

About the Author

Janet lives in West Michigan with her husband, Don, and Welsh Terrier, Snack. She loves singing, biking, swimming, hiking, doing therapy work with Snack, playing bridge, Scrabble, and Mahjongg, and is a tennis and pickleball junkie. She drags herself off the court occasionally to write. Her piano gets lonely because she chooses to whack fuzzy yellow balls and noisy popping pickleballs instead of tickling its ivories.

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For 50 years, Janet worked in the jewelry industry. She owned a business for twenty-three years. As a Fine Jewelry and Diamond Broker, Janet built her business through referrals. Although her business was thriving, Janet decided to close her business and follow her passion for writing.