Handover of National Centre for Pandemic and Infection Diseases in Myanmar; Advanced Facility Built with Donation from AW Foundation

AW Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Asia World Group of Companies, handed over to the Ministry of Health the newly completed Wai Bar Gi New Wing – National Centre for Infectious Diseases on 3rd Nov, 2022. Dedicated to the treatment of infectious diseases and pandemics such as COVID-19 which exerted heavy patient load on the public healthcare sector, it is the most advanced medical centre to date in Myanmar.

Lieutenant General Aung Lin Dwe, the secretary of the State Administration Council, unveiled a plaque commemorating the handover of the three-story, 110-bed medical Centre, which was completed with a donation of 6 billion kyats and USD 3.1 million from the Foundation.

The Wai Bar Gi New Wing was mooted in November 2020 by the AW Foundation team based on the personal experience of colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of quarantine hospitals, beds, and oxygen supply, and critically, the exposure of the devoted medical frontliners taking care of patients in general hospitals were gaps in the healthcare system evidenced during the critical period.

The 51,055 square feet (4,745sqm) Centre is equipped with airflow control (negative-positive pressure), integrated oxygen access, isolation rooms, and water treatment and features that combine to make it one of the most technologically-advanced public healthcare facilities in the country. AW Foundation believes the new Centre will support the public healthcare system for the treatment of COVID-19 and any future pandemic.

Construction of Centre

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on-site on 5 January 2021. Construction was delayed due to a nationwide lockdown arising from the pandemic.

The Centre is equipped with:

– Donning and Doffing for medical staff

– Staff corridors and lifts for use by Patients and Staff

– Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) for full-time automatic disinfection of the air-flow system in the hospital building

– Room communication systems and other electrical communication facilities (PABX, PA & Intercom)

– Sound-Proof Generator for emergency use

– Emergency response alarm systems that can automatically respond to fire and various natural disasters (fully equipped as required for an infectious disease treatment hospital)

Sustainable Garden Hospital

The Centre was conceptualized and constructed with deep consideration of the environment. Sustainable solar energy and the creation of new greenery at the Centre also create an environment to enhance the recovery process of patients and the well-being of the healthcare community.

About AW Foundation (AWF) – Together, we can make change happen

AW Foundation is a non-profit organization and the philanthropic arm of the Asia World Group of Companies. AWF supports projects that develop the well-being of the people of Myanmar, focusing on healthcare, education, disaster relief, and community development. It was established in 2014, building on a strong tradition of philanthropy of the Asia World Group of companies since 1992.

AW Foundation aims to develop and advance the livelihoods of people throughout Myanmar and is passionate about exploring new projects that benefit all.

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Hong Kong – CS inspects handover of Tsing Yi community isolation facility and other facilities constructed with Mainland support (with photos/video)

CS inspects handover of Tsing Yi community isolation facility and other facilities constructed with Mainland support (with photos/video)


     The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr John Lee, this morning (March 1) visited the community isolation facility (CIF) in Tsing Yi constructed with the Mainland’s support, and attended a handover seminar with Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (LOCPG) Mr Chen Dong, as well as the Chairman and the Vice President of the contractor, China State Construction International Holdings Limited, Mr Yan Jianguo and Mr Hung Cheung-shew respectively, to firm up the detailed handover arrangements and get prepared for the handover of the facility from the contractor to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government.

     The facility will provide around 3 900 additional beds for emergency isolation, mainly for the admission of infected persons with no or mild symptoms. It accommodates actual isolation needs and provides common facilities such as bathrooms and toilets, the arrangement of which is similar to those at the community treatment facility at AsiaWorld-Expo and public hospitals, meeting the requirements of public health control. The HKSAR Government will commence operation of the facility after its handover.

     After the meeting, Mr Lee visited the Tsing Yi CIF together with the Secretary for Development, Mr Michael Wong; the Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Food), Miss Vivian Lau; the Under Secretary for Security, Mr Sonny Au; the Director of Architectural Services, Ms Winnie Ho; and the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority, Dr Tony Ko. They were briefed by relevant bureaux and departments on the preparatory work on the daily management of the facility, as well as the preparatory work and support for medical personnel who will provide services at the facility.

     Mr Lee chatted to and showed support for the medical personnel from the Hospital Authority, and expressed gratitude for their services at the facility, which will soon be in operation. Mr Lee also encouraged members of the Security Bureau’s anti-epidemic task force and the Civil Aid Service to be dedicated in their duties in providing the necessary supplies and appropriate support to people accommodated in the facility, thereby playing a crucial role in controlling the epidemic.

     Mr Lee then visited Lok Ma Chau and the former site of the Boxes in San Tin to inspect the construction progress of two other community isolation and treatment facilities being constructed with the Mainland’s support. He thanked colleagues in various departments and contractors for their close co-operation in providing a large number of additional CIFs for Hong Kong within a short period of time. He also requested relevant departments to strengthen communication and respond promptly to ensure the smooth operation of the facilities after they have come into operation.


     Mr Lee said, “I am very grateful to the Central Government for its support measures and to the LOCPG for its all-out co-ordination for Hong Kong in the fight against the epidemic. The Tsing Yi CIF is the first facility completed in just seven days. It is an iconic project that embodies professionalism and selfless efforts, represents people’s kindness in helping one another, and symbolises the country’s powerfulness in calling for action. The HKSAR Government will make good use of the country’s support and rally the community’s efforts to win the battle against the virus and stabilise the epidemic as soon as possible, so as to ensure the safety and health of citizens and the overall stability of Hong Kong.”