Haitian Scholar Hyppolite Pierre Calls Haitians to Stand for their Motherland in the Book “Haiti, Rising Flames from Burning Ashes”


The Haitian Revolution was a series of conflicts between Haitians, colonists, British and French colonizers’ armies, and other parties between 1791 and 1804. The Haitian people eventually gained independence from France and became the first nation established by former victims of slavery. However, the revolution’s glory seems to have enslaved Haitians’ minds. Instead of moving toward progress, they obstruct it by pursuing a more glorious revolt than the one of 1804. As a result, Haiti lived its 33rd bloody coup d’état in February 2004.


So, have the Haitians achieved independence? Or have they become enslaved by another master?


Hyppolite Pierre cries for the land that has given him birth, soul, and courage as he calls out his fellow Haitians to take a stand for their motherland. In his book, he will provoke the minds of his country and compel them to change their perspectives. He presents “Haiti, Rising Flames from Burning Ashes: Haiti the Phoenix.”


Pierre’s answer to Haitians’ never-ending despair and political woes is this book. He explores the country’s troubled past and proposes solutions to the country’s complex sociopolitical and economic problems. Pierre would undoubtedly arouse a sense of urgency by making arguments that assist the country’s leaders toward development. He also confronts the orthodox left by publicly opposing the revolution. Outside its scholarly context, the book is also emotionally engaging because of the affection made evident by his writing.


The book offers a rich insight into the complex history of Haiti. But more than this, Pierre hopes to inspire his fellow Haitians to embrace their freedom by leading Haiti toward prosperity.


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Haiti, Rising Flames from Burning Ashes: Haiti the Phoenix

Author: Hyppolite Pierre

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: April 2021

Book Genre: Politics, History


About the Author:

Hyppolite Pierre is a Haitian-American author and writer. He runs a small agency, the Pierre Consultancy Group where he works as a Haiti political consultant, an interpreter and translator. He taught American Government and Comparative Politics most recently (from 2009 until late 2019) for the online campus of American Military University, otherwise known as American Public University. Before that, he taught similar courses in Government and Politics on campuses of the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC Essex and Catonsville) between 2003 and 2008.

Hyppolite is currently finishing his second in a series of four books. That new book, scheduled to be published in early 2022, is entitled Haiti, Towards a Rational Society.