Extensive Training of Nurses & Excellence in Services from IHHC

Home Health Care was a luxury that was restricted only for the financially endowed in the past. IHHC is contributed to changing the home health care scenario by bringing quality services to the masses. A partner of BAYADA Home Healthcare, India Home Health Care was established in Chennai in 2009. With the objective of rendering quality home healthcare services, IHHC extended its operations to Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. Today IHHC has become the most recommended service provider for home healthcare needs by doctors across India. The success behind IHHC is attributed to the conscious hiring and training of nurses and maintaining the consistency in the quality of services.


The sick and the ailing often crave for the comfort and friendliness of their homes. However, it requires expertise and patience in taking care of them. IHHC understands the nature of the current households offer an array of healthcare services that range from post-surgical care to palliative care. With IHHC, families of the patients can easily avail home health care services and rest assured to receive a complete care package. IHHC distinguishes itself by applying proactive measures in rendering quality healthcare services. One of the measures is the extensive training that is given to the nurses. 


IHHC understands that the nurses and the caretakers are the foundational strength for the successful functioning of the organization and hence provide comprehensive training to improve their service delivery. IHHC is the only healthcare company that has a dedicated simulation laboratory, where the medical and nurse staff are trained to handle a wide variety of medical situations. By rendering such rigorous training, IHHC is facilitating their staff to stay at the top of their game and learn to handle patients seamlessly. Notable training programs at IHHC include:

  • Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support Systems
  • Intensive Care Nursing
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Cancer Care


IHHC’s training curriculum builds confidence in the medical staff and enables them to maintain a clear head, even during emergencies. IHHC focuses on creating professionals, who would be the flag bearer for the organization by rendering excellent home healthcare service. 


About IHHC:


India Home Health Care, a partner of BAYADA Home Health Care, transformed the home health care system in India and made it accessible for the general population. IHHC comprises a team of professionals who expertise in the field of caregiving. The caregivers and nurses are comprehensively trained to take expert care of the ailing and critically ill patients. IHHC prides itself on being one of a kind institution that provides quality health care at the comfort of the home since 2009. With IHHC the clients can rest assured that their loved ones will be treated with utmost care and dignity.